Katana was a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser that served in the Judicial Starfleet of the Old Republic. It was the flagship of the fleet that bore its name.


Around 45 BBY, it was lost with the rest of the fleet due to the outbreak of a hive virus that caused the crew of the Katana to go mad and jump to random hyperspace coordinates, along with the other 199 slaved ships. That fleet was called the Katana Fleet or, in the Rebellion era, the Dark Force.

Although the fleet was rediscovered fifty years later, and the majority captured by the Empire, the Katana herself was one of the 15 ships recovered by the New Republic. During the Battle for the Katana fleet, a team led by Luke Skywalker was able to use the Katana to destroy the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Peremptory, by Han Solo using its slave circuit controls to ram one of the other Dreadnaughts into the Star Destroyer. It was where they first discovered Thrawn's cloned troops.

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Katana was also the name of a Japanese server—or "Galaxy"—in Star Wars Galaxies.



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