"You didn't hear? Kase Finto's dead!"
Argin, to Bishta[src]

Kase Finto was a male individual[2] who led the Finto Gang.[3] Finto tried to sell fake Lothal gemstones to Dok-Ondar in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, but the collector's IG droid BK-86 drew its blaster on him. His attempt at scamming Dok-Ondar resulted in a shoutout, which ended with Finto dead and BK-86 destroyed.[2]

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  1. According to a timeline shown at D23 2019, the events of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge take place in 34 ABY. As Kase Finto's death happened prior to Galaxy's Edge, it must have taken place by 34 ABY.
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