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Kath hounds were creatures indigenous to the planet of Dantooine.


Kath hounds were about the size of a large dog, fur-covered, and each limb ended in four hoofed digits. They were generally not very hostile, unless provoked. However, when Revan was being re-trained as a Jedi, one of the trials that Dantooine's Jedi Enclave council ordered him to complete was to remove a dark side taint which had made the kath hounds more violent.

At one point, the kath hounds started attacking the citizens of Dantooine and were blamed for numerous crimes, including the theft of a protocol droid. There existed multiple expressions mentioning the kath hound, including "runt of a Kath-hound," "son-of-a-Kath-hound" and "Kath-mutt."

Kath hounds made a popular pet for the crime lords of Nar Shaddaa, including Visquis and Vogga the Hutt. Domesticated kath hounds, called salkies, were also popular pets on Coruscant.

It is possible that Juma Juice could be used to put kath hounds to sleep. Vogga the Hutt's pet kath hounds were knocked out this way.

A horned kath hound.

The horned kath hound was a kath hound breed which was more aggressive and dangerous than the standard hound. They had two tusks and were slightly larger than normal kath hounds. Certain horned kath hounds were born albino, and the rare albino specimens were the toughest of all kath hound subspecies, Revan encountered one of these on his exploration on Dantooine.


A kath hound on the streets of Corellia.

When Darth Malak bombarded Dantooine, the population of the kath hound dwindled, and they became rare and prized as pets and guard animals for the wealthy and privileged. During the Galactic War, the Battle of Corellia led to the bombing of Coronet Zoo, allowing animals such as kath hounds to break loose and roam throughout Coronet City amidst the fighting.

Behind the scenes

The kath hound first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Concept art for the hound gave it small horns scattered throughout the back of the creature.


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