The Kazellis-class light freighter was a freighter manufactured and produced by the Kazellis Corporation.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Kazellis was a sleek and elegant flying wing design that had a number of advanced systems built into the stock model, foremost being an advanced drive system that gave it a sharp edge in speed over other freighters, like the YT-1300.[1] The ship's speed, coupled with other above par systems, like robust shields and a quad laser cannon, made the ship popular with smugglers who wanted a ship that needed very few modifications to be immediately useful.[1]

In keeping with the company's philosophy, most of the ship's systems were easily upgraded and replaced; many of the ship's parts were fitted with universal joints and interfaces, allowing mechanics to use parts from a myriad of manufacturers.[2]

Kazellis stock deckplan

Possessing a comfortable interior,[2] the Kazellis came stock with many amenities at the expense of cargo space, including a machine shop, medical bay, armory, and acceleration couches.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Developed by the Kazellis Corporation - a joint venture between Human and Twi'lek manufactures - the Kazellis was a short lived line that produced only several hundred ships before the Corporation was forcibly driven out of business by the Empire. Due to this, the ship was relatively well known and thought highly of, but was considered very rare.[2][3]

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