"I racked my brain to figure out who do I trust and who do I know really well and is level-headed, who understands the business side of it but also understands the creative side of it. And finally I banged into it and said, 'Oh, my God, it's Kathy.'"
George Lucas, on choosing someone to run Lucasfilm[src]

Kathleen Kennedy is President of Lucasfilm Ltd., the successor to company founder George Lucas. Lucasfilm announced her assignment in June 2012, as Lucas began his retirement plans. Kennedy is the former President of the Producers Guild of America. She is serving as executive producer for all three films of the Star Wars sequel trilogy as well as all films in the Star Wars Anthology Series. In September 2018, Kennedy's contract was extended through 2021.[5]


Kennedy has had a long and successful career in the film business, alongside her husband and producing partner Frank Marshall. The pair had spent much of their careers collaborating with Steven Spielberg on his films prior to Kennedy joining Lucasfilm. Kennedy and Marshall have also worked with George Lucas a number of times in the past, including their roles as producers of all four Indiana Jones films and co-producers of The Land Before Time with Lucas and Spielberg.

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