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"I didn't come here to end slavery, Bail. I came to eat your food."
―Kayo Organa[1]

Duke Kayo Organa was a human male member of the House of Organa. In 9 BBY, he and his family—his wife Celly and son Niano—traveled to the planet Alderaan to visit Celly's sister, Breha Organa, and her family. While on Alderaan, Kayo enjoyed the food at the Royal Palace and conversed with Breha's husband, Bail.


"After the disaster of the Republic, the Empire is finally starting to line some pockets."
―Kayo Organa[1]

Kayo and Celly Organa at the Royal Palace of Alderaan

Duke Kayo Organa was a human male of the House of Organa who was married to Celly Organa. The two had a child named Niano. At some point, he confided in his son that his niece, Princess Leia Organa, was adopted—and therefore, in his eyes, not a "real" Organa. He also claimed that she was kept a secret by her always staying on her homeworld of Alderaan.[1] In 9 BBY,[2] Kayo and his family visited the family of Celly's sister and his sister-in-law, Queen Breha Organa of the planet Alderaan. Arriving via starship, Kayo, Celly, and Niano greeted Breha's family at a dock and then made their way to the Royal Palace of Alderaan.[1]

While at the palace, Kayo talked with Breha and her husband, Senator Bail Organa, regarding pros and cons of the Galactic Empire versus the Galactic Republic. Kayo was happy that his profits were good, but Bail was more concerned with slave labor and unjust taxation in the Outer Rim Territories; Kayo, on the other hand, was more interested in Bail's food than slaves. Also at the party, Niano restated the claims that his father had made to Leia, who shot back that Niano only repeated his father's words in an effort to gain his respect even if he did not fully understand them. She further explained that Niano did this out of an attempt to make others scared of him, although in reality, he was really scared of others more.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Save the bleeding heart for the Senate."
―Kayo Organa to Bail Organa[1]

Kayo Organa was more interested in enjoying the profits that the Empire granted him than discussing the issues of the galaxy, encouraging his senator brother-in-law to save such debate for the Imperial Senate. He had black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kayo Organa appeared in "Part I," the first episode of the live-action series Obi-Wan Kenobi,[1] which premiered on May 26, 2022.[3] In the episode, he was portrayed by Gabe Fonseca, and his name was revealed in the credits.[1]


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