"You destroyed everything I was. I know pain."
―Kaye Galfridian to a Yuuzhan Vong[src]

Kaye Galfridian was a Human female and princess of Artorias during the Yuuzhan Vong War in 25 ABY. Her brother was a prince named Finn while her parents were Queen Nina and King Caled.

During the invasion, Kaye and her mother were captured by the Vong and transferred to the slaveship Tsam P'ah. Kaye volunteered to serve Commander Sha'kel in place of Nina. Later Kaye led an uprising on the Tsam P'ah, aided by fellow prisoner Arbeloa.


Battle of Artorias[]

"I'll get Dad. I'll be back!"
―Kaye to her mother during the invasion of Artorias[src]

During the early hours of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Kaye was shopping with her mother Nina in the market. As they were talking with her mother's friend Jenny, a loud explosion rocked the marketplace, shattering merchandise and flinging debris across the square. Jenny was severely wounded by the flying debris and collapsed in Nina's arms. As Yuuzhan Vong warriors marched through the marketplace, the queen told her daughter to flee the square. Kaye complied, and ran to get help from her father and brother Finn. She had barely reached the outskirts when she was tripped up by an amphistaff. She looked up in horror to see a towering Yuuzhan Vong warrior standing over her.[1]

Kaye during the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion of Artorias

Kaye grabbed a knife on the ground and drove it into the warrior's leg. However, the Yuuzhan Vong pulled the knife from his flesh and tossed it to Kaye, telling her to attack him again. Kaye stabbed again but the warrior still stood. With one final thrust, Kaye managed to kill the Yuuzhan Vong, but was immediately surrounded by more warriors who quickly captured her. Her brother Finn sensed her and their mother being herded towards a Yuuzhan Vong slaveship. Kaye soon found herself in a Yuuzhan Vong holding device with her mother and Jenny.[1]

Meanwhile, her brother Finn and father Caled had attempted to rescue Kaye and her mother from the marketplace but were forced to retreat to a large hangar where they were besieged by Yuuzhan Vong forces. However, they were rescued by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Finn was recruited by Skywalker for Jedi training at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 after demonstrating his Force ability when he sensed his family in danger. Kaye's father was left behind on Artorias with a company of soldiers to keep the Yuuzhan Vong occupiers at bay and to allow more refugees to escape.[1]

On the Tsam P'ah[]

""If you free me, and we succeed in taking this ship, promise me one thing."
"I want the head of Commander Sha'kel."
"It's yours."
"Thank you."
"I really wouldn't want a head anyway. I wouldn't know what to do with it."
―Arbeloa and Kaye Galfridian aboard the Tsam P'ah[src]

Kaye, her mother, and her fellow Artorian prisoners were transferred to the Yuuzhan Vong slaveship Tsam P'ah where they languished in awful conditions. A Yuuzhan Vong warrior soon approached Nina Galfridian and demanded that she serve the commander of the ship, striking her when she refused. Kaye stepped in and offered herself up to the commander to spare her mother and to save Jenny. She was brought to Commander Sha'kel and forced to sit before him. The commander questioned how such a young woman could kill one of his warriors and informed her about the Yuuzhan Vong's plans to conquer the galaxy. When he finished, he stabbed Kaye in the shoulder with a coufee and sent her back to her prisoners. When Kaye reunited with her mother, she was told that Jenny had died.[4]

As Nina had entered a catatonic state after Jenny's death, Kaye took responsibility for the Artorian slaves and continued to serve Commander Sha'kel in order to gain information on their situation and in order to plan an escape. She also met Arbeloa while on the ship, who noted that while the Yuuzhan Vong were afraid of him and had him bound, they should also have restrained Kaye as well and were misjudging her because of her size. Arbeloa later negotiated with Kaye for his freedom in exchange for both his assistance in the coming battle and the head of Commander Sha'kel.[5]

In a later meeting with Commander Sha'kel, Kaye was informed of the continuing attacks on the planet's surface. When asked by Sha'kel as to the possible source of these attacks, Kaye simply said that the Yuuzhan Vong invasion had left nothing alive on Artorias. As she was sent back with the rest of the prisoners, she noticed that a biot on the guards arm was required to free the prisoners. In addition to finding her mother's state unchanged, she also discovered that Arbeloa had almost freed himself of his bonds and joked that all they needed was an arm rather than a guard if they wished to escape.[6] After Sha'kel deployed reinforcements to the Yuuzhan forces on Artorias, Kaye and Arbeloa staged a diversion in order to draw the guards into an ambush. Using the biot on one of the ambushed guards arms, Kaye then led Arbeloa and the Artorian prisoners into combat against the remaining contingent of Yuuzhan Vong on the Tsam P'ah. Fulfilling her part of their agreement, Kaye allowed Arbeloa to kill Sha'kel and take his head - noting that it was just as well Sha'kel liked pain as it was going to hurt.[7]

Kaye watching her mother entering the Tsam P'ah's cognition throne.

Following the conclusion of the battle, Kaye discovered her mother had recovered after she'd realized her father was still alive and fighting the Yuuzhan Vong on Artorias. Kaye then told her mother how Sha'kel had controlled the ship, but wasn't sure if anyone could use it without being killed. When Nina said their was only one way to find out, Kaye moved to enter the seat before her mother said that this burden was hers to bear. While concerned that her mother was in trouble, Nina assured her daughter that she was fine and could control the ship, using it to escape Artorias and protect the Artorians on the vessel.[7]


Kaye was on the bridge of the Heart of Artorias when it came upon a Yuuzhan Vong attack on Dibrook Space Station. She complimented her mother on her shooting as the Queen used the weapons of the captured ship to destroy many of the attacking Vong. She led rescue efforts on the damaged sector on the station, directing people with medical training to assist the wounded and others to quickly get the people on-board the Heart. However, when she boarded the damaged space station, she was met by Captain Ogden who wanted to take over the Heart so that the New Republic could examine it. Arbeloa quickly slammed the Captain into a bulkhead and threatened him. Kaye explained that Artorias was a safe haven and even though they had lost the planet, the ideals of the Artorians still existed. The Heart would be used as a refugee ship and to help people affected by the Vong invasion. She then chastised Ogden and suggested instead of hindering her efforts, he could order his troops to lower their weapons and assist in the evacuation. Once back aboard the Heart, Kaye explained to her mother that a Vong ship had captured many prisoners and made its way to the planet Dibrook's surface. Her mother could sense through her connection to the ship that there was a Vong presence on the planet despite its harsh environment and Kaye decided that a rescue mission must be carried out.[8] Kaye and Arbeloa then met with Commander Bylsma on-board the space station and requested enviro-suits for the rescue mission. The New Republic officer gladly obliged and offered a garrison of soldiers to assist in the mission. Captain Ogden was ordered to accompany the forces to the planet's surface. Once on the surface of Dibrook, Kaye laid out her plans for the rescue mission that included not firing unless there was a confirmed target and not shooting at any structures. She was determined to minimize casualties and bring back the people that were taken by the Vong but was counteracted by Ogden, who claimed he was in charge. Not wanting to have a command struggle, she ordered Arbeloa to take the captain and tie him up somewhere to keep him out of the way. She then asked the assembled troops if they had any problem with her leadership. When no one objected, Kaye continued with her briefing.[9]

When the rescue force reached the edge of the shaper research facility, Nina contacted Kaye and told her to be careful because she could sense something very powerful. Kaye ordered Arbeloa to give the order to halt. He responded by telling her that she shouldn't be afraid to give orders and lead her troops. When she pointed out that she ordered him to give the command due to his large size and the fact that she was small and likely to be overlooked, he apologized and gave the command. Kaye thanked him for his words. She then started to organize a recon force to scout out the compound but was interrupted by an attack on the rear guard of her forces. She went to observe and noticed that the enemies weren't Vong but instead mutated sentients known as thralls. She commanded the troops to cease fire, and proceeded to help subdue a blue-skinned Twi'lek thrall. When a lieutenant in the New Republic force volunteered to execute the prisoner, Kaye ordered him to escort the prisoner back to the Heart. The Princess stated that all enemy combatants would be treated humanely. When she returned to the front line, she ordered the recon force to approach the Vong compound. They were attacked by a group of Vong warriors including Zakar and Commander Tsalok and were wiped out as Kaye and her forces watched.[10]

Kaye Galfridian during the Battle of Dibrook

A large group of thralls gathered in the valley below Kaye and her forces and prevented her from reaching the Yuuzhan Vong compound. Kaye conferred with her mother on-board the Heart and was convinced that she would have to fight the thrall army in order to hopefully be able to get to the Yuuzhan Vong base and rescue sentients that hadn't been converted into thralls yet. Kaye reluctantly agreed with her mother and proceeded to engage in fierce combat with the Yuuzhan Vong's slaves. She ordered Arbeloa to clear a path so they could get to the compound as quickly as possible.[2] During the battle, Kaye was informed that some of her troops were laying down their weapons and retreating due to the fact that they were facing loved ones who were forced to fight by the Yuuzhan Vong. Once Kaye and Arbeloa reached the entrance to the compound, they were faced by a group of shapers that Tsalok had ordered to fight a holding action. The duo quickly cut them down with their weapons and entered the facility. Kaye and Arbeloa came upon a group of prisoners held in a large bubble. Gas started to fill it, and Kaye ordered Arbeloa to rip it open. They managed to save one child before the remaining prisoners started turning into thralls and the rescue party was ordered out by Nina Galfridian who used the weapons of the Heart to totally destroy the Yuuzhan Vong compound. Before leaving, they came across the spot where Yuledan had been tortured, and Kaye retrieved his lightsaber.[11]

Kaye ordered her forces to gather the dead and treat them with respect and bury them with honor. Arbeloa tried to convince her nothing could have been done to save them but she still viewed them as sentients. She then revealed that she had somehow felt the death of her father through her brother, Finn, who was with the King when he passed away. She returned to the Heart to tell her mother that her husband had died, but came across Ogden who has been tied to an outcropping in the ship. When he goaded her about the failure of her mission on the planet, she lit Yuledan's lightsaber and threatened to kill the New Republic officer. She then went to the control center of the Heart and told her mother that Caleb had died.[12]

The princess was present at the Memorial service on Dibrook held in honor of the fallen. After the ceremony, she was informed by Bylsma that many refugees from Artorias were taken to the Imperial Remnant-run planet of Shramar. Kaye gathered her forces and joined her mother in the control room of the Heart as the ship made its way to the planet.[13]


Kaye at the beginning of the Battle of Shramar

Upon her arrival at Shramar, Kaye was in the control room of the Heart as it took fire from an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. Nina established communications with the planet, and told them she would send a landing party to check on the welfare of the Atorians. Kaye and Arbeloa disembarked to face an army of stormtroopers, AT-ATs, AT-STs, and TIE/LN starfighters. When a refugee rushed towards the princess and Arbeloa, she was cut down by fire from the Imperials. Kaye prevented Arbeloa from starting a fight with the Imperials, and retreated back aboard the Heart with the refugee's body.[3]

The refugee was badly injured, but managed to inform Kaye and Nina Galfridian that the refugees on Shramar were being forced to work in the field and all the harvest was being shipped off-world. Kaye expressed her anger at the profiteering by the Empire. Nina made contact with Sector Commander Devry and demanded an audience. Kaye accompanied her mother to the banquet hall but was refused entrance by the two stormtroopers guarding the entrance. Kaye heard a commotion inside and attempted to enter, but was restrained by one of the stormtrooper guards. She grabbed his wrist and struck his forearm with her fist, shattering the armor and heavily injuring his arm. The princess was then shot in the back by the other stormtrooper and knocked flat onto the ground. However, she managed to get up, knock the injured stormtrooper out before jumping on the second guard and ripping his head, still inside the helmet, off of his body. Once inside the banquet hall, she discovered the aftermath of her mother's attack on the Imperial staff and witnessed her mother, without her masquer, plunge her hand through Devry's chest and killing him.[3]

Horrified at discovering her mother was Yuuzhan Vong, Kaye attempted to flee but calmed down once the queen donned her masquer and explained the situation. Kaye then helped her mother convince the Imperials that a Yuuzhan Vong invasion was on the way and the planet needed to be evacuated. She went with her mother and a group of stormtroopers to a communications room where the princess watched Nina contact Bylsma and request military assistance with the evacuation. Kaye worked with her mother and Captain Bristow to move the Heart to where the refuges were and start an evacuation. When Bylsma arrived at Shramar, he boarded the Heart. Kaye greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for helping. She then escorted him to the control room of the ship, but stopped Arbeloa from entering with them. Inside, Kaye stopped Bylsma from attacking the Queen, who was un-masqued and in her natural Yuuzhan Vong form.[14]

When the Yuuzhan Vong arrived at Shramar, Kaye was dispatched by her mother to marshal the defenses so there would be more time to evacuate the civilians. She participated in the land battle and worked with Captain Bristow to fight off the invading Yuuzhan Vong in fierce combat.[15] Once all the refugees were onboard the Heart, Kaye signaled for a full retreat. Once they were safely away from Shramar, Kaye stood by her mother as the queen revealed she was a Yuuzhan Vong.[16]

Personality and traits[]

Despite her royal upbringing, Kaye Galfridian was content to go about the marketplace and shop like any other Artorian. She demonstrated great bravery, only reluctantly leaving her mother's side and promising to return with backup despite the presence of Yuuzhan Vong invaders in the marketplace. Her bravery was again shown when she attacked and killed a Yuuzhan Vong warrior and fought another even though she was outnumbered.[1] Her imprisonment on the Tsam P'ah did not sap her bravery; she offered to meet Commander Sha'kel face to face to protect her mother and Jenny.[4] She was perfectly capable of both deception and leadership, as shown during the revolt on the Tsam Pa'h.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Kaye Galfridian was created by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Colin Wilson for the Star Wars: Invasion comic series.[17] The comic series features the Galfridian family as they become separated during the Yuuzhan Vong War. In Invasion 1, Kaye is revealed to be the Princess of Artorias.[1]



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