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"They're going to release us and hunt us down for sport."
―Katt Mol laments his fate[src]

Katt Mol was a Snivvian male who was captured by Trandoshan hunters during the year 20 BBY. Stranded in a cage on a Trandoshan freighter, Mol met the captured Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano and—having learned what the Trandoshans planned to do with them—Mol explained to her their fate. After being dropped off on the moon of Wasskah, Mol and fellow captive Lika attempted to escape the Trandoshans, but both were killed while wandering Wasskah's jungles. However, Mol's death was later avenged when Tano led an attack against the Trandoshans and won.



"Hey, what is this place? Who are these pirates?"
"These are Trandoshans."
―Katt Mol explains to Ahsoka Tano their current situation[src]

Tano and Mol aboard the Trandoshan ship

Katt Mol was a Snivvian male who,[2] during the year 20 BBY,[1] was captured by a group of Trandoshan hunters that kidnapped sentient beings and murdered them during hunting outings. After capture, Mol was taken to the guild's prisoner ship, was put in a cage, and learned of the Trandoshans' intentions for him and his fellow prisoners[2]—the Sakiyan Vadoo, the Selkath Morgo,[3] and the Terrelian Jango Jumper Lika.[4]

Eventually, the Trandoshan Lo-Taren captured yet another victim while on the planet Felucia: a Jedi Padawan named Ahsoka Tano. The Padawan was placed in a cage directly across from Mol, and upon waking up after being knocked unconscious, she turned to Mol for information. The Snivvian somberly explained that they, along with the other victims, were to be hunted down for sport.[2]

The Trandoshan freighter later arrived[2] to the moon of Wasskah,[4] which hosted the Trandoshan guild's home base and hunting territory. Under the guidance of the Trandoshan leader, Garnac, Mol and the other captives were taken to Island Four where they were dropped out of the ship and onto a beach. Under Garnac's orders, Lo-Taren used the ship's weapons to chase Mol and the others into the island jungles, killing Morgo and Vadoo in the process.[2] Mol managed to escape, however, as did Lika and Tano.[2]


"Those two came in with me. We should help them."
"No. It's too late."
―Ahsoka Tano and Kalifa discuss helping Katt Mol and Lika[src]

Sochek and Ratter, Lika and Mol's killers, respectively

After escaping Island Four's beach, Mol teamed up with Lika by the next day, which also happened to be the first day of the guild's next outing. While wandering through the jungle, the pair was targeted by hunters[2] Ratter and Sochek,[4] who hid out of sight up in the jungle canopy within their hover pod. As it happened, Tano, hiding within the trees, had also discovered the two survivors.[2]

Despite wanting to help Mol, she was warned against taking action by Kalifa, a previously captured Jedi youngling and recent ally of Tano's, as she felt that it was already too late to help. Mol and Lika were fired upon moments later, with Mol being slain by a single shot from Ratter's blaster pistol. Lika ran off further into the jungle, but was killed by a well-placed shot from Sochek's sniper rifle. Tano departed the scene quietly, distressed by Mol and Lika's deaths.[2]

However, Mol did not go unavenged—after a series of small skirmishes,[2][5] Tano rallied several other prisoners into finally striking back against the Trandoshans. After a focused attack on the Trandoshan base, Garnac and his guild were eliminated.[5]

Personality and traits[]

Katt Mol was a pink-skinned Snivvian with brown hair and gold-colored eyes. By the time he met Tano, Mol had resigned himself to his fate, which he then shared the details of with Tano. After being stranded on the Trandoshan hunting island, Mol quickly escaped Lo-Taren's attack and joined forces with Lika. However, their trail was picked up and both were quickly killed on the first day of the new Trandoshan hunt.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Conceptual artwork of Katt Mol for "Padawan Lost"

Katt Mol first appeared in "Padawan Lost,"[2] the twenty-first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars's third season,[4] where the character's voice was provided by James Arnold Taylor.[2] Katt Mol's appearance in "Padawan Lost" was based off the Kenner Snaggletooth action figure[6] as well as the figure's film counterpart who appeared in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[7] "Padawan Lost" aired on April 1, 2011 as the first episode in a two-part season finale.[6]

In an early version of the episode, Katt Mol and Vadoo were to team up and then join the hunter Simna, whom they would work with to survive. Though shot, the scene was cut for time.[7] In another deleted scene, Mol and Vadoo were to be tracked and chased by Ratter and Lo-Taren.[8] However, a similar scene is present in the final episode, albeit with Lika in place of Vadoo, and Sochek instead of Lo-Taren.[2]



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