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"Civilians think of this war as a single sweeping affair. Generals think of the war in campaigns. For us, the war is defined in operations and missions, usually too long and too costly."
Lieutenant Judder Page[1]

The Katarn Commandos were a New Republic Special Forces unit.

The unit's origins traced back to a group of guerrilla fighters attached to Major Bren Derlin, serving the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. After Derlin accepted a promotion, he handed the unit over to Lieutenant Judder Page. The unit was only christened "Katarn Commandos" at this time, named after the katarn, a stealthy predator from the planet Kashyyyk. They became known as "Page's Commandos" as the unit's reputation grew.

Officially, the unit was attached to the office of the New Republic Chief of State, but in reality it often operated independently for weeks or months at a time. They could operate either as a single unit or broken up into smaller units, and worked in any environment. Each member of the team was a jack-of-all-trades, but also a specialist in a particular field.

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Behind the scenes[]

Page's Commandos appear in the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds during the Occupation of Reytha, which takes place long before unit's formation.

The endnotes posted of the writer of Galaxy at War mention has a section devoted to the Katarn Commandos. It mentions their first appearance in Heir to the Empire Sourcebook where they were a military unit that answered to Lieutenant Page. In terms of the name, its stated that it came from the Katarn; an animal native to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk though its also mentioned that the retconning of Kyle Katarn as a member of the commandos led some to speculate that it was named after him. The sourcebook Galaxy at War, however, establishes that the animal explanation is in fact the correct one and it was Wookiee member Frorral who first suggested it with Kyle Katarn's membership being coincidence.

However, a cut section of the text written by Daniel Wallace and suggested by Abel G. Peña would have left it humorously ambiguous with the addition of the following paragraph:

"Around this time the unit changed its name to the Katarn Commandos - some say as a tribute to Commander Katarn, though Wookiee member Frorral insisted the name referred to her homeworld's jungle predator. No team member dared mention Frorral's crush on Katarn as a possible contributing factor."[2]


Katarn Commandos


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