The Kasa Horansi, a subspecies of the Horansi species, native to Mutanda, were the warriors of the Horansi.

Kasa stood on average between 2 and 2.7 meters. Although there was variation as to the reddish-orange to light tan coloring of their fur, their black stripes truly marked their race.

As the warrior caste, they felt it was their duty to serve and protect for their Gorvan lord and his fief for generations. They were brave, noble, and trustworthy to an almost fanatical extreme. They were stalkers by nature, and would patiently wait for the right moment to attack. Females and males considered each other as equals, though a pregnant Kasa, or one with young cubs, were given wide berth because of their protective ferocity. Because of their curiosity, the Kasa had been the catalysts in acquiring off-world knowledge, and selective technologies.


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