Kause was a male living on the planet of Kolatill located within the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. He served as a councilor on the Kolatill Council, until the entire governing body was arrested and imprisoned by the newly appointed Imperial Governor, Tetrum, in 0 ABY. Kause remained in prison until 8 ABY, when the planetary population rose up and overthrew Tetrum following the New Republic's successful liberation of the sector capital, Kal'Shebbol. Upon his release, he—along with the other two surviving Council members—was asked to reconstitute the Council and lead Kolatill, to which he and the others agreed. Shortly after assuming power, the capital city of Domaz was attacked by TIE bombers deployed from the Imperial Ton-Falk-class escort carrier Kathol Protector in retaliation for their act of defiance. With the city in ruins, the Council requested aid from the New Republic. The CR90 corvette FarStar was the first ship to attend the planet, and Kause served as the primary contact for the vessel's representatives when they were on the surface. He insisted on meeting with the FarStar's commander, Captain Keleman Ciro, on the surface of the planet to show solidarity to the population of Kolatill. While on route to meeting with Kause, Ciro was captured by the Empire when the Kathol Protector returned to strike at the planet a second time. Following the successful defense of the planet, Kause attended a memorial ceremony to honor the fallen.


A male named Kause lived on the planet Kolatill in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories and served as a councilor on the Kolatill Council. The Imperial sector Moff, Kentor Sarne, recognized that Kolatill's extensive repulsorlift manufacturing industry would be useful to his military build-up, and so he appointed an Imperial governor, Tetrum, to rule the planet in 0 ABY. Tetrum declared martial law on Kolatill and ordered all repulsorlift manufacturers—with the exception of the wealthy and politically connected Ikas-Adno corporation—to produce combat speeders for Sarne's military. He also ordered the arrest of the entire Council, and Kause was imprisoned.[1]

Kause remained in jail for eight years, until he was freed when the population of Kolatill rose up and overthrew Tetrum. He discovered that he was only one of three members of the Council still alive, and that the populace had rebelled because the New Republic had successfully liberated the sector capital of Kal'Shebbol.[1] That victory had sent Moff Sarne fleeing into the Kathol sector with his forces.[2] The people of Kolatill asked the Council to resume their leadership of the planet, a role that Kause and the other two members accepted. The Council's first act was to declare their allegiance to the New Republic.[1]

However, that declaration, combined with the imprisonment of Tetrum, prompted a response from Imperial forces still operating in the sector. The Imperial Ton-Falk-class escort carrier Kathol Protector soon arrived in orbit and deployed TIE bombers. The bombers targeted the capital city of Domaz, causing massive destruction and leaving the city in fiery ruin. Kause and the Council immediately sent out a distress call, imploring the New Republic forces at Kal'Shebbol for help.[1]

Four days later, the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar arrived in orbit of the planet and began deploying medical and relief teams to Domaz. Kause was the primary contact for the New Republic representatives, relaying information to them regarding the attack and accompanying them as they surveyed the city. Kause wished to meet with Captain Keleman Ciro, commanding officer of the FarStar, and while the Council was willing to meet with him on the corvette, they insisted on a meeting on the planet's surface to display "appropriate symbolism." Kause and the Council also intended for the meeting to be broadcast to Kolatill's other cities to boost morale among the population.[1]

While in transit to the surface to meet with Kause and the rest of the Council, Ciro's diplomatic shuttle was captured by Imperial forces when the Kathol Protector returned to Kolatill to strike at the planet a second time. The combined forces of the FarStar and the fledgling Kolatill Defense Force managed to repel the attack, successfully stopping TIE bombers from targeting Kolatill's other cities with pathogenic bombs. Later, at a memorial ceremony to honor those who had perished in the battle, Kause and the Council presented the FarStar's new commander, Kaiya Adrimetrum, with coordinates to the planet Gandle Ott, since they believed that Sarne was heading in that general direction.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Kause believed in the tenets of the New Republic and wholeheartedly declared his—and Kolatill's—allegiance to the galactic government as soon as he was able to. However, he did expect a great deal of help and support from the New Republic to aid his homeworld. Kause also believed that governments should present a united and stable front, as evidenced by his insistence that Keleman Ciro meet with the Council on the planet to show that they were in control of the situation, and that they had the support of the New Republic. He also intended for the Council meetings with Ciro to be broadcast across the planet to boost morale among the population.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kause's only appearance in Star Wars canon is in the roleplaying adventure Omens, which was written by Bill Smith and included as one of the scenarios in The DarkStryder Campaign. Kause is used as the "face" of the Kolatill Council and as a conduit to relay appropriate information to the players.[1]


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