The Kathol system lay in Kathol sector on the Outer Rim.

The Kathol system was centered on a binary pair of stars, and originally contained several planets, including the world called Kathol, the homeworld of the ancient Kathol race; it was also the location of the two massive hyperspace launch gates which the Kathol used to colonize much of the surrounding sector.

During the time of the Old Republic, a Dark Jedi invaded the system, and in the resulting conflict, one of the launch gates was destroyed, ravaging the planet Kathol and creating Kathol Rift;[source?] it was likely that this cataclysm reduced the system's other planets to rubble.

The Kathol system was home to the Battle of Kathol System, which led to the defeat of Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne and the liberation of Kathol by the Republic forces.

By the time of the New Republic, the system contained the ravaged planet Kathol, orbited by the surviving launch gate, and two major asteroid belts, formed from the wreck of the other planets.

Behind the scenes[]

On page 25 of Endgame, the twin stars of the Kathol system are identified as "binary yellow suns"; page 65, however, refers to "two suns—one a white dwarf, the other a yellow star."



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