This article is about the three-horned bantha. You may be looking for the tree climbing bantha.
This article is about the Kashyyyk bantha. You may be looking for the Whorrwaarr, a bantha sub-species which lived on Kashyyyk.

Kashyyyk Bantha was a subspecies of bantha native to Kashyyyk. They were much larger than the banthas on Tatooine, and had slightly shorter fur. They should not be confused with the Kashyyyk greyclimber, which was also referred to as a "Kashyyyk bantha." Whereas the true Kashyyyk bantha had three straight, smooth horns, the Kashyyyk greyclimber had two massive slabs of bone on the top of its head to be used as a battering ram. It was believed that the planet's bantha population had grown from specimens brought back to Kashyyyk by Wookiee traders. Their massive sizes made them good war steeds. The Jedi Luminara Unduli even rode one into battle at the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Behind the scenes[]

The "Kashyyyk bantha" in The Hidden Enemy had three horns, contradicting the Gamer depiction and description in The New Essential Guide to Alien Species. The Kashyyyk banthas that appear in the Star Wars Galaxies expansion Rage of the Wookiees also have. Thus, the term does not refer to one particular sub-species, but simply to banthas located on Kashyyyk.



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