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King Kayos was Princess Leia's father and the ruler of the planet Aquilae. His two sons, her brothers, were Biggs and Windy. Kayos was treacherously killed by the New Galactic Empire while attempting to reach the Aquilaean Senate to debate a proposed treaty, and the Senate surrendered.

His wife was Queen Breha. She ordered General Luke Skywalker to take Leia to Ophuchi to gain the help of the Chrome Companies and place her daughter on the throne. Evidently, the Aquilaeans practiced strict primogeniture, as Leia's younger brothers were later in the line of succession.

Behind the scenes[]

Kayos was found in the rough draft of the original film. His wife's name would be used in Episode III for Leia's adoptive mother on Alderaan. While Kayos was eventually replaced by Prince Bail Organa.



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