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"You're the warrior. We're mercenaries—and there's no more profit in this fight."
"If you abandon your posts I will hunt you down and kill you myself!"
Fife and Kast[src]

Kast was a human female Mandalorian warrior who led the Shadow Collective's super commandos during the Clone Wars. After Darth Maul, leader of the Shadow Collective, was imprisoned by the Sith on Stygeon, Kast and commando Saxon freed Maul and brought him to a Shadow Collective base on Zanbar. They were tracked by the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and, in the ensuing battle, forced to flee to Ord Mantell. From there, they repelled a Separatist attack. Kast and Maul captured the Droid Army general Grievous in orbit, while Maul's ground forces captured the Separatist leader, Count Dooku.[1]

The Shadow Collective took their prisoners to a Mandalorian asteroid base, which was assaulted by the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order in an attempt to capture Dooku themselves. Kast, Maul, Dooku, and some of Maul's forces fled and set a course for Dathomir. They were tracked by Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith, who fought alongside Dooku and Grievous in destroying the Shadow Collective forces. Kast recovered Maul from the battle, and they fled the planet.[2]

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