The underworld shows no mercy.

Warning! This page contains spoilers from Star Wars Outlaws. Caution is advised.

"The underworld shows no mercy. But it’s a big galaxy out there, and I’m going to risk it all."
―Kay Vess[2]

Kay Vess was a young human[7] female[3] from the Worker's District in Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica.[1] She fought to make a life for herself as a cunning thief during the Imperial Era. On a journey that took her across the galaxy, Vess found herself as one of the most wanted people in the galaxy and was forced to take on what was set to be one of the greatest heists in the history of the Outer Rim Territories.[7]

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For Vess and her companion, Nix, every day was a struggle for survival. Her dream was to land a score that would allow her to live life free and find her place in the galaxy.[8]

Personality and traits[]


Vess and her lifetime companion Nix

Vess had a quick wit and was a hothead. She had self-deprecating humor. She viewed the Galactic Empire as an oppressive force, but to her, it was just an obstacle as she journeyed through the galactic underworld. She regarded Nix as her family, and was willing to do anything to protect him.[8] Kay was fluent in both Galactic Basic Standard and Huttese, allowing her to talk her way out of many situations.[9]


Kay Vess wore a blue jacket over a white shirt. She had a brown belt equipped with a holster and used it to hold her blaster. Vess used the VM19 heavy blaster against her enemies; it was capable of switching modules while in combat. She also used macrobinoculars to scan the area, allowing her to formulate a plan before entering a guarded zone.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Kay Vess was created for the upcoming 2024 video game Star Wars Outlaws. She was portrayed by Humberly González,[10] and first appeared in the world premiere trailer for Star Wars Outlaws that was released on June 11, 2023.[2]

One of the key pointers for developing Vess was to convey her as being a rookie scoundrel. It was important to make sure that she was a relatable character, despite the high stakes of the storyline.[8]



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