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Karoly D'ulin was a member of the mysterious militaristic order of female warriors known as the Mistryl Shadow Guards.


In 0 BBY, when a mission to transport the Hammertong prototype ended in a stormtrooper ambush, Karoly found herself on Tatooine, and she was in the Mos Eisley Cantina with her friend and comrade Shada D'ukal when Luke Skywalker first met Han Solo.


Karoly (left) in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina.

As part of their attempt to hire a freighter to transport a stolen Hammertong module, the two Mistryl were masquerading as the Tonnika sisters: Karoly was disguised as Senni Tonnika while Shada posed as Brea Tonnika. Their choice of disguise got them briefly arrested by Colonel Parq before being freed by Rebel Alliance agent Riij Winward—although a subsequent disagreement on who should get the Hammertong information saw the Mistryl stealing his freighter to transport the superlaser component, while he made off with their astromech, D4, and a technical readout of the weapon.

During the Hammertong mission, Shada had regarded Karoly as keen but somewhat inexperienced; by 19 ABY, however, Karoly had become a veteran warrior, and she was dispatched by the Eleven Elders of Emberlene to "recover" Shada on Borcorash as the Mistryl made steps to break their ties with Mazzic. Shada escaped, and Karoly's pursuit brought her to Bastion, where she allied herself with Major Grodin Tierce against her old enemy Captain Zothip of the Cavrilhu Pirates.

Subsequently, Karoly agreed to bring Paloma D'asima to Yaga Minor, to discuss an alliance between the Mistryl and the Imperial Remnant; however, when the schemes of Moff Vilim Disra were exposed, and the false Grand Admiral Thrawn was revealed as the actor Flim, Karoly returned to Emberlene with her leader.

Karoly was probably related to Team Prime Manda D'ulin, gunned down in the ambush at the Hammertong base, and also to an earlier Mistryl, Naradan D'ulin.

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Angela Staines portrayed Karoly D'ulin, disguised as Senni Tonnika, in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[2]



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