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Kazak: "Chief Chirpa, you go too far! You have no right to do this!"
Chief Chirpa: "How dare you speak to me like that, Kazak?'"
Kazak: "As First Elder of the Ewok Council, I must remind you that all Ewok leaders have been men! After all, the leader of the Ewoks should at least be sturdy enough to carry a spear into battle!"
Logray: "Perhaps the noble council members are simply afraid to be led by a woman!"
Kazak: "You have no voice here, Logray! Stay with your spells and potions!'"
―Kazak disputes Chief Chirpa's decision to pass the tribe's leadership to his daughter Princess Kneesaa[src]

Kazak was First Elder of the Ewok Council of Elders and an advisor to Chief Chirpa. He was light-gray/blue fur skinned and wore a brown hood. He was also one of the many Ewoks that aided the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Endor.

His name originated in Ewok Mythology, in which Kazak was a nature spirit who rewards Ewoks with magic weapons if they defeat him at his complicated games.


First Elder Kazak contending Kneesaa's abilities on leading, tossing a spear into her fumbling arms.

Kazak was a very wise, skilled and experienced Ewok, and was respected by the other Ewoks in the tribe. He was however also traditional in his views on how the tribe should be run and on occasion could be stubborn in his views.

He was the First Elder of the Bright Tree Village Council before and during the Battle of Endor. During Princess Kneesaa's birthday celebrations Chief Chirpa announced his intention that she would succeed him as leader of the tribe after his passing. Kazak led his fellow Elders in condemning Chirpa's decision citing the fact that "All Ewok Leaders have been men!" and that when the time for a new leader of the Ewok tribe was to be chosen the council would make the decision of succession. He and the other Elders would later renege their decision after Kneesaa led the women and children of the village in a successful defense against Zorbian space pirates under Captain Krag.

In the run-up to the Battle of Endor Kazak studied Imperial patrols and helped plan attacks, and aided the Rebel Alliance to destroy the Shield Bunker on Endor.



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