"Migs Mayfeld. Serving 50 years in the Karthon Chop Fields for springing a prisoner himself."
―Carasynthia Dune[src]

The Karthon Chop Fields was a location on Karthon where the New Republic sent prisoners to serve time[2], using prison labor to scrap old Imperial starships and other equipment. A model of mobile loading gantry was used to help move the materiel.[3] During a rescue mission aboard the New Republic prison ship[4] Bothan-Five,[5] the crew of mercenaries led by[4] Migs Mayfeld[2] were left imprisoned aboard the vessel by the Mandalorian bounty hunter[4] Din Djarin,[6] who they had betrayed during the course of the mission.[4] After the ship was located near the Dilestri system, Mayfeld was apprehended and sent to serve fifty years in the Karthon Chop Fields.[2]

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The Karthon Chop Fields were first mentioned in "Chapter 14: The Tragedy", an episode of the live-action TV show The Mandalorian which aired in 2020.[2] The set was designed as a miniature model, and then scanned and projected in The Volume, a production space with wrap-around LED screens to show CGI backgrounds.[7]

The look of the Karthon Chop Fields was based on concept art by Yanick Dusseault originally created for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[8]

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