This article is about the tree climbing bantha. You may be looking for the three-horned Kashyyyk bantha.

The Kashyyyk greyclimber was a subspecies of bantha native to Kashyyyk. They were larger than the banthas on Tatooine, and generally more territorial and predatory. Because of Kashyyyk's forest-dominated landscape, it was believed that the planet's bantha population had grown from specimens brought back to Kashyyyk by Wookiee traders. The greyclimber evolved to live in the tree-cities of the planet, but developed a rudimentary skill for climbing. Among the most obvious differences of the Kashyyyk bantha were lack of a shaggy coat, and the lack of the huge horns that were often associated with the species. In place of horns, the Kashyyyk bantha had evolved a pair of massive, bony plates that were used as battering rams. The feet of the greyclimbers were tipped with longer, more articulated toes that allowed the creature to climb along the wroshyr tree branches. They were harder to find and kill for most hunters, but a Wookiee could easily take one down, or even domesticate it.

The greyclimber, should not be confused with the other species bantha that can be found on Kashyyyk, including the common, shaggy bantha, which is often used in taxi services in major Kashyyyk cities [1] and the three-horned bantha, which is also sometimes referred to as the "Kashyyyk bantha."

Behind the scenes[]

The Kashyyyk bantha in The Hidden Enemy had three horns, contradicting the Gamer depiction and description in The New Essential Guide to Alien Species. The Kashyyyk banthas that appear in the Star Wars Galaxies expansion Rage of the Wookiees also have three horns.


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