"Why are we losing to the worst team in the league? It's because we trained their best players. The galaxy sends their kids to our smashball schools, so the league turns around and says, `Sorry little Timi Elomin, you can't learn to play smashball, Nari Naboo took your spot.' You can't fly a freighter when you're chasing a cherfer. It's a disgrace!"
―Kav Muja[src]

Kav Muja was a colorful Elomin smashball analyst. He was known for his vocal support of Elomin smashball players over non-Elomin players.


In 22 BBY, during remarks broadcast during second recess of a match between the Elom Ranphyxes and the Corellian Dreadnaughts, Muja attacked the Elomin junior leagues' practice of letting off-world players come to Elom for training. He claimed that off-world players from planets like Naboo were taking spots from young local players, and making it impossible for Elomin players to keep up their skills.

Kav Muja was also outspoken in his politics. During the Separatist Crisis, he sharply criticized planets which threatened to leave the Galactic Republic. He believed that instead of continuing to air their grievances, Separatist-leaning planets should "shut up", secede, and not attempt to rejoin the Republic.



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