Kavan was a planet in the Hapes Cluster. The planet featured a maze of tunnels, which the local Kavani used as emergency homes during harsh winters.

It was here that Jacen Solo, newly entitled Lord of the Sith, killed his aunt, Mara Jade Skywalker as a sort of inventory sacrifice. At first, his sacrifice was to be his parents, Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo. And then, his Hapan lover Tenel Ka Djo and their daughter Allana. But he could not find his parents, and he grew too emotionally attached to his lover and more primarily, his daughter. It was then he made the decision of Mara, and after a lengthy battle that destroyed the interior of many of the tunnels, he poisoned her body with a toxic dart, and left the place of the deed, only to return to find Mara's son, Ben, his cousin, cradling his mother's body.

Three months after his mother's murder, Ben Skywalker and Captain Lon Shevu returned to Kavan to scour the crime scene for evidence that could officially reveal Jacen's part in the murder. There, Mara appeared to Ben as a Force ghost, and tugged strands of her hair out, leading Ben to understand that hair was involved, and if he could find her hair on something of Jacen's, he could reveal the truth. As his mother turned away, Ben whispered that he loved her, to which she replied "Love you too, Ben", before disappearing.

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