"You know I could never refuse you anything, you handsome lug."
―Katya M'Buele to Han Solo[src]

Katya M'Buele was a Human female who was one of Han Solo's female smuggling partners before the Battle of Yavin, having crewed together on a Corellian rim-runner. She also often provided smuggling work for Dash Rendar.

She took part in raid on Ylesia alongside Zeen Afit. She met Han on the Millennium Falcon while on Tirahnn.

Katya was murdered by Kharys's smoke demon, who could not be killed by any melee or lightsaber means when in its smoke form.

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Katya M'Buele was created by Chris Claremont, Mike Vosburg & Steve Leialoha.

The character Arwen Cohl from the novel Cloak of Deception was originally named Margrave M'Buele, as a nod to Katya M'Buele.[1]



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