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"I will not be denied the glory of this kill!"
―Kassius Konstantine, shortly before his death[3]

Kassius Konstantine was a human male from Coruscant who served as an admiral in the Imperial Navy. He was dispatched to the Lothal system where a rebel cell occurred. After the Spectres joined the other cells, Konstantine continued to hunt them down under the command of Agent Alexsandr Kallus and the Inquisitor known as the Fifth Brother. Despite their efforts and superior resources, the rebels proved elusive for Konstantine and his comrades.

Konstantine's failed attempts to destroy the the rising rebellion led Governor Arihnda Pryce to ask for the services of Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn, a seasoned tactician and the commander of the Seventh Fleet to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. In an effort to test the Admiral's talents and capabilities, Thrawn dispatched Konstantine on a mission to destroy the Iron Squadron, a rebel cell based at Mykapo. Konstantine managed to trap the Squadron's captain, Mart Mattin, but underestimated the ingenuity of the Spectres and Mart's uncle Commander Jun Sato. Konstantine was greatly embarrassed by this skirmish, and attempted to spin the incident in a positive way. However, Thrawn saw through his obfuscation.

Some time later, Konstantine, commanding an Interdictor vessel, accompanied Thrawn and Pryce at the Battle of Atollon. Consumed by his arrogance and jealousy, Konstantine pursued the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Phoenix Nest, defying Thrawn's direct orders of holding back. This maneuver cost Konstantine his life as Sato rammed Phoenix Nest into the Interdictor, destroying both cruisers and also making the Rebels able to flee the system.


Early life and career[]

Kassius Konstantine was born on Coruscant during the twilight of the Galactic Republic. He[4] studied at the prestigious Anaxes War College on Anaxes and graduated mere months after the end of the Clone Wars, with a commission in the Imperial Navy. As one of the first generation of naval officers serving under the Empire, he and his colleagues were responsible for much of the fleet's operational standards and culture.[1]

Hunting the Spectres[]

Working with the Grand Inquisitor[]

In the years before the Battle of Yavin, Kassius Konstantine commanded the Lothal sector fleet from his flagship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Relentless. Though primarily an anti-smuggling task force, the fleet was forced to deal with a sharp rise in insurgent activity in the sector.[5][1] Konstantine worked to capture the Ghost, a starship crewed by rebels known as the Spectres; in this effort, he cooperated with the Inquisitorius, who specifically sought to neutralize the Jedi Kanan Jarrus.[5] After the Spectres rescued another fugitive, the Rodian Imperial Information Office staffer Tseebo, and breached the Imperial security cordon around the planet Lothal's Capital City, Konstantine commanded the Relentless in the pursuit of the rebels. With Tseebo's help, the rebels escaped into hyperspace. While Konstantine thought of shifting the blame for the rebels' escape to the Grand Inquisitor, he decided against it, as the Emperor's agent had succeeded in planting a tracking device onto the hull of the Ghost.[7]


Admiral Konstantine and the Inquisitor commanded Imperial efforts to hunt down the Spectres

When Admiral Konstantine reported that they were receiving a signal from the tracker, the Inquisitor did not acknowledge his presence but merely commented that he himself could sense Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger. In response to the Inquisitor's comments, Konstantine stifled a laugh, as he believed that the Empire had wiped out the Jedi years ago during the Great Jedi Purge. He was personally skeptical of reports that the leader of that rebel cell was a Jedi. However, the Inquisitor read his emotions and scowled back at the Admiral. Fearing that his long and storied career would end if he failed to capture the rebels, he vowed that they would succeed.[7]

Meanwhile, the Spectres realized that there was a tracking device planted onto the Ghost's auxiliary vessel, the Phantom. To prevent the Imperials from capturing Tseebo, Kanan and Ezra separated from the Ghost and flew the Phantom to an outpost on the planetoid PM-1203[7]—a remnant of the destroyed planet Anaxes, where Konstantine had previously studied.[1] As planned, Konstantine took the bait and initially ordered the deployment of a full battalion, though he would be countermanded by the Inquisitor, who would personally led a small contingent of stormtroopers to the surface. Despite the contingent and the Inquisitor's own lightsaber proficiency, Kanan and Ezra managed to escape with the aid of the native fyrnocks, leaving both the Inquisitor and Admiral Konstantine empty-handed.[7]

Further encounters with the Ghost[]

"The signature was masked. That's the rebel ship!"
"All ships open fire!"
―Konstantine and a sensors officer[8]

Returning with the Relentless to Lothal, Konstantine again encountered the Ghost when it attempted to smuggle a "galactic entrepreneur", Lando Calrissian and his puffer pig onto the planet, in the interest of an illegal mining operation. As Orrelios had bet Chopper in a Sabacc game against Calrissian, although Orrelios initially won, Calrissian used an Idiot's Array and won, which made the rebels transport the smuggler. Shortly after, the rebels arrived at Azmorigan's ship, when Azmorigan said he had what the smuggler ordered, he asked what did Calrissian have in return, Calrissian then offered Syndulla. Although Jarrus didn't accept Syndulla being sold, Syndulla quickly accepted her new "master", who accepted the trade for the puffer pig. Shortly after, Calrissian transported the pig to the Ghost's cargo bay and told Orrelios and Bridger to keep the pig calm. In the meantime, Syndulla convinced Azmorigan to have dinner alone, as he accepted, all guards left the room, and Syndulla stunned him using a plate. She then escaped using an escape pod and docked onto the Ghost. Using a signature modulator, the rebels were able to disguise the Ghost as the Tontine, a legitimate corellian freighter traveling from Boz Pity. A sensors officer informed Konstantine of the freighter's purpose, and that it matched the Ghost's description, however, Konstantine dismissed that and allowed the rebels to escape. However, the rebels accidentally deactivated it by making the puffer pig throw Orrelios into the ship's control boards and deactivated the signature modulator and exposed the Ghost to the Imperial authorities. The sensor officer warned the Admiral, who, in turn dispatched four TIE/ln space superiority starfighters after the Ghost, but the rebels managed to lose their Imperial pursuers in Lothal's cloudy skies. Who escaped onto the surface and entered a skirmish against Azmorigan's troops.[8]


Konstantine effectively commanded the Imperial flotilla at Mustafar

Following the Inquisitor's capture of Kanan Jarrus sometime later, Konstantine was temporarily reassigned to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's flagship, the Sovereign, while over the planet Mustafar. Jarrus escaped with the assistance of Phoenix Squadron, a rebel cell of RZ-1 A-wing interceptors; in the course of a lightsaber duel against the Grand Inquisitor, Jarrus and the Spectres were able to destroy the Sovereign.[9] Both Tarkin and Konstantine survived, however, and took part in the blockade of Lothal intended to ensnare the Spectres and their new allies in the wider rebellion.[10]

Fighting Phoenix Squadron[]

A wider rebellion[]

SWR Konstantine Fleet

The sector fleet's blockade of Lothal effectively placed the planet under siege

Despite Konstantine's blockade of the Lothal, the Spectres again evaded capture, this time through masking transponders emitting false signals. Nevertheless, Konstantine and the Relentless launched a surprise attack on the Phoenix Cell, led by Sith Lord Darth Vader, who was piloting a TIE Advanced x1 starfighter. As the Ghost made its escape, Konstantine activated his Destroyer's tractor beam to attempt to catch them. However, he instead ended up catching Vader as the rebels jumped to hyperspace. Knowing that his life was in danger for this mistake, Konstantine blamed his failure on a subordinate bridge officer.[10]

Admiral Konstantine retained his command of the Relentless despite his failure in Vader's eyes, now hunting for the Phoenix Squadron and accompanied by the Imperial Security Bureau agent Alexsandr Kallus (who also had experience dealing with the Spectres). Under instructions from former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, a Fulcrum agent associated with the Phoenix Cell, the Spectres had traveled to the desert planet of Seelos in the Kwymar sector, in an attempt to recruit several retired Clone troopersRex, Wolffe, and Gregor—to their cause. Wolffe, distrusting the rebels, secretly sent a coded transmission that was picked up by the Relentless; a probe droid sent to Seelos confirmed the rebel presence there.[11][1] While Agent Kallus led a ground assault with three AT-AT walkers, Admiral Konstantine remained aboard the Relentless to render air support to Kallus' forces. However, the clones and rebels put up an unexpectedly fierce fight and immobilized Kallus' AT-AT walkers. The Admiral was unable to render air support because Darth Vader had ordered him to rendezvous the Relentless with his shuttle in space.[12]

Serving the Inquisitorius[]

"I care not for your struggles. I will succeed where you and Kallus have failed."
―The Fifth Brother, to Admiral Kassius Konstantine[12]
Kallus and Kassius watch the 5th Brother

Konstantine and Kallus watch as the Fifth Brother departs to the medical station

Instead of meeting Vader, Admiral Konstantine received another Inquisitor known as the Fifth Brother, who became his new superior. When Konstantine raised his concerns that the diversion might have compromised Agent Kallus' mission, the Inquisitor merely replied that his struggles were of no concern to him and pledged to stop the rebels himself.[12]

Sometime later, the Relentless picked up a surge of energy at an abandoned medical station. This surge had been triggered by several members of the Spectres, though the Fifth Brother informed the Admiral and Kallus that he would visit the station alone. There, the Fifth Brother and another Inquisitor known as the Seventh Sister almost succeeded in apprehending Chopper, Bridger, and Sabine Wren. However, due to Garazeb Orrelios' quick thinking, the four rebels managed to escape the two Inquisitors.[13]

Though Konstantine chafed working with the Inquisitors, the partnership bore fruit when they discovered on Takobo that the Phoenix Cell was in hiding on Garel,[14] a shipping world in the Lothal sector.[1] Under Kallus' direction, Konstantine and the Inquisitors prepared for a strike on the world.

Ghost knocks out tractor beam

Admiral Konstantine commanded the Imperial Navy's assault on Garel

The Imperial flotilla quickly established aerial superiority, managing to shoot down a rebel Taylander shuttle. Despite this, several rebel ships, including the Spectres' ship the Ghost and Commander Jun Sato's CR90 corvette, managed to escape into the skies above Garel City, forcing the Relentless to deploy its tractor beam projector to trap Commander Sato's corvette. However, Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla used the Ghost to ram the tractor beam projector, knocking it out of action (as well as a TIE fighter that collided with the debris from the destroyed tractor beam projector). This distraction enabled the Phoenix rebel fleet to make a jump into hyperspace. When Agent Kallus, who had led the ground assault, demanded an update on the location of the rebel fleet, a visibly frustrated Admiral Konstantine reported that he and his men were also wondering the same thing; despite having flushed them out of hiding, Konstantine had again failed to crush the Phoenix cell.[14]

Continued failures[]

Attack on the rebel fleet

Konstantine's Star Destroyer attacking the rebel fleet

Admiral Konstantine and Agent Kallus again encountered the Ghost above Nixus, though the Spectres evaded their Arquitens-class command cruiser. With the help of the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, the Imperials managed to track the Ghost down to a collapsed star cluster in Wild Space, where they were searching for the legendary Lasat homeworld of Lira San. The Imperials attempted to pursue and destroy the Ghost but were forced to retreat due to the gravitational pull of the star cluster.[15]

The Relentless again managed to locate and engage Phoenix Squadron, attempting to prevent them from replenishing their fuel supplies and escaping to a new base. When one of his subordinates reported that the Ghost was exiting hyperspace with stolen fuel from Horizon Base, Konstantine ordered his TIE fighters not to let the ship dock with the rebel flagship Phoenix Nest, a former Imperial Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier that had been stolen on Ryloth. Despite their best efforts, Konstantine's TIE fighters were chased away by Ketsu Onyo's starship Shadow Caster. Later, the rebel fleet escaped to Atollon with the help of the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5, who informed the rebels of an Imperial trap in the Yost system.[16]

New leadership[]

Meeting Thrawn[]

Wilhuff Tarkin: "Grand Admiral Thrawn."
Konstantine: ""Grand Admiral"?"
Grand Admiral Thrawn: "The Emperor recently promoted me after my victory at Batonn."
―Wilhuff Tarkin, Kassius Konstantine and Mitth'raw'nuruodo on the latter's rank[17]
Thrawn speaks to Imperials

Konstantine meeting with Thrawn and other Imperial officials

Dissatisfied with Admiral Konstantine's handling of the rebel insurgency in the Lothal sector, Governor Arihnda Pryce met with Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and secured the services of the newly appointed Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Seventh Fleet. Later, Konstantine met with Grand Moff Tarkin and Agent Kallus on the bridge of a Star Destroyer. Konstantine told Tarkin that Pryce was overestimating the threat posed by the Phoenix rebels and dismissed them as a localized insurgency. At that point, Thrawn interjected and expressed his hopes that the insurgency would remain that way. Konstantine was present when Thrawn theorized that the Phoenix rebels were planning to raid Reklam Station in the planet Yarma. Later, Konstantine, Pryce, and Kallus commanded a Star Destroyer that intercepted the rebels and their stolen Y-wing starfighters. He expressed surprise when Thrawn ordered the Imperials to allow the Phoenix rebels to escape with their "meager reward." However, Pryce reassured him that Thrawn's objective was much larger than the capture of a single rebel cell.[17]

Investigating Agamar[]

Later, Admiral Konstantine was aboard the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer with Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus. He informed Pryce that his crew had detected an encrypted distress signal from the planet Agamar. Pryce then dispatched Imperial forces from the nearest garrison to investigate Agamar, bringing them into conflict with members of the Phoenix Squadron and a Separatist holdout led by the super tactical droid Kalani. However, his forces again failed to capture the rebels.[18]

Test above Mykapo[]

"No, Admiral, I want you to handle it yourself. A single light cruiser should be sufficient for a man of your talents."
"You would send me? In one ship?"
"Unless you're not… up to it."
"I will leave immediately."
―Thrawn and Konstantine[6]

Grand Admiral Thrawn had tasked Konstantine with the elimination a local rebel cell on Mykapo, known as the Iron Squadron. Despite his protests, Thrawn dispatched the Admiral with a single Arquitens-class light cruiser and two Gozanti-class cruisers, replying that a man of Konstantine's talents should have no difficulty even with one light cruiser. By the time Konstantine had arrived, Phoenix Group had already evacuated the rebel sympathizers among the population.[6]

Satos Hammer and Phantom II

Konstantine's target at Mykapo was Iron Squadron's single YT-2400

Upon arriving, Konstantine's subordinate sighted a single YT-2400 light freighter. Despite his previous caution, the Admiral now believed that Thrawn had overestimated the threat posed by the rebel cell and dispatched fighters to attack the ship. The freighter's inexperienced captain, Mart Mattin, moved to attack the light cruiser and released his cargo of explosives; Konstantine was able to neutralize them by unleashing his ship's forward batteries. Mart attempted to flee, but Konstantine's TIE fighters disabled his engines. However, Konstantine's forces were unable to stop his fellow crew, along with Spectres Bridger, Wren, and C1-10P, from escaping the system aboard the shuttle Phantom II. In a ploy to lure the Spectres back into a trap, Konstantine allowed Mattin to send a distress signal while TIE bombers attached a magno-mine to the hull of Sato's Hammer.[6]

When the Spectres returned aboard the Ghost, Konstantine ordered his subordinate to await his command to trigger the mine, intending to destroy the two rebel ships in one fell swoop. However, through the action of rebel astromech droids C1-10P and R3-A3, the rebels were able to stealthily detached the magno-mine and plant it on one of the YT-2400's cargo boxes. The plan was further complicated by the arrival of Phoenix Squadron under Commander Sato (Mattin's uncle). Sato's reinforcements destroyed one of Konstantine's Gozanti cruisers and several TIEs, causing Konstantine to panic and call Thrawn for reinforcements. In the chaos, the two rebel ships flew over Konstantine's cruiser, dislodging the cargo box with the mine attached at the same moment that Konstantine ordered the mine triggered. The resulting explosion badly damaged Konstantine's ship. Konstantine and his crew survived the blast but their ship was badly damaged.[6]

Iron Squadron 26

Konstantine's failure at Mykapo was a major embarrassment

At that point, Thrawn arrived in the system. Thrawn allowed the rebels to escape following a brief conversation with Commander Sato. Thrawn then contacted Konstantine via hologram. When Thrawn asked him whether he had contacted him for assistance, Konstantine tried to hide his defeat by claiming that he had called to inform him that the rebels had been driven from system. However, Thrawn saw through Konstantine's obfuscation and replied that he had assumed that the rebels and their sympathizers had escaped. Konstantine bowed his head in embarrassment.[6]

Flushing out a traitor[]

During Thrawn's investigation into the rebel spy known as Fulcrum, Admiral Konstantine was stationed aboard the Grand Admiral's Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. He introduced Agent Kallus and Lieutenant Yogar Lyste to Thrawn and the Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wullf Yularen. Konstantine was present at a meeting where Thrawn briefed the others about Fulcrum, a traitor in the ranks who had been aiding Phoenix Squadron as a spy and saboteur, who Thrawn attributed the recent Imperial defeats and Rebel successes to, and explained his plan to screen the Lothal Sector's Command staff for Rebel affiliations. Konstantine was also privy to Thrawn's plan to hunt down Phoenix Squadron's base in the Lothal sector. When he asked about Thrawn's tactics, the Grand Admiral replied that he had calculated the possible locations of the rebel bases based on their proximity to attacks on Imperial ships and facilities, and the planet Lothal. After Kallus had apprehended Lyste, accusing him of being the Rebel spy, Konstantine was present at a meeting with Governor Pryce, Colonel Yularen, Thrawn and Kallus. There, he congratulated Kallus for catching the spy.[19]

The fugitive senator[]

Later, Admiral Konstantine attended a briefing with Governor Pryce and Grand Admiral Thrawn to discuss plans to capture the fugitive former Senator Mon Mothma, who had incurred the wrath of the Emperor for denouncing the Ghorman Massacre and calling the Emperor a "lying executioner." At the briefing, both Konstantine and Pryce expressed disbelief when Thrawn theorized that Syndulla would use the dangerous Archeon pass to smuggle Mothma out of the sector. When Pryce volunteered for the "honor" of silencing the rogue Senator, Thrawn tasked both Konstantine and Pryce with intercepting the rebel ships outside the Archeon Nebula. Thrawn's plan was to use his prototype TIE Defender and two TIE Interceptors to flush the rebels out of the nebula so that they could be captured by Konstantine and Pryce. For that mission, Konstantine and Pryce commanded two Imperial Star Destroyers.[20]


Konstantine's failure at the Archeon Nebula allowed the formation of the Rebel Alliance

When the rebel ship Ghost exited the Archeon Nebula, Konstantine informed Pryce that the rebel ship had sustained damaged to its core systems. After Pryce rejected Mon Mothma's demands, she ordered Konstantine to activate the ship's tractor beam projector. When the surviving rebel Y-wings piloted by Ezra and Gold Leader Jon Vander exited the nebula, Konstantine ordered his gunners to shoot down the rebel fighters. Despite believing the rebel fighters had arrived "too little, too late," Hera outmaneuvered the Imperials by convincing Ezra and Vander to fire their proton torpedoes into the Archeon Nebula. This caused the nebula's gases to ignite, badly damaging Konstantine and Pryce's Star Destroyers in the inferno. With the tractor beam disabled, the rebel ships fled to Dantooine.[20]

Battle of Atollon and death[]

"Konstantine, return to your assigned coordinates immediately."
"I've had enough of your games, "Grand" Admiral."
Thrawn and Konstantine — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]
Konstantine Interdictor

Konstantine's interdictor cruiser at Atollon was strategically vital to Thrawn's plan.

Sometime after, Konstantine attended a meeting between Thrawn, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Governor Ahrinda Pryce, where Thrawn revealed he was aware that the Phoenix Squadron was about to launch a major military strike against the Empire. Shortly after, Thrawn discovered the location of Phoenix Squadron's base on Atollon, uncovering it with the trajectory of General Dodonna's fleet and revealing the identity of Fulcrum, Agent Kallus, who had sent a transmission to the rebels warning them that Thrawn was aware of the attack on Lothal. Following the trajectory of Dodonna's fleet and Kallus's transmission, (and art of the sector) Thrawn was able to find the planet Atollon, which wasn't present on Imperial charts, the location of Chopper base.[3]

He commanded Konstantine to deploy the Seventh Fleet to the system. Placed in command of an Interdictor vessel, Konstantine prevented the rebels from escaping the system. When a Nebulon-B2 frigate attempted to flee the system, Konstantine's Interdictor pulled it out of hyperspace. And destroying it afterwards with the Interdictor's turbolasers. When Commander Sato attempted a Danan tactic, Thrawn ordered Konstantine to hold back until ordered otherwise. Dismayed, Konstantine protested and expressed his desire to use overwhelming force instead. Thrawn reminded Konstantine that he had studied the rebels and was familiar with their frequent use of unconventional tactics.[3]

When Commander Sato flew the Phoenix Nest towards the center of the Imperial formation, Konstantine moved his Interdictor to intercept the carrier and kill Sato. Thrawn ordered him to return to his assigned coordinates, but Konstantine, desiring personal glory, expressed his tiredness with Thrawn's "games." Sato's ploy proved to be a trap, as he began a suicide run once his Interdictor was out of position. Realizing his mistake too late, Konstantine frantically ordered evasive action. Not only did Konstantine perish for his reckless insubordination, but his actions undermined the outcome of Thrawn's battle plans by allowing Ezra and Chopper to escape into hyperspace to seek reinforcements for the rebels. This in turn would allow most of the Rebel personnel stationed on Atollon to escape when they returned with Clan Wren reinforcements, preventing Thrawn from crushing the rebellion in a single sweep, and allowing the galaxy to defeat the Empire.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"Konstantine is more politician than soldier."
―Governor Arihnda Pryce[17]

Admiral Konstantine

Admiral Konstantine was a stern, by-the-books military leader. He showed little regard for any of his fellow Imperials, and on occasion he showed himself to be self-serving and was not above sacrificing his own men to save himself. When confronted with failure, Konstantine sought to protect his career by shifting blame[7] or by misrepresentation of the facts (though this did not fool keen observers like Grand Admiral Thrawn).[6] Furthermore, he did not view his colleagues as friends, even Agent Kallus;[7] his cold and unsympathetic attitude towards Kallus after a near-death experience on Bahryn contrasted with the warmth and unlikely friendship that the ISB had been shown his rebel opponent Garazeb Orrelios.[21]

The Admiral's tactical skill was not highly regarded by Governor Arihnda Pryce, who saw him as a self-serving politician rather than a soldier;[17] indeed, he preferred meetings and committees to direct action and left much of his fleet's operation to his subordinates. Despite his role in forging the Imperial Navy's fleet culture, he was known to slavishly follow the Imperial Navy Handbook.[1] Underestimating the rebel threat, Konstantine's perception of them was that of a localized insurgency rather than a galaxy-wide insurrection; he lacked Grand Admiral Thrawn's strategic vision for defeating the entire rebellion.[17] Instead, he appeared to favor overwhelming military force—feeling a single Arquitens-class cruiser was insufficient firepower against Iron Squadron's YT-2400 freighter. He also underestimated the ingenuity and resourcefulness of his numerically and militarily-inferior opponents, and panicked when confronted by unexpected enemy forces.[6] He lacked imagination, expressing disbelief when Grand Admiral Thrawn predicted that the rebel Hera Syndulla would be risky enough to ferry Mon Mothma through the dangerous Archeon pass.[20]

Konstantine also frequently butted heads with his colleagues and superiors. He expressed his dislike of working with "mystics"—Force-users such as the Inquisitor or Darth Vader—and was initially skeptical that any Jedi had survived the Great Jedi Purge at all.[7] His working relationship with the alien Grand Admiral Thrawn was also acrimonious, as his jealousy turned to open insubordination. During the Battle of Atollon, Konstantine defied Grand Admiral Thrawn's orders and tried to intercept the Rebel command ship Phoenix Nest with his own interdictor cruiser. Konstantine's defiance was his undoing, as it was through this tactical error that Commander Sato, the captain aboard the rebel ship, was able to ram Konstantine's cruiser; Konstatine was killed, and the rebels were able to escape.[3] A human male, Konstantine had light skin, brown hair, and blue eyes.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Kassius Konstantine is a Star Wars Rebels character who first appeared in the first-season episode "Gathering Forces." He is voiced by Star Wars: The Clone Wars veteran Dee Bradley Baker.[5]



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