"O noble Hurrungat
Darkness calls, twilight falls
Across our world, across our tribes
Lead us then into the night
Of teeth and eyes and anger grave
―An excerpt from The Twilight Chant, part of Kashoonara folklore[src]

The Kashoonara were a sentient species native to Kashoon. The savage humanoids were conquered by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War; however, with support from the Alliance to Restore the Republic, they were able to drive the Empire from their homeworld after a number of successful guerrilla assaults. Based on their ancient folklore, the Kashoonara considered the humbaba species to be sacred and defended the creatures against any offworlder depredation.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Kashoonara were a sentient species of humanoids.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

"Great Aarwynn
Bear our twilight from us
Deliver us into angry darkness
Before the coming of the sun.
―An excerpt from The Twilight Chant, part of Kashoonara folklore[src]

The Kashoonara were organized into tribes, and were savage by nature. Preserved in ancient Kashoonara folklore was the story of Hurrungat, the bringer of twilight. He was believed to emerge from the underworld to bind together the day and the night to form dusk and morning. In The Twilight Chant, the Kashoonara implored Hurrungat to lead them into darkness. Hurrungat was believed to ride upon a giant humbaba known as Aarwynn. Standing six Kashoonara tall at its shoulder, Aarwynn was considered the first of the humbabas. Because of Aarwynn's central role in their mythology, the Kashoonara considered all humbabas to be sacred. Consequently, in recorded history of the Kashoonara, no humbabas were ever hunted for food, and the Kashoonara would even defend them from offworlders. Other figures in Kashoonara folklore included the Tree-Queen and the Tyrant.[1]

Kashoonara armament included the halberd, several meters in length. The genetic terrorist Zeta Magnus owned a Kashoonara-styled halberd during the Clone Wars.[2]



The humbabas were considered sacred by the Kashoonara.

"Great Hurrungat
The breezes cry for our lands
Crushed beneath the Tyrant's fist
―An excerpt from The Twilight Chant, part of Kashoonara folklore[src]

The Kashoonara evolved on the planet Kashoon,[1] located within the Colundra sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[3] Kashoon had varied terrain, from icy poles, to thick forests and soggy swamplands. The massive humbabas migrated across the planet, coming to occupy an important role in Kashoonara legend.[1]

Kashoon was conquered by the Galactic Empire during the early period of the regime's reign.[4] The Kashoonara rebelled against this invasion, but were initially brutally oppressed by the Empire. Under the Imperial occupation, the Kashoonara did what they could to protect the humbabas from stormtrooper attacks, but despite their best efforts, a great many of the creatures were killed. The Kashoonara later received aid from the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Utilizing guerrilla warfare tactics and making use of the humbabas, the Alliance drove the Empire off Kashoon, freeing the natives from Imperial domination.[1]

Following that victory, the Kashoonara were largely left alone by the Alliance, although occasional offworlders visited the planet. They were advised by the Kashoonara to avoid their sacred humbabas, which had become more aggressive since the Empire's invasion.[1]

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The Kashoonara were created by Phil Brucato for the West End Games sourcebook Creatures of the Galaxy, published in 1994. Creatures of the Galaxy was unique in that the text was built around artists' creature designs, rather than the other way around, as was typical.[5] The Kashoonara were created as part of the backstory of the humbaba species, illustrated by Tim Bobko.[1] They later received a mention in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008.



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