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"Kaz's Curse" is the tenth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television December 8, 2019 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

After a pirate places a curse on Kaz, matters become worse when the Colossus enters Guavian Death Space.[3]

Plot summary[]

Leoz's curse[]

The episode opens with a wide landscape shot of the Colossus. At Aunt Z's Tavern, Kazuda Xiono and Neeku Vozo are playing a gambling game with the Warbirds pirate gang. Kaz is having a good day and has racked up several cards. Kaz is amazed because he has not played this game before while Synara San remarks that she is surprised that his beginner's luck has lasted this long.

The Nikto pirate Leoz bets on one pair of his boots but loses. The Weequay Drell grumbles about letting Kaz play, thinking that he would have been easy pickings. Kaz says that it is not his fault that he is losing so badly as he pockets Leoz's boot. Neeku tries to warn Kaz to be careful about the pirates' temper. Kaz is dismissive of Neeku's advice and wants to keep this winning streak going. He throws two black dices onto the table.

Leoz calls Kaz a scrumrat and accuses him of cheating. Kaz laughs and asks how he could be cheating since these are Leoz's dices. Drell says that he does have a point. Kaz responds that was his point and that he better not push his luck. He pockets the pirates' credits into Leoz's boot. Leoz loses his temper and jumps on the table.

Speaking in a Nikto language, Leoz touches Kaz's head with his hand and utters a curse. The other pirates gasp in horror while Leoz taunts Kaz about his luck. The Aleena Grevel laughs and tells Kaz he is cursed now. Neeku is alarmed that his best friend has been cursed forever. Kaz is dismissive of Leoz's curse and thinks that Leoz is being a sore loser. He accidentally elbows a cup, which strikes the Gamorrean pirate Gork, who growls in rage. The superstitious Neeku thinks that Kaz's luck has run out. Synara manages to calm Gork down, telling him that it is game over. She convinces Kaz to leave as the other pirates glare and hiss at him. Kaz and Neeku leave Aunt Z's Tavern.

Kaz's "bad luck"[]

While walking through the corridor, Neeku asks if Kaz is shaken. Kaz is fine but Neeku is worried about his curse. Kaz dismisses it as a stupid pirate joke but then the ceiling lights shaft to flicker. The superstitious Neeku believes that Kaz's cursed state is causing the lights to flicker. Kaz disagrees and blames it on shoddy maintenance. The lights stop flickering and Kaz says it is no curse. Just then, the ceiling light short circuits, spraying them with sparks. Kaz thinks it was a coincidence and blames bad power relays.

Neeku points out that these relays have been recently upgraded. He blames the curse, and repeats it. Kaz says there is no such thing and says they should get some food. Neeku and CB-23 tattle along. They reach the Colossus marketplace and Kaz says that lunch is on him. Neeku politely declines his offer to pay the bill because he is cursed. Kaz is frustrated but Neeku is worried because of his friend's cursed state. Kaz jokingly threatens to curse Neeku but Neeku warns him that it is no laughing matter. He warns that curses might be contagious. They are being watched by the archaeologist Mika Grey.

Mika Grey is visited in her stall by the Klatooinian merchant Bolza Grool, who asks her to predict how long he will live. He asks if he will survive this war. Mika warns that she can only offer a glimpse into his future. She tells him that she sees many tiny sharp teeth gnawing at his insides. Grool asks if she is insinuating that his gorgs will eat him. Grey replies if that is what it is to him, that is what it may be and that she cannot say. Grool presses her for more information but she says that she cannot be more specific. Grey asks him to pay 50 credits. He offers to pay 60 credits if she can be more specific. Grey responds that this is not how it works. Grool grumbles before exiting her stall.

Back in the marketplace, Kaz tries to order stew but the vendor tells him that they have run out. Neeku blames the curse but Kaz does not want to hear about the curse again. He claims there is no such thing and goes to find something else to eat. He finds that Neeku is holding his boot of credits.

Kaz stands in the path of a hoversled carrying crates, which is being pushed by the Rodian dockside worker Glem. Neeku pushes him out of the way of the fallen crates and asks if he is fine. Kaz insists he is fine but Neeku insists that he is cursed. Kaz refuses to believe it is a curse and claims it is a coincidence. CB-23 appears behind Kaz. Neeku replies that it is more like a "curse-incidence." Kaz growls in frustration. Just then, 4D-M1N speaks over the intercom, calling for Hype Fazon, Torra Doza, and Kaz to report to the hangar immediately.

Into the asteroid field[]

The Colossus approaches an asteroid field. Kaz rushes into the hangar with CB-23 but he trips on the slippery floor, which has just been mopped by Opeepit. Hype, Torra Doza, Yeager, and their astromech droids Bucket, R4-G77, R23-X9 are seated around the table. Kaz mouths an apology while Yeager briefs the group about the asteroids, displaying them on a holoprojector. He explains that they are in the middle of Guavian space and need to find a way to get through the field without being scene.

Hype asks why they are going through an asteroid field when there is clear space three parsecs away. He suggests getting around it. Yeager explains that the asteroid field is the quickest way to get out of Guavian Death Gang territory. He adds that the if the Guavins spot them, they are all in trouble. Kaz quips he would rather not find out why they are called the Death Gang.

Yeager wants the three Aces to scout out the asteroid field. He orders them to make sure there are no Guavian patrols and to take them down before they call for backup. The Aces say they understand with Kaz saying that they have gotten it.

Trouble in space[]

As the Colossus ploughs deeper into the asteroid field, the Aces climb into their fighters. Yeager, Bucket, and Neeku watch as Kaz and CB-23 ready their ship. The Colossus uses its turbolaser cannons to blast through the asteroid field. Kaz flies the Fireball and tells CB to keep his eyes open. The two use the ship's sensors to navigate through the asteroid field.

Kaz vows to put the curse business back behind him and tells himself he is back in his element. However, he accidentally activates the landing strut and the fighter scrapes an asteroid. Kaz what is going on while CB-23 squeals. They dodge several incoming asteroids. Kaz dismisses it as a paint scratch but suddenly finds that his seats has been raised higher, causing him to lose control of the ship.

The Fireball is spotted by a Guavian ship, whose pilot speaks in an unknown ship and laughs. He flies his ship out of its asteroid hiding place. CB-23 and Kaz spot the scout. Kaz alerts Hype, who tells him to keep the scout in his sight because he and Torra are almost there. Hype flies the Green Ace while Kaz manages to lower his seat. Kaz tells CB to jam the Guavian ship's systems before the pilot can come back with more of his friends.

However, the handle breaks off and Kaz grumbles that he "had him." CB-23 suggests that Kaz is cursed but Kaz refuses to believe. When Hype asks about the situation, Kaz admits that he got away, prompting Hype to dismiss him as a "Kaz-tastrophe." Kaz says that he doesn't know about a curse but that this is serious bad luck. Just then the seat rises again.

Kaz manages to fly back to the Colossus with considerably difficult and land the rickety Fireball. Torra asks Kaz what happened while Hype says that he thought that Kaz had him in his sights. When they asks Kaz how he missed, he is about to explain when he trips and falls out of his fighter. He mumbles that it is not his fault.

Depths of despair[]

Just then, Bucket arrives and projects a holo-projection of Captain Imanuel Doza, who asks if Kaz spotted the Guavians. Kaz confirms that he sighted a scout and that he tried to jam his com signals but that he got away. Doza responds that his failure to jam him has brought their attention to one of the most powerful gangs in the galaxy. Captain Doza walks away and terminates the connection. Kaz bows his head.

Yeager says that they have no choice but to stay their course so that they can get out of Guavian space. Hype mocks Kaz for his failure. Kaz tries to explain himself but Neeku counsels Kaz to go to Leoz to get him to remove the curse. Kaz refuses but Neeku insists that Kaz listens to him. Just then, the lights flicker and a gorg lands on Kaz's shoulder.

Kaz walks back to Aunt Z's Tavern with several gorgs clinging to him. Grool screams in fright. He walks past Aunt Z who is holding a carton of blue milk. Leoz and Garma are laughing on a table and making jokes about Kaz. Kaz appears and tells a Leoz to undo his curse. Leoz refuses to undo his curse. Kaz tells Leoz that he is scaring Neeku and interfering with his flying. He also brings Leoz's boot and credits. He tells Leoz to get rid of this curse.

Leoz agrees and tells Kaz to get closer to him. He licks his finger and smears Kaz's face with his saliva before chanting in an unknown language. However, he reveals that he just placed a double curse on Kaz. Garma bursts out laughing and makes fun of Kaz. Kaz walks away and Neeku tells him to talk to Mika Grey, saying that she knows about this kind of thing.

Seeking Mika's help[]

Kaz is not so sure. The two and CB-23 dodge some falling debris from a blown fuse above. Kaz decides this is worth a shot. They walk to Mika Grey's tent in the Colossus. Several spacers including Grool, Jooks, Egdir, and a mouthless alien flee from Kaz, believing he is cursed. Neeku wishes Kaz good luck and hopes that she can cure him of the curse, unless his curse is incurable.

Inside Mika's tent, Mika figures that Kaz is here about the curse. Neeku claims she has powers but Mika points out that she heard him yapping about it earlier and that the whole community is aware. Kaz places his boot and credits on the table. He tells her that the situation is urgent and offers to pay. He explains that a pirate put a curse on him and says that it is having an effect on him.

Mika explains that a large part of a curse boils down to how much he believes in it. She figures that he is believing in it more than he is letting on. She asks Kaz if he had a lucky charm or something that he felt kept him alive when he flies. Kaz says that he had a lucky trophy once but that his luck ran out. She reasons that this thing is inside him and that all he needs is a lucky charm to act as a defense against this curse.

Mika hands Kaz a wooden carving, which she describes as a talisman that she picked up on her travels. She adds that it is the kind of thing that can ward off evil energy. Holding the wooden object, he asks if this thing can protect him from the curse. Mika says she doesn't know and asks him to consider will it. Just then, they hear blasts and klaxons ringing. Neeku asks if that is the curse but Mika points out that they are under attack.

The Guavian threat[]

Captain Doza, Yeager, and 4D-M1N are on the bridge of the Colossus. Several Guavian starships converge on the Colossus, blasting it. Hype asks if they should launch but Doza points out that the gangsters are trying to intimidate them and won't destroy the station. He explains that their way is extortion. Just then, a masked Guavian leader appears on the holoprojector, speaking in an alien tongue.

Translating, 4D explains that they have already demonstrated their superior firepower. He demands that that they pay a toll of one million credits or to surrender the Colossus. Captain Doza rejects their demands. The Guavian leader responds. 4D translates that if they do not pay, they will take their ship and turn all of its people over to the First Order. The leader then leaves.

Doza asks Yeager how long it will take before they can jump to hyperspace. Yeager says not until they clear the asteroid field. Doza has no choice but to launch the Aces. Freya Fenris, Bo Keevil, and Torra climb into their fighters. They are joined by Hype and Griff Halloran. The Aces engage in a dogfight.

Kaz and CB-23 rush to the hangar. They pass a flickering light but Kaz smiles and flicks his talisman. He climbs aboard the Fireball but drops his talisman. Neeku asks if Mika fixed him. Kaz says he is good to go and departs with CB-23 aboard the Fireball. They join the dogfight.

Kaz lines up beside Hype, who remarks that now he shows up. Kaz reassures him that he had something sort out and that it is all good now. Hype says that he sure hopes so and that they have got their work cut out for them. The two lead the Guavian fighters on a chase around the Colossus, circling the space station.

Overcoming the curse and Guavians[]

Realizing that the Guavians have them trapped, Captain Doza orders the Aces to distract them so that they can clear the asteroids and jump into hyperspace. The Aces lead the Guavian ships away from the Colossus. Kaz tries to aim at a Guavian ship but finds that the racer's laser cannon is jammed. Kaz realizes his wooden talisman is missing.

Neeku picks it up and wonders what it is. Two Guavian fighters close in on the Fireball and CB-23 takes shelter. Kaz manages to calm himself by telling himself there is no curse. He manages to fire the laser cannon at an asteroid before flying away. One of the Guavian ships crashes into debris, leaving only one pursuer. The second Guavian ship crashes into an asteroid.

Captain Doza orders the Aces to stay on the Guavians because they are not there yet. Bo Keevil tells Kaz over the intercom that he has gotten two on his tail. Kaz shoots both of the pursuers down, earning Bo's praise. Kaz tells the other Aces over the intercom that their ships cannot outmanuever the Guavian ships and to instead use the asteroids to their advantage and take them down. They lead the Guavian ships to the asteroids. The Guavians are also hit by the Colossus' turbolaser cannons.

Doza tells the Aces to keep it up because they are almost in the clear. More Guavian ships are hit by asteroids or the Colossus' cannons as the space station reaches the perimeter of the asteroid field. Kaz tells the Aces they have gotten this. The Colossus exits the asteroid field. 4D informs Captain Doza they have an opening and he tells the Aces to get back to the Colossus. The Aces return to their hangar before the Colossus jumps into hyperspace, leaving the two remaining Guavian ships behind.

Aboard the hangar, Torra thanks Kaz. Neeku tells Kaz that he found a wooden talisman on the hangar floor. Kaz recognises this as the talisman that Mika gave him to ward off his curse. He says that he must have dropped it by accident. Neeku reasons that is why he was not obliterated out there and believes that Kaz is no longer cursed. Neeku celebrates and Kaz agrees he is no longer cursed. He asks if he can borrow the talisman. Neeku replies that he was technically borrowing it from Kaz.

Settling scores[]

At the Colossus marketplace, Leoz and Garma are laughing together while sitting on a crate. Kaz visits Leoz and drops the talisman into his stew. When Leoz asks what is this, Kaz says this is nothing special but a token he got from Mika Grey. He claims that is cursed, causing Leoz to panic. Leoz throws it at Garma, who drops it into Grool's stew. Grool throws the talisman out only to find a gorg in his soup, causing him to panic. He shouts that he doesn't want to die.

Kaz visits Mika, walking past Opeepit. When she asks if he survives his curse, he tells her that it was all in his head. She says sure it was if that is what you think. Kaz thanks Mika. Kaz hands her the talisman. A gorg jumps on Mika's shoulder and she remarks that these pilots are a curious bunch. She describes them as a superstitious lot, as the hologram marketplace lights briefly flicker.


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