"For the first movie, I made my own costume, I sewed it and everything. I designed it which was really cool because I've always kind of wanted to be a costume designer. And for the second movie, I designed my outfit with Trisha's help. They showed me pictures and because my character would be in a nightclub, I wanted something a bit sexy. But for this movie my costumes were probably some of the most complicated."
―Katie Lucas[1]

Katie Lucas (born April 13, 1988) is the adopted daughter of Star Wars creator George Lucas, the younger sister of Amanda Lucas, and the older sister of Jett Lucas. She appeared in several roles in the Prequel trilogy, and later wrote several Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes.


Katie Lucas had cameo appearances in all three films in the Star Wars prequel trilogy: she portrayed Amee in The Phantom Menace, though she was credited as Jenna Green. She played Lunae Minx in Attack of the Clones and Chi Eekway Papanoida in Revenge of the Sith.

She also served as a writer on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.[2] She wrote "Jedi Crash" and other episodes.[3]

During The Main Event at Celebration V, her father mentioned that she had written two episodes for The Clone Wars Season Three. One was about the family of her father's Revenge of the Sith character Notluwiski Papanoida. The other was about Asajj Ventress and her homeworld of Dathomir.[4]

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