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"The Resistance isn't coming? We're alone?"
"No. We have each other. We are the Resistance now. All of us. First, we're going to free our friends. Then, I promise you, we're taking back the Colossus."
―Eila and Kazuda Xiono — (audio) Listen (file info)[6]

Kazuda Xiono, nicknamed "Kaz," was a human male military pilot and later Resistance spy who served in the years following the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War. The son of Senator Hamato Xiono, Kazuda served with the Starfighter Corps of the New Republic Defense Fleet during the Cold War, at which point the Resistance recruited him to spy on the First Order. As a result, he was sent to the Colossus—an independent refueling station located on the Outer Rim planet Castilon—where Commander Poe Dameron instructed him to gather information pertaining to the local population's sympathies and determine if their allegiance was to the Republic or the First Order.

Xiono upheld an occupation in Jarek Yeager's repair station as a cover, though he struggled to hold his cover as a spy. Befriending Neeku Vozo and Tamara Ryvora while on the station, Xiono struggled to uphold his role as a spy, often finding himself at odds with both the First Order and the station's own citizens. When tensions came to a head with the destruction of his home planet, Xiono played a vital role in liberating the station from its First Order occupation, though doing so came at the cost of Ryvora's allegiance. After freeing the Colossus and helping it escape Castilon, Xiono was anointed a member of Ace Squadron, and helped to defend the Colossus from First Order forces during the hunt for the station.

Xiono helped search for a suitable new home for the Colossus as the station traveled through space, visiting multiple different planets. Throughout the journey, Xiono made rendezvouses with other Resistance cells, and found himself caught in multiple close calls with the pursuing First Order. In numerous encounters, Xiono found himself directly fighting Ryvora herself, who had joined the First Order. Though briefly intending to leave the Colossus to fully join the Resistance after he had been offered a place among their ranks, Xiono changed his mind, choosing to instead lead a final stand against the First Order forces led by Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny when the Colossus came under attack. Xiono, with help from Yeager, rescued Ryvora from the First Order upon her decision to defect. Xiono's actions and selflessness helped to inspire the citizens of the Colossus to fight back alongside Captain Imanuel Doza and Ryvora, leading to their victory against their attackers. Following the Colossus' liberation, Xiono later piloted the Fireball at the Battle of Exegol as part of the Citizens' Fleet amassed by General Lando Calrissian, the events of which ultimately resulted in the demise of the resurrected Darth Sidious and a galactic uprising against the First Order.


Early life[]

"As usual, you always need help—my help. I help you get into the Academy, I help you get into the Navy, I help you get everything you wanted."
―Hamato Xiono, to Kazuda Xiono[5]

Kazuda Xiono won an aurodium trophy in his first competition as a sky racer.

Born on the Core World Hosnian Prime[1] in 14 ABY,[2] Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono was the son of his mother[9] and Senator Hamato Xiono, a wealthy politician who served in the New Republic Senate during the era when the galaxy was governed by the New Republic, years after the Galactic Civil War.[5] Xiono, who aspired to become a great pilot, was awarded a trophy made from aurodium after winning his first race. He would keep it among his personal effects for years, believing the trophy brought him good fortune as well as the fact that it reminded him of his homeworld.[10]

With his father's support, Xiono was able to enroll in a military academy which, in turn, led to service in the New Republic Defense Fleet. By then, the rise of the First Order gave way to a tense political standoff between the Republic and the Galactic Empire's successor. Xiono eventually served as a T-85 X-wing pilot in the New Republic Starfighter Corps.[5]

Joining the Resistance[]

Meeting Poe Dameron[]

"And I'm gonna help. Whatever the job is that you give the ace pilots. You know... The ace pilot job."
"Can you believe this kid, BB-8?"
"Yeah, he believes me! BB-8 knows the Resistance needs Kazuda Xiono!
―Kazuda Xiono and Poe Dameron upon the former's decision to join the Resistance[5]

By 34 ABY,[11] when New Republic Command acquired critical information pertaining to the First Order's operations in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, Xiono's squadron was tasked with delivering the intelligence to the Resistance. They were engaged by Major Elrik Vonreg, who sought to prevent the squadron from completing their mission. Xiono briefly argued with his droid, R2-C4, remaining adamant that Poe Dameron would arrive. After protests from his wingmates regarding the intel's importance, Xiono pointed out that it must have been important if they were being attacked over it. Unable to outmaneuver the First Order pilot, Xiono ordered his wingmates, Mia Gabon and Hugh Sion, to abandon the mission while he remained behind to await the arrival of their Resistance contact, Commander Poe Dameron. After his wingmates' escape, Xiono's X-wing was shot and damaged in one of its engines, though he remained ecstatic due to Gabon and Sion's escape. The euphoria proved to be short-lived as both Xiono and his droid lamented that they were too young to die, though Dameron suddenly appeared, rescuing Xiono. Due to a strategy Xiono concocted in which Dameron lured Vonreg in front of Xiono's TIE, the two were able to ward off Vonreg's TIE together.[5]

Dameron offered Xiono a role in the Resistance.

Following the dogfight, Dameron thanked Xiono for his help, and offered him to come on board their command ship, a CR90 corvette, in order to have his ship repaired. Xiono expressed disbelief upon boarding, stating that he never expected to board, let alone see such a ship. Dameron met him onboard soon after, and they congratulated one another on their victory and teamwork. Dameron briefly inquired as to whether or not Xiono was interested in joining the Resistance, to which Xiono affirmed that he had, but ultimately decided against due to his father's wishes for him. Dameron was soon after called to deliver the intel to General Leia Organa, prompting Xiono to ask Dameron to tell Organa that he believed her to be the bravest person in the whole galaxy. Xiono also spontaneously asked Dameron to tell her he said "hello," which prompted him to chastise himself in frustration.[5]

After Dameron left, Xiono requested that BB-8 guide him to the refresher. Upon finishing, Xiono exited only to find BB-8 had left, leaving both himself and R2-C4 alone on the ship. Upon inquiring R2-C4 as to where BB-8 had gone, the astromech droid refused to answer, prompting Xiono to instead look for Dameron and BB-8. Xiono eventually heard General Organa behind a door, which promptly opened, causing Xiono to stumble into the room where Dameron was speaking to her via hologram. Dameron quickly ushered Xiono out of the room, asking if the young pilot was spying on him. After Xiono denied this claim, Dameron confided in him that the intel Xiono had delivered confirmed the Resistance's suspicions that the First Order was preparing for a full-scale attack on the New Republic. Upon learning of this, Xiono insisted he help, stating he would do whatever it takes to fulfill the Resistance's "ace pilot jobs." Dameron agreed after brief contemplation, though Xiono first requested to contact someone before starting.[5]

Kazuda Xiono contacted his father through a scrambled signal.

Xiono contacted his father, who was initially unaware it was his son due to the signal being scrambled. Xiono informed his father that he was with the Resistance, to which his father replied in disdain, chastising Xiono for getting recklessly involved. Regardless of his father's remark, Xiono asked that he could be helped with something; however, the elder Xiono responded by berating his son for constantly asking him for help, prompting Xiono to reconsider his request, and end the connection in frustration. After the call, Xiono finally requested his mission details from Dameron.[5]

A secret assignment[]

"You can work on my team. But when it comes to your mission as a spy, I don't want anything to do with it."
―Jarek Yeager, to Kazuda Xiono[5]

Poe Dameron recruited Xiono as a spy, believing he could become a valuable asset to the Resistance.

As they made their way to the ocean planet Castilon, Dameron explained to Xiono that the First Order would be receiving fuel and supplies in order to build up their forces, and that someone on Castilon was likely assisting them. Xiono initially responded in surprise to his assignment as a spy, stating that he believed his assignment would utilize his skills as a pilot. Dameron simply responded that Xiono would "be both." The duo soon began their approach to the Colossus, a supertanker fuel depot stationed on Castilon. Xiono's excitement returned as he recalled stories he heard about the Colossus. Upon their arrival, Dameron left to look for his contact, Jarek Yeager, instructing a nervous Xiono to act as if he was a wanna-be pilot looking for a job as a mechanic.[5]

As Xiono witnessed a few starships flying by, he expressed his amazement, recalling that as a child, he had thought of himself as "Kazuda Xiono, best starfighter pilot in the galaxy." As Xiono said this, Neeku Vozo, a Kadas'sa'Nikto mechanic approached both him and Dameron from behind, introducing himself to Xiono, referring to him using the title he had proclaimed. Dameron briefly introduced Xiono to Neeku, in turn, before having him follow to Aunt Z's Tavern. As Xiono and Dameron carried about their business, however, Neeku began to spread word about Xiono's self-proclaimed skill as a pilot, leading nearly the entire station to learn about Xiono's false reputation. As a result, Aunt Z addressed Xiono accordingly, albeit sarcastically, upon meeting him. The group informed Aunt Z they were searching for Yeager, who was already sitting in the tavern. Dameron introduced Xiono to Yeager, who, like Aunt Z, expressed awareness of who he was due to the rumors, as well as an initial refusal to help Poe and Xiono carry out the mission. As Dameron pulled Yeager aside to speak, he instructed Xiono to remain in the tavern and refrain from causing trouble.[5]

Xiono began what he believed to be a friendly game of darts with the Aleena Grevel.

Xiono remained in the tavern as instructed, and began a game of darts with Grevel, who set the stakes with Xiono at five hundred credits. After Xiono made several perfect shots, Grevel tripled the stakes, rigging the game by offering Xiono a tampered-with dart. The dart hit Bolza Grool, prompting the Klatooinian to begin harassing Xiono. Grevel also began to harass Xiono, demanding the fifteen hundred credits he allegedly owed him. After an argument between Grool and Grevel over who Xiono owed, a bar fight was started in the tavern, which Yeager promptly ended after he and Dameron returned. During the following conversation, Xiono reaffirmed that Vozo had taken Xiono's word too easily, blaming him for the trouble that had occurred. Xiono's words had hurt Vozo, who he proceeded to try and apologize to, stating that it was technically in the realm of possibility that he was the best pilot on the Colossus, as he had yet to race anyone. However, Neeku took this literally, telling Xiono that he deserved a chance to prove his erroneous claim.[5]

Member of Team Fireball[]

An unwilling challenger[]

"When I was a kid that's what I always wanted. To be the best. And in my mind, that's what I was—Kazuda Xiono, the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy."
―Kazuda Xiono, to Poe Dameron and Neeku Vozo[5]

Vozo proceeded to announce to the patrons of Aunt Z's Tavern that Xiono intended to challenge in the next race. Xiono requested Yeager's assistance in getting him out of the race, but Yeager refused, stating that if Xiono refused, Aunt Z would have Grool throw him into the waters below the Colossus. Afterward, Dameron informed Xiono that he would be leaving, though he first informed him that the race could be Xiono's best chance to establish good relations with the citizens of the platform. As he left, Dameron ordered BB-8 to remain on the Colossus and keep an eye on Xiono. After Dameron's departure, Xiono expressed frustration toward Vozo oncemore, though the Nikto stated that he believed in Kaz, and that Xiono could change the lives of the platform's citizens for the better. Upon Xiono asking what he meant, Vozo elaborated that Xiono winning the race would result in newfound popularity for them, allowing them to join Ace Squadron and reside in Doza Tower.[5]

After observing a race alongside Yeager and Vozo, Xiono was singled out by the race's announcer, who prompted him to select a challenger for the upcoming race. After seeing each pilot in Ace Squadron, Xiono selected Torra Doza, the squadron's youngest member, as his challenger. Later, in Aunt Z's Tavern, Xiono was distraught over his lack of a ship with which to participate; in response, Yeager stated he would loan Xiono the Fireball, a racer he and his crew, Team Fireball, had been working on. The group went to Yeager's repair shop, where Xiono reacted in disbelief to the Fireball's poor condition. At this point Xiono was introduced to Tamara Ryvora, who claimed to Xiono that he had never flown a better ship than the Fireball. Yeager, in turn, introduced Xiono to Ryvora as their newest employee. However, the introduction between Xiono and Ryvora was stale, with Ryvora leaving in frustration upon learning Xiono would be lent the Fireball. Afterwards, Xiono accidentally broke a part off of the Fireball, prompting Yeager to call his old astromech droid, Bucket, who took the part from Xiono and knocked him out with it.[5]

Xiono and Vozo went through a convoluted series of deals to obtain the Fireball's parts.

Later, Xiono asked Yeager what supplies would be necessary to repair the Fireball. Yeager provided Xiono with a list consisting of the necessary supplies, which further frustrated Xiono. Immediately after, Torra Doza arrived, introducing herself to Xiono and informing him to avoid running into the first sky ring, though also telling him that no one else had survived racing against her before. Xiono expressed to Yeager that he may still have a slim chance, prompting Yeager to chastise him, telling that he only needed to survive the race, not necessarily win it. Afterward, Yeager sent Xiono, Vozo, and BB-8 to Office of Acquisitions in order to provide the list of supplies to Flix and Orka.[5]

As Flix and Orka gathered the parts, Vozo informed Xiono that he would be responsible for paying for the parts, to which Xiono responded in panic, exclaiming that he had already lost all of his money. This resulted in Flix and Orka refusing to provide Xiono with the Fireball's parts. After Vozo pleaded with Orka briefly, the Chadra-Fan agreed to supply Xiono with second-hand parts if he and Vozo grabbed a gorg for Flix and Orka's lunch. Xiono and Vozo went to the Colossus marketplace, where they discovered the gorg salesman was in fact Bolza Grool, the Klatooinian Xiono had accidentally hit with a dart earlier. After being threatened, Xiono offered Grool a deal, in which he would market Grool's gorg shop on the Fireball during the race in exchange for a gorg. Grool accepted the offer, and Xiono purchased a gorg that had just bitten his fingers. After the exchange, Xiono and Neeku returned to the Office of Acquisitions, only to discover Flix and Orka had already eaten. Nonetheless, they accepted the gorg and gave Xiono the parts.[5]

Xiono and Vozo returned to the repair shop, only for Ryvora and Yeager to complain about the condition of the parts. As a result, Xiono walked off, irritated. The following night, Xiono pondered his father's goals for Xiono, stating that they had only been for his father's benefit. Xiono then concluded that he would win the race the next day, for himself.[5]

The first race[]

"Nobody survived racing against me, but who knows? Maybe you'll be the first to walk away."
―Torra Doza, to Kazuda Xiono[5]

The Fireball and the Blue Ace competed in a sky race above the Colossus.

Before the race against Torra, Xiono was told by Yeager that he did not necessarily need to win, as he had an obligation to fulfill his mission from Poe. Xiono responded with confidence, stating that he had it handled. Xiono then boarded the Fireball, and prepared it for launch as Yeager instructed Xiono that in order to win, he would have to pass through the final sky ring first. As he prepared for launch, however, the Fireball malfunctioned.[5] As Torra took off in the Blue Ace[12] with a head start, the Fireball began to plummet toward the ocean below. Xiono narrowly escaped the crash, managing to activate his racer just before impact. He eventually began to catch up to Torra, growing cockier as his success lasted longer. Xiono nearly won, but eventually began to push the engines of the Fireball too much, despite Yeager's warnings, resulting in the Fireball malfunctioning. This caused Xiono to crash into the final sky ring, before finally impacting the ocean's surface, knocking himself out in the crash.[5]

Xiono eventually woke up in Yeager's shop, surrounded by Yeager, Vozo, Ryvora, and Torra. Yeager commended Xiono for surviving, even in spite of his loss against Torra. Afterwards, Yeager and Xiono had a private discussion, in which Yeager told Xiono that he trusted Dameron's judgement regarding him. Yeager agreed to allow Xiono to stay with him and work as a mechanic in Team Fireball, though in exchange Xiono was to leave Yeager out of his dealings with the Resistance. After their discussion, Yeager left Xiono alone, as he sat and watched the sunset.[5]

Trouble in the marketplace[]

"You expect us to believe you graduated from the 'Mechanic's Academy?'"
"Mechanic's Aca- ha! No! No, no, no, no, no. I'm self-taught."
―An exchange between Tamara Ryvora and Kazuda Xiono[10]

Kazuda unpacks his belongings, including his trophy.

After settling into the Colossus for some time, Xiono began to unpack his things, lamenting his lack of thinking ahead while wishing he had brought more. He then redirected his attention to BB-8, consulting him on how they would go about spying on the First Order. Neeku Vozo then approached Xiono to inform him of a new job, but then noticed Xiono's trophy, complimenting it before going into a tirade regarding his old pet Lucky, which disgusted Xiono. After the brief conversation with Vozo, Yeager called Xiono over to the worksite, informing him that he would be performing his first job as a mechanic as Ryvora and Vozo supervised. Xiono then lamented his inexperience in repairing ships, asserting that he was better suited for work as a pilot. As Yeager and the client, Hallion Nark, departed, Nark expressed hope that his Sheathipede-class transport shuttle would not be damaged in the repair process, to which Yeager responded that Xiono and the other mechanics were professionals in the craft.[10]

While attempting to repair Nark's shuttle, Xiono also asked Vozo if he had ever met anyone from the First Order. Vozo denied having met any First Order members, after which Xiono stated that Nark looked shady, even if not a member of the First Order. Xiono then proceeded to hand Vozo the incorrect tool, causing the Nikto to electrocute himself. Xiono briefly panicked after accidentally causing his friend harm, again accidentally handing him the wrong tool, though Vozo noticed this time and grabbed the correct one. Xiono then pushed multiple buttons in a haphazardly attempt to help fix the ship, only resulting in an ear-piercingly loud feedback loop to occur. Xiono quickly disabled it, and timidly claimed that his "test" of the feedback system was a success. Ryvora then confronted Xiono, asking him if he had ever worked on a ship before. Xiono claimed that he had worked on many new ships before, and that he hailed from a ship factory on Coruscant. Ryvora then sarcastically asked him if he graduated from the Mechanic's Academy, to which he responded that he was self-taught.[10]

Kazuda was confronted by Grevel and his Snivvian grunts.

After the nagging from Ryvora, Xiono went to fetch her some plasma bolts, before receiving his pay from Yeager. Xiono was surprised by his meager payment, telling Yeager that he assumed he would be paid more for his work. Xiono then attempted to ask Yeager about the First Order, but Yeager instead sent Xiono to the Office of Acquisitions to collect spare parts. However, Xiono decided to use this chance to also begin his attempts at "spying." Xiono's attempts to do so were poor, with him often hiding in plain sight, which in turn caused attention to be attracted to him by the Ithorian Egdir, though he quickly departed. He then stumbled across a pair of squabbling Snivvians, Nod and Narb, who caught Xiono and confronted him for listening in. Grevel then arrived, exclaiming that Xiono still had yet to pay his debt to him. Xiono escaped in a panic, being chased by the Snivvians, though he was eventually caught after tripping over a basket of food Grevel had knocked over. While being held by Grevel, Xiono dropped his trophy, which Grevel realized was made of pure aurodium. Grevel decided to take the trophy from Xiono, but BB-8 promptly shocked Bolza Grool, giving Xiono the distraction necessary to escape with his trophy.[10]

Xiono, hiding in a crate with BB-8, was then pushed down a chute into the office of acquisitions. Xiono, still dazed, requested a ZX-19 compressor from Flix and Orka. As Xiono pulled out his credits, he dropped his trophy once again, prompting Flix and Orka to offer to purchase Xiono's trophy for a large sum of credits, though Xiono again refused. Xiono was pulled aside by Ryvora immediately after, who chastized him for being "late." Ryvora then dragged Xiono back to the repair shop by the ear. Upon his return, Yeager had Xiono immediately start installing the compressor, during which Xiono overheard Nark speaking to the captain of the Warbird gang, Kragan Gorr. While eavesdropping, Xiono heard Nark tell Kragan that they were "all clear for a triple dark." Xiono then finished his work, hopping out of the shuttle and informing Nark, only to startle the Neimoidian and cause him to drop his comlink. As a result, Yeager deducted the cost of the comlink from Xiono's pay. Afterwards, Nark departed the Colossus, while Xiono was chastised for his ineptitude by Yeager.[10]

The first pirate raid[]

"There's too many pirates. They'll never hold them off. Come on, BB-8! I think I have an idea."
―Kazuda Xiono, to BB-8[10]

Xiono stumbled upon the First Order's conspiracy to attack the Colossus through Kragan Gorr's pirates.

After being chastised by Yeager, Xiono sat outside, and explained the notion of his trophy's luckiness to BB-8. Xiono was then approached by Glem, who warned him of an oncoming storm, which would be a triple dark. When Xiono inquired as to the meaning of "triple dark," Glem explained that they were a type of storm with low visibility, often used as a cover to launch attacks by pirates. Initially expressing empathy to Nark and Kragan Gorr, hoping they had escaped the storm alright, Xiono soon learned that Gorr was in fact an infamous pirate on Castilon, and that Hallion Nark was in fact a spy for the Warbird gang. As Xiono attempted to leave and warn the others, he was stopped by Grevel, who was now threatening him at gunpoint for his trophy. Once again, the encounter was cut short by the blaring of klaxons as the Warbird gang attacked using starfighters and a modified Lambda-class shuttle.[10]

Xiono quickly saved Grevel using his trophy to prop the blast doors open.

During the initial assault, Xiono and Grevel were blasted away by a volley of incoming fire, after which Grevel stated that Xiono was lucky for now, but their squabble wasn't over yet. Xiono and Grevel then attempted to make their way to blast doors being held open by BB-8, but were blasted into midair by a volley of fire, and landed on the windscreen of the Warbird gang's Lambda-class shuttle. The pirates quickly swooped around, dumping Xiono and Grevel back onto the platform. Xiono then made a break for the blast doors once more, as they had begun to close again. Xiono panicked in an attempt to find a way to hold the door for Grevel, before quickly thinking to use his trophy's sturdiness to hold it open, saving Grevel. Afterwards, Xiono studied his now-ruined trophy, before reaffirming to BB-8 that it was, in fact, lucky.[10]

As Xiono made his way to shelter, he briefly paused to watch as Ace Squadron fought against the Warbird gang in the skies. He immediately realized that the Aces were too outnumbered to hold the pirates off, and exclaimed to BB-8 that he had an idea. He and BB-8 quickly made their way to Yeager's repair shop, where Xiono found Nark's discarded comlink. Xiono strained to reach the comlink, and eventually BB-8 grabbed it using his tether instead. After realizing the comlink was patched into pirate communications, Xiono quickly caused the high-pitched feedback loop he had created earlier, and broadcasted it through the Warbird gang's communications. This act distracted the Warbird gang to the point the Aces were able to turn the tide of the battle, forcing the pirates to retreat. After their victory, Xiono and BB-8 congratulated one another on their success.[10]

Xiono requests BB-8's help in telling his story to Yeager.

After the chaos, Xiono was attempting to repair the Fireball, boasting to Ryvora that he had too much work to do rather than hide. However, as Xiono activated the Fireball to demonstrate his work, the engine stalled, embarrassing him as a result. As Xiono then attempted to tell Yeager about Hallion's ties to the pirates, Yeager walked off, sarcastically ignoring Xiono's claims.[10]

Meeting Jace Rucklin[]

"Hey there! Me and my friends were just talking about you. You flew in that sky race against Torra, right? You've got some skill. What's your name?"
"Kazuda Xiono. Friends call me 'Kaz'."
"Jace Rucklin. I'm a racer, too."
―Kaz and Jace introduce themselves[13]

Xiono loses the engine over the edge of the Colossus.

One day, Xiono was working on an engine, and told the rest of Team Fireball to get ready to be impressed. As Xiono started the engine up, it sputtered and failed, so he began to panic as he tried to get it functional, his panic only exacerbated by the announcement that the sky races were about to begin. As the engine failed once again, Xiono gave up stating he would figure out the problem after the race. However, Yeager stopped him, telling him he would be required to fix the engine before watching the race. Xiono then decided to move the engine outside, where he decided to work on the engine while still being able to watch the race. Xiono then lost his focus on the engine, his attention completely redirected to the race, and the engine suddenly sputtered on and began to drift toward the edge of the platform. BB-8 alerted Xiono of the engine's movement, but he was too late, as the cable detached while he attempted to pull it back, causing the engine to fall off the edge. Xiono later pulled the engine from the ocean below, and was lectured by Yeager on his irresponsibility. Out of frustration, Xiono stormed off to Aunt Z's Tavern.[13]

Xiono meets Jace Rucklin for the first time.

While in Aunt Z's Tavern, Xiono consulted Aunt Z for advice, who informed him that he would find his place on the Colossus. Immediately after, Xiono was approached by the young racer Jace Rucklin, who told Xiono that he had skill in the sky race against Torra. Rucklin offered Xiono to meet Lin Gaava and Gorrak Wiles, the two members of his crew. Xiono was surprised to learn that Rucklin's crew was given days off, as Yeager himself rarely provided Xiono with such a luxury. Gaava and Wiles then explained to Xiono that if Yeager wanted to, he could have been one of the top racers on the platform. Rucklin then asked Xiono if he had ever seen Yeager's racer, which Xiono had initially assumed he meant the Fireball; Rucklin instead reaffirmed that he meant Yeager's "real" racer. Rucklin then offered Xiono to go out with him and his friends and have some fun, which Xiono accepted.[13]

Xiono and Rucklin raced on speeder bikes outside of the Colossus.

Rucklin then led Xiono through the ventilation shafts of the Colossus to a small hangar containing two speeder bikes. Xiono was offered to ride the speeder bike, which he accepted. As Xiono and Rucklin launched, Rucklin stated that the first to reach an incoming sky ring would be the victor of their race. As Rucklin taunted Xiono telling him there was nothing wrong with second place, Xiono outmaneuvered him, launching his bike over Rucklin and gaining the lead. Mid-race, Xiono's bike began to fail, and he quickly jumped off his bike onto Rucklin's as it flipped, plummeting into the depths below. Upon their return to the Colossus, Yeager happened upon the group and scolded Xiono for wasting valuable time and took him back to the shop. Out of Xiono's earshot, Rucklin thanked Wiles for sabotaging Xiono's speeder to gain his trust.[13]

Upon returning to the repair shop, Xiono was scolded more by Yeager for wasting his time and not fixing the engine. After his lecture, Xiono decided to meet with Rucklin and his crew again, asking Neeku Vozo to grab him a tool in order to distract him. Xiono then snuck out of Yeager's repair shop. He found the crew working on Rucklin's racer in his own shop. They told Xiono that they could really use Corellion hyperfuel to give the racer a boost, and Rucklin then asked Xiono if he could sneak him in to look at Yeager's racer. Despite protests from BB-8, Xiono agreed, stating that he owed the crew for saving his life.[13]

Xiono finds a picture of Yeager with his family.

Once Xiono and Rucklin managed to sneak into Yeager's office, they briefly hid from Bucket, though the old astromech left soon after. Xiono discovered several holograms from Yeager's past, including photos from the Battle of Jakku and of his family. Xiono then expressed guilt for sneaking into the office, and faked an attempt to open the door to Yeager's private hangar. The two were almost caught as Yeager and Ryvora entered the room, Ryvora expressing frustration over Xiono's lack of progress on the engine. Yeager told Ryvora to give Xiono a break as both Xiono and Rucklin managed to escape unnoticed, and Rucklin took off with a container of hyperfuel. Xiono then left Yeager's repair bay to meet up with Rucklin again, meanwhile telling BB-8 that no harm was done. Upon arriving in Rucklin's workshop, however, the crew blew off Xiono's offer to grab a bite at Aunt Z's, claiming they needed to prepare for a race while attempting to hide the hyperfuel from him.[13]

The theft of the hyperfuel was soon discovered by Bucket during an inventory check, and the rest of Team Fireball was alerted, Xiono himself made aware upon his return to Yeager's shop. Xiono then came to the realization that Rucklin had stolen the fuel, and Ryvora warned him that more than a fuel drops could turn a ship into a giant bomb. Xiono then rushed off in an attempt to stop Rucklin from using the hyperfuel. Xiono made a quick detour through the ventilation system, and reached Rucklin just as the race was about to begin. Xiono jumped onto the racer to prevent him from taking off, and the two began to fight, accidentally launching the racer. However, soon after launch, Xiono pressed the button to the ejector seat, saving both of their lives. The two were ejected just before the ship exploded, but the emergency parachute had been removed in an attempt to reduce the weight of the racer. BB-8 managed to snag the two out of the air and pull them back to safety with the help of Yeager. Xiono then thanked Yeager and BB-8 for the save.[13]

Xiono and Rucklin narrowly escape death on an ejector seat.

Xiono quickly rushed to follow Yeager, in an attempt to explain the situation to him. Rucklin soon followed, blaming Xiono for destroying his racer and vowing that things were not over between them. Yeager took Xiono back to his shop where, to Xiono's surprise, the mechanic continued to allow him to be employed. He told the young man that he felt he was a good person, and allowed him to work on engine parts outside, where Xiono could watch the rest of the race. The platform carrying the engine parts, however, would once again drift over the edge of the platform into the ocean below.[13]

Doza and the First Order[]

"If only Hype had invited us into the tower."
"Hype? He'll never get you in. When I first got here, that's all I thought about, getting into that tower. Met Hype. He wanted the same thing. Of course, he became an Ace. I didn't."
―Xiono and Ryvora discussing Hype Fazon[14]

Vozo approaches Xiono with his comlink on, causing a feedback loop.

Some time after the squabble with Rucklin, Xiono tripped over Bucket as the Colossus' power suddenly turned off. Xiono hastily apologized to Bucket, stating that he only tripped over the droid as he was unable to see him. Xiono was then contacted by Vozo via comlink despite the fact that Xiono was mere steps away from him. Vozo asked Xiono if he liked the new comlinks, to which Xiono simply responded that using the comlinks was unnecessary due to how close they already were to one another. Vozo then approached Xiono without deactivating his comlink, resulting in a feedback loop between the two devices. Xiono quickly turned his comlink off, but afterwards was briefly unable to hear the others speak. Immediately afterwards, an announcement from Captain Doza informed the citizens of the Colossus that power was to be rationed for the night. In response to the announcement, Xiono, Ryvora, Vozo, and BB-8 headed to Aunt Z's Tavern for some drinks, with Xiono stating he would happily oblige should Ryvora pay for them.[14]

After arriving, Xiono requested three Cirilian Sour Pastes, and asked Aunt Z to charge it to Ryvora. Shortly after, the power sputtered out oncemore, and Xiono expressed frustration over how long the outages would continue. In response, Aunt Z informed the group of her suspicions of Doza, accusing him of being part of the First Order due to the fact Doza Tower still had power, and was frequently visited by mysterious ships. Xiono listed with suspicion, before taking a seat alongside Ryvora and Vozo. Xiono covertly confided in BB-8 that they should attempt to infiltrate Doza Tower to investigate Aunt Z's claims. After a brief spat over Vozo taking Xiono's words too literally, Xiono became excited as champion racer Hype Fazon entered the bar.[14]

Xiono and Fazon speak about the First Order.

As Fazon approached, Xiono asked Ryvora if she could imagine what it was like to be an ace pilot, much to Ryvora's annoyance. Vozo then informed Xiono that being an ace pilot posed its own dangers, and stated that Ryvora would know this well due to her association with Fazon, of which Xiono was surprised. Xiono then asked if Ryvora could introduce him to Fazon, and after she refused Xiono decided to introduce himself to Fazon regardless. Fazon was interested to learn that Xiono was working under Yeager, and praised Xiono for his knowledge of racers after Xiono stated his interest in Fazon's. Xiono then asked Fazon about the Aces' responsibility to bring shipments to the station. When Xiono inquired about the identity of the incoming fuel shipment's supplier, Fazon revealed that it was being supplied by the First Order. After Fazon departed, Xiono once again asserted to BB-8 that they needed to somehow get into Doza Tower. When Vozo and Ryvora approached him, Xiono had BB-8 pretend that he needed to be recharged in order to create an excuse to leave.[14]

Later that evening, Xiono went outside to the marketplace, where an Ugnaught vendor reminded Xiono of the curfew Doza had set in place. Ignoring the reminder, Xiono remainded outside and watched the shipment arrive to the Colossus. Upon first inspection, Xiono assumed the delivery was, indeed, a standard fuel tanker; soon after, he was approached by Vozo and Ryvora once again, the latter of whom inquired as to why he was outside. Struggling to come up with an excuse, Xiono was coincidentally backed up when the Aces flew overhead, prompting Ryvora to assume that Fazon had told Xiono the Aces were flying a mission. Xiono went with Ryvora's assumption, and pretended that he was studying the Aces in order to rise to their ranks. Shortly after, the fuel tanker docked, and a group of stormtroopers led by Major Vonreg exited the tanker. Xiono and his friends watched, realizing that Doza may indeed have been in league with the First Order.[14]

Xiono snoops around the Aces' Lounge behind Ryvora and Fazon's back.

Upon Xiono stating that he was interested in why the First Order was on the Colossus, Ryvora told him to relax, stating that the First Order was allowed on the platform the same as everyone else, and that there was nothing they could do. After ending their conversation, Xiono and Ryvora turned to discover that Vozo had snuck off. Upon asking Vozo what he was doing via comlink, Xiono learned that Vozo was approacing the First Order directly to ask them why they had come to the Colossus. Xiono and Ryvora panicked, and ran off to chase Vozo, urging him to stop over the comlink; however, Vozo continued, merely assuming Xiono was shy. Xiono and Ryvora eventually caught up with Vozo, but only after he had finally reached Vonreg and his troopers. Vozo tried to ask the stormtroopers, for Xiono, why they had come, but was merely shrugged off and told to leave. Vozo then told Xiono over comlink, once again despite close proximity, that the stormtroopers had refused to answer the question. After the stormtroopers left, Xiono snatched Vozo's comlink in frustration before leaving himself.[14]

After encountering the stormtroopers, Xiono expressed that he wished Fazon had invited them into Doza Tower. Ryvora responded by stating that Fazon only cared about himself, and would never help Xiono get in. When Fazon turned the corner, Xiono panickedly tried to hush Ryvora and keep Fazon from overhearing her. Xiono attempted to diffuse the situation, lying that Ryvora had complimented the color of Fazon's outfit. Fazon ignored Xiono, and informed Ryvora that he wished to talk with her, inviting her to the Aces' Lounge. He then stated that Xiono could accompany her if it would make her feel better. Xiono then quickly responded for Ryvora, and Fazon agreed to call ahead and get them both clearance to the tower. As Fazon left, Xiono told Ryvora that Fazon wasn't such a bad person, to which Ryvora sarcastically responded, telling Xiono to "keep believing that."[14]

Torra Doza attempted to cover for Xiono as he escaped.

Fazon led both Xiono and Ryvora into the tower, giving them a tour into the Aces' Lounge. After entering the lounge, Xiono found a tray of food carried by a service droid, excitedly eating much of it. After finishing, Xiono spotted Vonreg and his stormtroopers walking through the halls, prompting him to ask Fazon if the First Order was in the tower often. Fazon responded, stating that the First Order was present too often, but it wasn't his business. Xiono attempted to inquire further, asking why Fazon wanted nothing to do with the First Order; however, he was ignored. As Ryvora and Fazon spoke, Xiono snuck off, heading down the same hallway that Vonreg had. Unable to follow them into the elevator, Xiono placed a comlink on an approaching service droid's tray, allowing him to still investigate despite not being able to enter the elevator himself. As Xiono listened via the comlink, he learned that the First Order was offering to protect the Colossus for Captain Doza, citing the escalation of recent pirate attacks as cause for their proposal. Xiono continued listening until Vonreg and his troopers exited Doza's office, at which point he hid. However, the service droid soon followed, and the comlink on its tray caused yet another feedback loop with Xiono's, alerting the stormtroopers to his presence. Xiono quickly fled, and the stormtroopers gave pursuit.[14]

Xiono scales the side of Doza Tower in an attempt to escape the First Order.

During his attempt to escape, Xiono unknowingly hid in Torra Doza's room when her door suddenly opened. Upon realizing he had entered, Doza asked him why he was there, before assuming that he had mistaken her kindness for something else. After hearing the stormtroopers request entry to her room, Doza quickly helped Xiono escape out her window. As Xiono began to sidle across the tower, Ryvora and Vozo spotted him, prompting the denizens of Aunt Z's Tavern began placing bets on whether or not the boy would fall. Xiono continued to move across the tower, nearly falling at one point before gathering himself. Eventually, he began to run, once again nearly falling as he jumped to another outcropping. However, the stormtroopers had spotted him from a balcony above, and began shooting at him. Xiono continued to run as he dodged blaster fire, before BB-8 opened a hatch that allowed Xiono to reenter the Colossus. After Xiono's escape, Vonreg approached Captain Doza and accused his daughter of aiding Xiono, but the Captain took his daughter's side and ordered the troopers to leave the Colossus. Xiono returned to Yeager's shop, and was asked by Ryvora why the stormtroopers were firing at him. His only response was that he had entered an "unauthorized area," and after Ryvora walked away Xiono gave Vozo his comlink back. Immediately afterwards, the power returned to the station, prompting Xiono to further contemplate Captain Doza's connection with the First Order.[14]

Refugees from Tehar[]

"If I could find those kids, that reward would change everything."
"But, Kaz, you are not a bounty hunter. I have seen bounty hunters, and you are definitely not one of them."
"For that kind of money I am."
―Xiono and Vozo discuss the bounty on Kel and Eila[15]

Xiono escapes from Yeager's garage as he is chased by a furious Ryvora.

At some point while Vozo and Ryvora were attempting to install the Fireball's acceleration compensator, Xiono walked into Yeager's repair shop and asked if he would be able to help with the repairs. Ryvora initially denied, stating that Xiono lacked the "finesse" to install the compensator; however, upon realizing that they required three hands to lock down the compensator, Ryvora reluctantly asked Xiono to assist. Despite being told to turn the fastener to the left, Xiono instead turned it to the right, damaging the compensator and angering Ryvora. When Xiono promised Ryvora that he would purchase a replacement, Ryvora threw her tools at him, exclaiming that not only were acceleration compensators both rare and expensive, but that Xiono was also broke. As Xiono continued to dodge every tool that Ryvora threw at him, he continued to apologize as he fled Yeager's garage.[15]

Xiono saw a hologram of Kel and Eila while inside Aunt Z's.

After escaping Yeager's garage, Xiono went to Aunt Z's Tavern for a drink. He asked Aunt Z what she had available for a "roguish pilot on a budget," to which she responded by simply giving him a water. When Xiono attempted to pay, however, Aunt Z took the water back, stating that his budget already ran out. Vozo then entered the tavern, expressing surprise that Xiono couldn't even afford water; Vozo then paid for Xiono's water, prompting Aunt Z to return it to him. After thanking Vozo, Xiono inquired as to where he would make the money to replace Ryvora's compensator; he then overheard Glem and Yani talking about a 20,000 credit bounty for two children: Kel and Eila. While examining the hologram, Xiono asked Vozo if he had ever seen a charm visible on Kel's wrist before. Xiono then proclaimed that locating the children would give him the money necessary to replace the compensator. Vozo replied by reminding Xiono that he was not a bounty hunter; in response, Xiono stated that it was a win-win situation, in that he would profit, Ryvora's part would be fixed, and the children would be helped.[15]

Xiono, along with BB-8 and Vozo, began their search for the children in the marketplace. When Xiono expressed hope that they would get lucky, Vozo stated that the odds of finding the children would be similar to winning the Platform Lottery twice. During their search, however, Kel and Eila began to run from an Ugnaught vendor they had stolen from. The children collided with Xiono and Vozo, and Xiono recognized the wooden charm on Kel's arm. Xiono told the children it would be okay, but they began to run away, though he caught up with them with ease due to Eila's sprained leg. When he offered them help, Kel pushed Xiono over and on top of BB-8, telling him that they did not need his help before running away once more. Picking up Kel's charm, which he had dropped, Xiono realized that the two children were in trouble, and told Neeku that they needed more people looking out for them. Neeku then told Xiono that he knew of individuals who could help, though they all only had two eyes each.[15]

Vozo introduces Xiono to the Chelidae.

Vozo then led Xiono to the Colossus Engineering Level, which Xiono, out of disgust, expressed surprise that anyone could live there. Going inside, Vozo introduced Xiono to the Chelidae, then explained to him that they were the maintenance workers of the Colossus. When Vozo explained Xiono's situation to the Chelidae, the maintenance workers affirmed that they would stay on the lookout for Kel and Eila. Xiono expressed concern about whether or not the Chelidae could efficiently move around to do so, before being startled by a Chelidae lying dormant on its back, believing it to be deceased. When Xiono and Vozo left the Engineering Level, however, they were stopped by 4D-M1N at the door, who instructed Xiono to follow her to Doza Tower.

Entering Doza's office, Xiono and Vozo were greeted by Captain Doza, who recognized the former as both Yeager's new mechanic and the pilot that challenged his daughter. Nervous, Xiono stated that challenging Torra was a big mistake. Doza then stated that Xiono was spotted in the marketplace alongside Kel and Eila. Xiono reaffirmed Doza's suspicions, and went to hand Doza Kel's charm when he was almost stopped by Doza's security droid, though Doza halted the droid and took the charm from Xiono. When Xiono asked why the children had a bounty, Doza inquired as to why a mercenary would be asking questions. Xiono replied that he wasn't a mercenary, prompting Doza to ask Xiono if he had thought about who would place such a large bounty on two children. After Xiono stated that he hadn't thought of that, Doza had both him and Vozo escorted back out of his office.[15]

Xiono finds Kel and Eila in the care of the Chelidae.

Returning to Yeager's repair shop, Xiono told Ryvora that he had been looking for money to compensate for the damaged compensator. Shortly later, Vozo ran into the shop, receiving news from the Chelidae that they had found the children. Just as Xiono and Vozo prepared to return to the Engineering Level, Ryvora grabbed Xiono by the ear, stopping him. Ryvora gave Xiono the compensator, demanding that he matched its specs exactly. Xiono nervously agreed, before leaving with Vozo. Upon entering the Engineering Level, Xiono dropped the compensator, exhausted. He and Vozo then approached the Chelidae, who moved to reveal Kel and Eila. When Kel confronted Xiono, stating he was only in it for the money, Xiono stated that whoever was paying so much to find the children must have cared. Eila then told him that they were not lost, but ran away; Kel, realizing Xiono did want to help, then asked him to help fix Eila's broken leg. The children then revealed they were the only survivors of their village to escape Tehar, after it was wiped out by Kylo Ren and the First Order. Upon realizing the children were running from the First Order, Xiono decided that he would not let them find the children under any circumstances.[15]

Returning to the marketplace, Xiono and Vozo helped Kel search for anything that could help Eila's leg and fever. When the trio approached an herb vendor, Xiono stated that Eila needed biocast, not plant food. Despite Xiono's protests, Vozo assisted Kel in purchasing an herb from the vendor, to Xiono's surprise. Vozo then explained to Xiono that money should be used on necessities, for those who need it. However, a First Order unit led by Commander Pyre arrived at the Colossus to eliminate Kel and Eila in order to conceal news of the massacre on Tehar. Kel spotted the stormtroopers, and pushed the others out of sight as they watched the stormtroopers interrogate the citizens. Xiono then spotted a chute they could jump down, which the group used to evade the stormtroopers just as they gave chase. However, the stormtroopers were not far behind, and continued to chase Xiono, Vozo, and Kel as they ran through the halls of the Colossus.[15]

Xiono, Kel, Eila, and Vozo hide from Pyre and his men.

The trio soon escaped into the Engineering Level, with the Chelidae closing the door behind them just before they were stunned by their pursuers. Kel then told Xiono that the First Order was responsible for placing the bounty on them, and had been searching for them ever since they had escaped Tehar. Soon, the stormtroopers began to try to breach the door, and Xiono attempted to plan the children's escape. Xiono tried to pull a grate off of the floor, but became embarrassed as Kel opened it, making Xiono realize he was trying to open it from the wrong side. Xiono, a Chelidae known as Vil'pak, and Vozo then hid below the grate and caught Kel and Eila as they jumped out, while two Chelidae fell into the water and went dormant to fake the children's deaths. Believing the children to be dead, Pyre and his stormtroopers left. Xiono asked Vozo if the Chelidae that had fallen were okay, and after Vozo reassured Xiono, they decided to have Kel and Eila stay with the Chelidae. Vil'pak then handed Xiono Ryvora's compensator, which the Chelidae had fixed for him.[15]

Xiono contacts Ello Asty to inform him of what he learned.

Satisfied that the children were safe, Xiono returned to Yeager's station and returned the compensator to Ryvora. When Ryvora asked how Xiono had managed to fix it, he simply replied that he had received help from some friends. Xiono then joked that he was the most open person Ryvora would ever meet. Walking to a secluded computer screen, Xiono attempted to contact Dameron. Instead, his transmission was picked up by the Abednedo pilot Ello Asty. Xiono recounted his encounter with Kel and Eila as well as Kylo Ren's role in the massacre on Tehar. Asty stated that he would convey Xiono's message to General Organa, and congratulated Xiono on his success, informing him that Dameron had been speaking highly of him. Xiono thanked Asty, and ended the transmission.[15]

Incident in Sector Six[]

"Distress signal? All the way out here? From who?"
"It's coming from Sector Six, not too far away."
―Kazuda Xiono and Poe Dameron[16]

Xiono struggles to use Yeager's caf maker.

Later, Xiono was woken up early in the morning by Yeager for an unscheduled "salvage run." After asking Yeager for five more minutes of sleep, Xiono was forced up by Bucket, who blared a horn, causing Xiono to jolt awake and bang his head on a pipe above his cot. As Ryvora expressed humor over Xiono's sudden awakening, Xiono himself responded with distaste at her humor. When Ryvora then asked Yeager about the nature of Xiono's work, Yeager simply responded that he would have a full days of work ahead of him. After getting fully up, Xiono went to a nearby caf maker for a refreshment, only to grow frustrated that the device wouldn't function. When Ryvora approached and pressed the correct button, Xiono expressed gratitude, only for her to walk away with his caf.[16]

As Yeager, Xiono, and BB-8 prepared to depart, the latter inquired as to where they were going. Yeager refused to answer, stating that Xiono asked too many questions, then took off in a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle into the skies of Castilon. While in flight, they were met by Poe Dameron, who was piloting a T-70 X-wing starfighter beside them. Xiono was delighted to see his mentor, who then asked if BB-8 had missed him through the communications channel, which Xiono mistakenly assumed was directed to him. A spare T-70 X-wing starfighter that Dameron had brought along then approached Yeager and Xiono's shuttle, being piloted solely by the BB-series astromech droid CB-23. Xiono was then instructed by Dameron to jump into the T-70 X-wing, but froze, nervous to put his naval training into practice. Impatient, BB-8 then pushed him out of the shuttle into the X-wing. After adjusting to the cockpit, Xiono introduced himself to CB-23, who disdainfully stated that she would rather fly with Dameron. Dameron then loaded BB-8 into his own X-wing, stating that he hoped the droid was keeping Xiono out of trouble in his absence.[16]

Xiono watched as Dameron demonstrated the backwards tailslide to him.

After departing Castilon, Dameron questioned Xiono regarding Captain Doza's activities with the First Order. Xiono stated that the First Order had plans to take over the Colossus, though he was unaware why or how they would profit. Dameron then instructed Xiono to continue searching for information. Xiono reaffirmed his commitment, though also expressed his doubts on the basis of his past training having been as a pilot rather than as a spy. Dameron and Xiono then approached an asteroid field in the Castilon system, and Dameron demonstrated a trick known as the "backwards tailslide" to Xiono. Xiono then attempted the trick, only to fail, stating that he was going too fast and hadn't given himself time to arc. He failed oncemore upon attempting the trick a second time, and Dameron told him that he was trying to hard, and to stop thinking about it.[16]

After the bout of fun, Xiono then picked up a distress signal from the nearby Sector six. The two decided to investigate, soon coming across a wrecked Darius G-class freighter that had been attacked by pirates. On approach, Xiono noted that there was a pirate vessel still docked to the freighter, while another had been destroyed. When Dameron instructed Xiono to dock with the freighter, the latter expressed surprise that the Resistance would fight pirates. Dameron then told Xiono that the Resistance helps whoever is in need, and that he should keep his eyes open.[16]

Poe and Kaz during the investigation of the Darius G-class freighter

Xiono, Dameron, and the droids then boarded the ship. When inside, Xiono called out, asking if anyone was present on board the vessel. While searching throughout the ship, Xiono questioned what kind of cargo the pirates had possibly been after, speculating that it could have been gold, mythra, or spice before Dameron pointed out a cage, stating that the cargo was itself alive and had either been taken or escaped. As they continued, they heard a loud roar echo off of the ship's corridors, startling Xiono. Dameron then ordered Xiono and the droids to follow as they investigated, and a frightened Xiono complied. Turning a corner as they followed purported humanoid life signs, the group then witnessed two pirates fleeing from an unseen threat, only to be dragged away and devoured. Xiono panicked, asking Dameron what had eaten the pirates, to which he speculated that it could have been a rathtar, gundark, or reek, among other things.[16]

Xiono, Dameron, and the droids began running through the ship in the opposite direction, continuing to track the other life signs present on board. Xiono began to state that whatever the beast was could have eaten the crew, to which Dameron responded that it was a negative line of thought. The group was then attacked by a Kowakian monkey-lizard, with it clinging onto Xiono's face and biting Dameron's finger when he tried to help. Dameron chased the monkey -lizard off with his blaster, before ensuring that Xiono was still okay. After the brief spat, they continued investigating the ship, and BB-8 informed Xiono of a possibly injured humanoid life signal. As they continued walking through the ship, Xiono was ambushed by a pair of Kowakian monkey-lizards that unleased a valve of steam onto his face. As one of them jumped down, grabbing Dameron's blaster and causing him to give chase, the other jumped onto Xiono's face and began to attack him once more. Xiono managed to tear the monkey-lizard off of his face, but it grabbed his glowrod and ran away immediately after.[16]

Xiono struggles with a Kowakian monkey-lizard.

When Xiono heard another roar bellow throughout the ship, he began to run, only to trip over BB-8, who was skirmishing with another pair of Kowakian monkey-lizards with CB-23. One of the monkey-lizards then jumped onto Xiono, attacking him. BB-8 soon threw the other monkey-lizard at the one attacking Xiono, causing the first attacker to flee; however, the monkey-lizard BB-8 had thrown latched onto Xiono's face, and began attacking him yet again. Dameron soon returned, scaring the remaining monkey-lizard off with his regained blaster. Finally done skirmishing with the monkey-lizards, Xiono, Dameron, and the droids began searching for the remaining life signal once more. When they reached the source of the signal, Xiono opened a crate only to discover an unconscious Mirialan woman inside, who was, in actuality, the Warbird pirate Synara San. Xiono pulled San from the crate, and the group began to make their way through the freighter back to their X-wings.[16]

As Xiono and Dameron exited the hold in which they found San, they were encountered by a Kowakian ape-lizard. They immediately began to flee, only for the ape-lizard to give chase. Xiono began to lag behind the group, but eventually caught up as they managed to escape behind a hatch. Xiono continued to run with Synara on his back as Dameron stayed behind to buy him time. Xiono started to struggle with San's weight, but successfully made it to the X-wings as Dameron caught up, helping him carry her to safety. They then boarded their X-wings, escaping from the freighter with San unconscious on board Xiono's X-wing.[16]

As Xiono and Dameron flew away from the freighter, they were intercepted by numerous pirate starfighters, forcing them to split up. One pirate began to tail Xiono, and in response he began to perform the backwards tailslide that Dameron had taught him earlier. Xiono successfully performed the maneuver,[16] albeit with some modifications,[17] resulting in the pirate crashing into the asteroid. Dameron congratulated Xiono on having successfully performed the trick, and the group celebrated as the remaining pirate retreated.[16]

A startled Synara San punched Xiono upon waking up.

They then returned to Castilon, and Xiono brought the unconscious Synara San onto Yeager's shuttle, with Dameron telling him to bring her to a medical droid. Dameron then complimented Xiono on doing a good job, before himself departing alongside CB-23. While Xiono, Yeager, and BB-8 returned to the Colossus with San in tow, San began to wake up. She initially assaulted Xiono upon seeing him, but Xiono reassured her that they did not want to fight. Xiono introduced himself, Yeager, and BB-8 to San as mechanics from Castilon, and lied to her by stating that other pilots had found her, with himself and Yeager volunteering to take her in. San told Xiono a false story, that she had hid during a pirate raid that broke the Kowakian ape-lizard loose. After Xiono informed her that they were going to the Colossus, San expressed doubt that they would let her on board due to a lack of identification. Xiono reassured her that they would register her so she could accompany them onto the station.[16]

As they landed, Xiono walked up to a droid managing admission onto the platform, and registered Synara to the platform so she could stay. He then guided her inside, stating that he understood how overwhelming the Colossus could initially be. After San split off from Xiono, Yeager approached, reminding Xiono that he would be responsible for whatever would happen with her. When Xiono stated that Yeager was responsible for him and everything was turning out alright, Yeager walked away, annoyed.[16]

The second pirate raid[]

"Pirates showing up right after the Aces leave. Our defenses are down, and we're vulnerable."
"You mean, I might not be the only spy on this platform?"
"Kaz, you were never the only spy on this platform."
―Jarek Yeager and Kazuda Xiono[18]

Xiono and his Team Fireball colleagues later received a contract to repair the Colossus' anti-air defense system's targeting computer. While they were repairing the computer, it malfunctioned, and Vozo declared that would require a new CoMar Tri-Tracker chip to properly repair it. Yeager approached, and assigned Xiono and Ryvora with the responsibility of finding a suitable replacement, while also keeping the project a secret. Xiono emphasized the importance of it remaining secret to Vozo, a point that Yeager reinforced. Xiono and Ryvora then departed, consulting Flix and Orka for the part. Orka sarcastically declared that he had five of the chips, and Xiono fell for the ruse, only for Flix to berate him for believing it. Xiono then inquired as to where Flix and Orka acquired their wares, with Flix responding that they got most of their wares from the scavengers of the platform. Xiono then told Ryvora that they might be in luck, and the two left the shop as Flix and Orka began laughing hysterically behind them.[18]

Kaz and Tam ask Synara for a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip.

Xiono, alongside Ryvora and BB-8, then made their way to the loading docks, where Xiono told Ryvora that he had a friend who worked as a scavenger that could possibly help them find the chip needed. The trio then witnessed Synara San knocking out another salvager with a piece of equipment, with Ryvora expressing surprise that San was Xiono's aforementioned friend. Xiono then stated that he would do the talking, claiming that San was "kind of dangerous." He approached San, attempting to inform her of what they were looking for. However, he struggled to remember the name of the chip, forcing Ryvora to push him out of the way and fill San in on the details herself. Xiono handed San the broken tracker chip, and she stated that most military hardware such as the chip would typically be dismantled before brought on board. Ryvora pressed further, asking Ryvora if she perhaps had any old military hardware on board, such as a VF-72 gunner ship or an old Y-wing. San agreed to help, and departed, before Xiono turned to Ryvora and asked why she had intervened, only for Ryvora to berate him.[18]

San soon returned, an intact chip intact from a sunken battlecruiser. When she inquired why they needed the part, Xiono fabricated a story that Yeager enjoyed collecting such hardware. He, BB-8, and Ryvora then left, telling San to charge the credits to Yeager's Repairs. While making their way back to the repair shop, Xiono expressed surprise that San had found the chip so quickly, stating that she was a bit of a mystery. BB-8 then stated that he didn't trust her, a sentiment that Xiono echoed, albeit while pointing out that she had still helped them. They then returned to the repair shop, and Yeager immediately instructed Xiono and Ryvora to finish repairing the targeting computer while Vozo took a break.[18]

As the group continued their work, San entered the repair shop, alarming Vozo who covered his mouth and immediately began making muffled noises. Xiono and Ryvora, not having noticed San, both became frustrated with Vozo and demanded that he talk already. After Vozo finally told them about their visitor, Xiono and Ryvora turned around in a panic. Xiono nervously greeted San, who stated that she had wanted to bring them a surplus of connector couplets, free of charge. She then mentioned the targeting computer the group was repairing, asking if it was what they needed the tracking chip for. Xiono feigned amusement, lying to San by claiming it was in fact a food steaming machine. He then thanked Xiono for the parts she had brought, albeit without actually taking them, and immediately bid farewell to San, though she did not leave. After an awkward pause, Xiono grabbed the parts from San, nearly dropping them due to their weight. Ryvora then offered San a meal in exchange for the parts she had given them, while Xiono struggled to sit the toolbox of parts onto a nearby crate. Ryvora then told Xiono that she would return later, and that he should continue working on the "food steamer" alongside Vozo. Xiono agreed, though he briefly interjected to remind Ryvora that he was almost on his own break, forcing Vozo to cover his mouth.[18]

Later, as San and Ryvora walked and spoke to one another, Xiono arrived to bring Ryvora back to Yeager's shop, as the Aces had just launched, rendering the completion of the targeting computer an imperative task. As he and Ryvora ran back to the shop, Xiono joked that Ryvora was catching onto his habits of missing work and taking long breaks. As they arrived and restarted their work on the targeting computer, Yeager chastised Ryvora for her absence, stating that he expected such behavior out of Xiono; Xiono took offense to this remark. When Yeager stated that the targeting computer needed to be repaired immediately, Xiono asked Vozo what the odds of a pirate attack occurring at that exact moment were. Unfortunately, just as he had said this, the Warbird gang arrived, launching a raid on the Colossus after being informed of an opening by San.[18]

As the raid went underway, Yeager ushered Xiono and the others back inside to the shop as the hangar doors closed behind them, ordering them to finish the targeting computer immediately. Ryvora finished the computer, and Xiono informed Yeager that the remaining work could be completed as the computer was installed. However, they were soon interrupted as the loading docks were attacked by the pirates, prompting both Xiono and Ryvora to rush out of Yeager's repair shop in order to help San. Yeager stopped Xiono from following Ryvora, however, ordering him to stay behind and get the cannons online. Agreeing with Yeager, Xiono ordered BB-8 to accompany Ryvora to help San. Xiono then ran back to the computer, starting to work on activating it in order to get the cannons online.[18]

As Captain Doza contacted Yeager demanding that the cannons be activated, Xiono flew out of the repair shop on a hoverlift with Yeager, preparing to install the computer. Xiono expressed vulnerability, stating that he only liked flying when he was at the controls. They were then attacked by pirates riding swoops, but managed to successfully evade them as they made their way to Doza Tower. Xiono spotted the port for the computer, and confirmed it as the correct install location with Yeager before they landed to begin the process. As Xiono and Yeager began to install the targeting computer, Kragan Gorr ordered that the pirate forces attack them to prevent them from succeeding. Xiono and Yeager were attacked by Snarl and Skreek, with Xiono evading Skreek as Yeager fought Snarl off of his lift. Just as Skreek was about to deal a blow to Xiono, Yeager knocked him out with the hoverlift, and successfully installed the targeting computer into place. They then began taking fire from Gorr himself, and Yeager disarmed the pirate captain, sending him into a rage. Gorr attacked to Xiono, grabbing onto his leg and jumping onto Yeager's hoverlift as they pulled away. Gorr then threw Xiono back onto Doza Tower, leaving him hanging onto the edge.[18]

As Xiono managed to pull himself up, Yeager flew down to him, carrying him back up to the computer's port in order to activate it. Xiono jumped from the hoverlift to the computer, only to once again be attacked by Skreek. However, Xiono successfully incapacitated the Trandoshan pirate using his electrostaff. He then turned to the computer, realizing that it hadn't gone into the port correctly. Xiono attempted to ram himself into the computer, only for it not to budge as he hurt his shoulder in the process. He shouted out to Yeager, exclaiming that it needed to be realigned. Xiono began to try using Skreek's electrostaff as a lever to shift the computer into place, briefly dodging as Yeager—who was still fighting off Gorr—swooped by, nearly hitting him. After straining to move the computer, Xiono successfully realigned it, but found himself unable to push it fully into its socket afterwards. He then dodged once more, Yeager hitting the computer with his hoverlift and completing the computer's install through brute force. Xiono then contacted Captain Doza, informing him that the target systems were operational.[18]

Gorr ordered the Warbirds to retreat as the cannons began to fire on them, and Xiono watched as he flew away with the other pirates. He then accompanied Yeager back into the repair shop on the hoverlift, Yeager complimenting Xiono on a job well done. Vozo then approached alongside Bucket, exclaiming that he had "heroically" hid in the supply closet with the astromech as a pirate had attempted to enter the shop. Xiono and Yeager walked to the edge of the shop afterwards, examining the damage the Colossus had sustained. Yeager stated that it was a coincidence that the Warbird gang had attacked just as the Aces left the station and the Colossus' defenses were still non-operational. Pondering Yeager's words, Xiono came to the conclusion that he may have not been the only spy residing on the platform, only for Yeager to respond that he never was.[18]

The Platform Classic[]

"You were amazing out there, Yeager. You would've had an incredible racing career."
"Maybe, maybe not. And here's something I don't often say, you were right. It's important to forgive people. When you don't, nobody wins."
―Kazuda Xiono and Jarek Yeager[19]

Xiono attempts to introduce himself to Marcus Speedstar.

While working with the rest of Team Fireball on the Fireball racer, Xiono and Vozo briefly observed a scuffle between BB-8 and Bucket. Soon after, Ryvora got their attention, reminding them that Yeager would only allow them to watch the Platform Classic if repairs were completed as quickly as possible. She then became frustrated with Xiono's gleeful expression, and asked him what he was smiling about. Xiono initially feigned ignorance, but then stated that he heard a rumor that would both make the Platform Classic the biggest race in the galaxy, as well as make Yeager happy. Vozo assumed the latter statement was a joke from Xiono, much to a lack of amusement from Xiono, Ryvora, and BB-8. Yeager then arrived, ordering the team to continue with repairs while he spoke with Captain Doza. Xiono begged Yeager to let them join, only to once again be asked why he was so enthusiastic about it. In response, he once again feigned ignorance as the group left for Doza Tower.[19]

After arriving in Doza Tower, Doza began to discuss the Platform Classic with Yeager, spurring quieted excitement from Xiono. Upon learning the prize money would be one-hundred thousand credits in value, he elbowed Ryvora excitedly. As the meeting continued, Doza elaborated that he knew Yeager would refuse to compete in the Platform Classic without famous competition, and introduced Marcus Speedstar, which caused Xiono, Ryvora, and Vozo to become starstruck—this feeling quickly became one of surprise when the group learned Speedstar was, in fact, Yeager's brother. Yeager then left, once again refusing to race as he mocked Speedstar's moniker; shortly after, Xiono attempted to introduce himself to him, but was pulled away by Ryvora as they left for Yeager's shop.[19]

Back in Yeager's garage, Yeager questioned if Xiono was aware Speedstar would be on the Colossus. Xiono responded that, while he had rumors of Speedstar's presence, he was unaware of his relationship to Yeager. Immediately after, Speedstar entered the shop alongside his Esral'sa'Nikto mechanic and friend Oplock and his droid R4-D12, quipping that he was the more handsome of the two brothers. He then explained to the group that he hadn't seen his big brother for a long time, and that Yeager had taught him to fly when they were kids. After Yeager left the hangar with disinterest—with Speedstar following behind—Oplock made a screaming noise toward Vozo, which frightened Xiono and Ryvora. Vozo then clarified to them that it meant Oplock liked them, as it was a traditional Cracek greeting of friendship. He then introduced himself, Xiono, and Ryvora to Oplock. After an embrace from Oplock, Vozo then introduced them to R4-D12 as well.[19]

Yeager and Speedstar soon returned to the hangar after a brief conversation, and Speedstar departed alongside Oplock and R4-D12. Yeager then threatened to kick Xiono out if he ever went behind his back again. Xiono responded in agreement, and admitted that he had no idea Yeager was afraid to race again. Yeager clarified to Xiono and the group that he and his brother simply had an agreement not to race one another. Despite this, Xiono and Ryvora still expressed their disbelief, informing Yeager that if he refused to race, they would simply assume Speedstar was the better pilot. Frustrated with his employees' perspective, Yeager left to challenge Speedstar and prove his point, expecting his brother to only back down.[19]

Just prior to the arrival of Yeager and his crew to Aunt Z's tavern, Speedstar was confronted by the Guavian Death Gang, who took Oplock as insurance until Speedstar could repay them a debt of twenty-thousand credits. Yeager, unaware of Speedstar's predicament, still challenged his brother, and took his initial response as a sign that he was backing down. After Yeager commented this to Xiono, Speedstar remarked that he would see Yeager at the race, surprising him. When Yeager attempted to back out himself following the clamor of nearby tavern patrons, Xiono coyly reminded him that he could not back out after joining the race. As they left the tavern, Xiono asked Yeager if he had been expecting to get Speedstar to back out. When Speedstar approached and tried to explain that Oplock had been taken, Yeager became frustrated and told Speedstar to use Xiono's help, calling him his "best mechanic." When Ryvora grew confused at Yeager's choice of words, he clarified that he never said what Xiono was "best" at.[19]

Xiono admires Marcus Speedstar's racer.

Since Xiono was not a real mechanic, he struggled to repair Speedstar's racer Galaxy's Glory. Speedstar expressed admiration for his older brother, telling Xiono that he was the better pilot. Speedstar also confided that he and Yeager had fallen out after he caused a racing accident but neglected to mention that his actions had caused the deaths of Yeager's wife and daughter. Speedstar also regretted using hyperfuel in an attempt to win that race and added that it ruined everything.[19]

Prior to the Platform Classic the following day, Xiono told Yeager to forgive Speedstar. Yeager responded that he once had a family. When Xiono responded that Speedstar loved Yeager as a brother, Yeager responded that Marcus only cared for himself. Xiono and his fellow mechanics watched the race from the balcony. While watching the race, Xiono accidentally shoved a pit droid off the balcony.[19]

Xiono and the rest of Team Fireball watch Speedstar take off.

Kaz also watched as Yeager, Speedstar, and the other races re-entered Castilon's atmosphere. During the final leg, Yeager reconciled with his younger brother after realizing that his intentions to rescue Oplock were genuine. Yeager pulled out of the race, allowing Speedstar to win the race and claim the prize money needed to free Oplock.[19]

Following the race, Kaz watched as Yeager and Speedstar parted company on friendly terms. After Speedstar had left, Kaz told Yeager he would had a fantastic racing career. Yeager thanked Kaz for teaching him the importance of forgiveness. Kaz also joked with BB-8 that he and Yeager were becoming friends. When BB-8 took offense, Kaz suggested that he and Yeager could be allies instead.[19]

Juggling spying and friendship[]

"So now, why exactly were you in my father's office again?"
"Oh, um, right, I— I just, uh— I— I wanted to see how the other half lived, so, um, I…"
"Hmm. Kazuda, be honest with me. Are you a spy?"
"Me, a spy? Wh— Why would you think—"
―Torra Doza and Kazuda Xiono[20]

Xiono with Torra Doza in the Aces' Lounge

Later, Xiono received orders from Poe Dameron to find any information linking Captain Doza to the First Order. While trying to enter Doza Tower with BB-8 through the shipping door, Xiono encountered Captain Doza's daughter Torra Doza, whom he had raced earlier. Torra was annoyed with her father's over-protectiveness and wanted to venture into the market space. Due to their similar ages, Xiono took the opportunity to befriend Torra as a means of gaining access to Doza Tower.[20]

After Torra encountered hostility from merchants in the Colossus marketplace, Xiono accepted Torra's invitation to visit Doza Tower in order to play the new simulator game Flight Simulator Squadron. Their visit coincided with a meeting between Captain Doza and Commander Pyre to discuss the First Order's protection offer following the second pirate attack on the Colossus. Inside the Colossus, Xiono, BB-8 and Torra briefly visited the Aces' Lounge. While helping himself to snacks, Xiono encountered a vindictive Rucklin, who still blamed him for the loss of his speeder.[20]

Xiono and BB-8 later accompanied Torra to her room where they played a game of Flight Simulator Squadron. The computer game was interrupted by the arrival of the security droid 4D-M1N. Kaz managed to hide but BB-8 was spotted by 4D, who assumed "intruder" mode. While Torra calmed 4D down, Kaz took the opportunity to sneak away and make his way to Doza's office, where there was a datapad containing information on Captain Doza's meeting with Commander Pyre. While Captain Doza accompanied Commander Pyre to his shuttle, BB-8 helped Xiono to enter Doza's office.[20]

Once inside, Xiono began downloading data from Doza's datapad into a memory stick. However, Rucklin had spotted Xiono sneaking into Captain Doza's office and alerted Captain Doza. BB-8 managed to alert Xiono, who hid inside a closet. There, Xiono discovered an Imperial officer's uniform, confirming that Captain Doza had once been a Captain in the "Old Empire." Fortunately for Xiono, Captain Doza did not search the closet and dismissed Rucklin's claims.[20]

After escaping Doza's office, Xiono and BB-8 encountered Torra, who asked what he was doing in her father's office. Xiono offered to tell the truth at Aunt Z's Tavern. Seeking a discreet way to exit the building, Torra led Xiono and BB-8 into the trash incinerator. However, the trash incinerator had been scheduled for incineration. Xiono, Torra, and BB-8 barely escaped being incinerated by the machine. After their misadventure, Xiono claimed that he was a former New Republic starfighter pilot who had become a racer. While Torra was skeptical of Xiono's story, she allowed him to leave.[20]

Mission to Station Theta Black[]

"Based on your reports, we've calculated a possible flight path through the Unknown Regions that could lead to a First Order outpost."
"Really? What kind of outpost?"
"That's what we're gonna find out."
―Leia Organa, Kazuda Xiono, and Poe Dameron[21]

Kaz and Poe investigate Station Theta Black.

Xiono later borrowed the starfighter Fireball for an off-world mission with Poe Dameron. While Xiono had obtained Yeager's permission, Ryvora took offense that Xiono had borrowed "her starship." Since Ryvora had "forgotten" to install new stabilizers, Xiono and BB-8 were stuck in space when the ship broke down. Fortunately, they were picked up by a Resistance CR-90 corvette.[21]

Aboard the ship, Xiono and BB-8 took part in a briefing with Poe and General Organa. General Organa sent Poe and Kaz on a mission to investigate possible First Order flight paths into the Unknown Regions. They traveled in their T-70 X-wing starfighters, accompanied by BB-8 and Poe's astromech droid CB-23. Arriving at the coordinates, they discovered an asteroid base known as Station Theta Black in the middle of an asteroid field.[21]

After docking, Xiono explored the asteroid base with Poe and BB-8 while CB-23 took the starfighters and hid them in the asteroid field. Poe wanted to investigate what the base was being used for and handed Xiono a blaster. BB-8 managed to access a network terminal and discovered that Station Theta Black was being prepped for demolition. The three were attacked by a hidden First Order sentry droid but Poe managed to disable the droid. The droid managed to send an intruder alert to Starkiller Base before being destroyed.[21]

While Xiono and BB-8 thought they should return to base, Poe insisted on continuing with the mission, seeking to find out what the First Order was using the base for. Despite the arrival of First Order stormtroopers led by Captain Phasma, Xiono and his comrades managed to reach a control room where BB-8 discovered that Station Theta Black was once a dedlanite mining and processing facility. The Resistance operatives soon encountered four stormtroopers but managed to escape them following a brief skirmish, which caused the stormtroopers' explosives to prematurely explode.[21]

Xiono and his comrades then headed back to the hangar, fighting off stormtroopers along the way. At the hangar, the Resistance operatives encountered Captain Phasma and her troops. While fleeing onto bridges, Xiono used one of the cranes to slow down their First Order pursuers. They managed to rendezvous with CB-23 and their starfighters and escaped the station.[21]

Xiono and Dameron make their escape from Station Theta Black.

However, the Resistance pilots and their droids were then pursued by Major Vonreg and his TIE squadron. Xiono was unable to loose the First Order pursuers but Poe managed to shoot down one of the enemy TIEs. Before Major Vonreg could eliminate the Resistance flyers, Captain Phasma ordered his squadron to break off the engagement because she was going to detonate the asteroid field. Xiono and Poe survived the explosion with Xiono hiding his starfighter behind an asteroid.[21]

Following the mission, Poe and Kaz informed General Organa that the First Order was building lots of weapons. While Kaz was hopeful this information would sway neutral New Republic senators, Organa was pessimistic since several senators were benefiting from the creation of these weapons. Organa also told Kaz that everyone had a part to play in the Resistance. Organa's words moved Kaz, who responded that more people would help if they knew what was at stake.[21]

All Aces Battle Royale[]

"Ha! I guess you're too new to know about it. The "All Aces Battle Royale" is only one of the biggest races in the Outer Rim! Pilots from all over come for it. It only happens once every ten cycles. But it makes the Dragon Void Run look like a children's speeder race."
―Z'Vk'Thkrkza, to Kazuda Xiono[1]

Xiono races against Un'la'na, posing as "Bolt-Shatterer-K."

At some point, Xiono saw many ships coming and more pilots roaming the Colossus' decks. As a result, he grew suspicious of what could be happening, though his suspicion confused BB-8. Upon entering Aunt Z's bar, Xiono became revolted by the smell of her Pamarthen bantha stew, which she told him to get used to for the time being. Aunt Z then informed Xiono that all the ships and pilots that had recently arrived had come for the All Aces Battle Royale, one of the biggest races throughout the galaxy—so much so that the Dragon Void Run allegedly paled in comparison. Xiono then lamented to BB-8 that he probably should not participate, as it would draw too much undue attention to himself. However, Xiono then saw known First Order sympathizer and ace pilot Marnia Un'la'na at the tavern, who Dameron had told him to keep an eye out for. Xiono decided to follow her, and saw her meeting with an Ugnaught informant. From her conversation with the informant, Xiono learned that she intended to give Major Vonreg information through a covered transmission. After spying on Un'la'na, Xiono contacted Dameron, who gave him the implication that he would need to intercept Un'la'na's transmission by racing in the Battle Royale. Kaz decided to "borrow" one of the pilots from Hosnian Prime's backup ships. Xiono and BB-8 added some decals to the ship in order to keep it from being recognized, and installed a Republic encryption recorder to transfer Un'la'na's data. Ready to partake in the race, he then gave himself the alias Bolt-Shatterer-K—a name BB-8 expressed amusement towards.[1]

During the race, Xiono maintained as close of a proximity to Un'la'na as he could. However, just as Xiono ordered BB-8 to activate the recorder, they were rammed by Green Ace, rendering it nonfunctional. Xiono and BB-8 were able to reestablish a connection, and once again regained proximity to Un'la'na in order to record her transmission. Just as Xiono began to struggle to keep up, the recording completed. The wing of the ship he was using then exploded, forcing him to made a sudden crash landing on the Colossus. The crash destroyed the recorder, and Xiono grew distressed, stating that he would have to go into hiding despite being "too young to grow a beard." However, he then realized that, as the ship he was piloting was from Hosnian Prime, it likely kept a backup of the transmission data. Xiono contacted Dameron and General Organa, sending them the data as they congratulated him on his good work. At some point, he also returned the backup ship to its proper owner, albeit without repairing its damage.[1]

The Bibo incident[]

"That's beyond disgusting. Far, far beyond."
"No, it is joy. It is purest rapture. And it looks just like the moggolvee pet I had as a hatchling back home."
―Kazuda Xiono and Neeku Vozo, about Bibo[22]

Kaz showing visible disgust towards Bibo

Xiono and Neeku later visited Synara San at the Colossus loading docks to seek spare parts for the Fireball. During the visit, Neeku adopted a baby rokkna which he found in the engine cowling of a Z-95 Headhunter. To the consternation of both Xiono and Synara, Neeku adopted the rokkna as his new pet, which he named Bibo. Bibo's presence at Yeager's garage created tensions between Neeku and Yeager, the latter of whom demanded that Neeku get rid of his new pet. This hurt Neeku who threatened to resign and left to chase after his pet, who had fled the garage.[22]

In the midst of this conflict, Xiono departed at the request of Tamara to obtain a working stabilizer from Synara since the one they had retrieved was rusted. Seeking to question Xiono about his involvement with the Resistance, Synara invited Xiono to come for a salvage run on her salvaging skiff. While at sea, Synara questioned Xiono about the pilots who had rescued her. Xiono was evasive but Synara was not satisfied. Their conversation was interrupted by the sighting of a large rokkna heading towards the Colossus.[22]

Kaz and Synara raced back to the Colossus, narrowly avoiding being crushed by the large sea creature. They managed to alert the security droids and Captain Doza, who sealed the Colossus. Ace Squadron tried to drive the rokkna away but were unable to pierce its thick hide. At the urging of Synara, Xiono flew the Fireball and aided Ace Squadron but were still unable to drive the sea monster away from the platform. At the urging of Tam, Neeku managed to appease the rokkna by surrendering Bibo. To everyone's relief, the sea creature turned out to be Bibo's mother, who has happy to be reunited with her child.[22]

In an attempt to cheer Neeku up, Xiono bought Neeku a gorg as a pet. However, Neeku mistook it for food and ate it instead.[22]

The stolen phase connector[]

"I'll send a message to Poe. General Organa will wanna know that the First Order is after one of these things."
―Kazuda Xiono[23]

Xiono doing "business" with Teroj Kee

As Kaz's mechanical skills improved, he earned the respect of Tamara Ryvora, Neeku, and Yeager. In return for obtaining repulsorlifts and injectors from Flix and Orka, Xiono agreed to look after their stall for one day while the two went on holiday. Besides looking after the Office of Acquisitions, Flix and Orka tasked Xiono and BB-8 with looking after their pet gorg Bitey. Since Kaz had little experience with shopkeeping, BB-8 had to help him locate Premium Deluxe D90 Droid Oil for the spacer Jooks.[23]

Later, the Office of Acquisitions was visited by a brown alien named Teroj Kee, who wanted to purchase a phase connector. However, Flix and Orka had already sold their phase connector to a mining company, which had not yet picked it up. As compensation, Kaz managed to convince Teroj to buy three tool kits, ten lenses, and a crate of connector rods. Terroj instructed Kaz to meet him at the docks. However, Teroj was secretly working for the First Order and lured Xiono inside a crate, which he then lowered into the sea.[23]

Xiono managed to use a welder to break the lock and escape the crate before it fell into the sea. Meanwhile, Teroj invaded the Office of Acquisitions and stole the phase connector following a struggle with BB-8. After learning about the theft of the phase connector, Xiono followed Teroj into the Colossus' spaceport where the alien boarded a freighter with several stormtroopers. Xiono managed to stow aboard with Bitey, who had come along for the ride.[23]

To prevent Teroj from escaping offworld with the phase connector, Xiono enlisted Bitey's help in sabotaging the ship's power couplings and cables, causing the freighter's engines to blow up. Xiono and Bitey managed to escape in an escape pod. After returning to the Office of Acquisitions, Xiono helped BB-8, who had been trapped under a cupboard. Xiono also informed Flix and Orka about Teroj Kee's attempted heist of the phase connector. While Orka was grateful to Xiono for stopping Teroj from escaping with the connector, he still tasked Xiono with cleaning up the mess caused by Teroj.[23]

Following the encounter with Teroj, Xiono confided with BB-8 about the First Order's interest in the phase connector and believed that the First Order was interested in drilling for dedlanite or something else. Xiono decided to contact the Resistance to warn them about the First Order.[23]

The Doza dilemma[]

"Thanks for helping out with Torra. She's safe now–no thanks to me, but she's safe."
"Good. I would hate to see anything bad happen to her."
―Kazuda Xiono and Synara San[24]

Xiono engages the Warbird gang with the Fireball.

Xiono, alongside Ryvora and Torra, was relaxing in Aunt Z's Tavern when Synara entered. Upon an inquiry from Xiono regarding Synara's state of mind, Synara denied any trouble, stating she had only been working extra shifts. Torra interrupts, inviting the group to her room to play a new Drone-Blaster game she acquired.[24]

When in Torra's room, Xiono inquired about Captain Doza's interaction with the First Order. His inquiry was largely ignored by Torra, however. Afterwards, Xiono attempted to play the Drone-Blaster game, but failed to hit any targets, much to his own chagrin.[24]

Xiono was later attempting to fix a speeder bike alongside Vozo, though it exploded. Xiono then left to the salvage yards alongside BB-8, to pick up parts necessary for more repairs. Upon a suggestion from BB-8 that Xiono was interested in Synara, Xiono denied such an accusation. As they traveled through the salvage yards, Xiono and the droid spotted Synara speaking to a pair of strangers. Xiono and BB-8 then attempted to follow them in secret, though they were nearly discovered upon Xiono receiving an injury.[24]

Upon a later encounter with Synara, Xiono was met by Synara with denial regarding her conversation with the strangers.[24]

Upon discovering Torra's kidnapping, Xiono instructed Synara to alert the Aces to the event, then left in the Fireball himself. Upon discovering Torra's location, he transmitted the coordinates to the Aces. Despite both his and the Ace's efforts to rescue Torra, the First Order instead arrived, feigning a rescue of the younger Doza. In actuality, the First Order had staged the kidnapping and rescue with the pirates responsible for Torra's capture.[24]

After the incident, Xiono once again questioned Synara about her conversation with the strangers. This time, she replied that the strangers were salvagers from offworld. After the discussion, Xiono then held reservations that Synara either was a pirate, or was working for them.[24]

Thieves on the Colossus[]

"Looks like no one told those thieves, how did they sneak onto the platform? This is bad news."
―Kazuda Xiono[25]

Kaz and BB-8 successfully captured the thieves.

At some point, Xiono was being instructed by Neeku Vozo about the importance of the Colossus' internal piping system, much to his own boredom. After leaving, Xiono encountered a group of thieves inside the maintenance halls of the Colossus. Utilizing the information Vozo had provided regarding the station's piping system, Xiono staged an attempt to stop the thieves, though he nearly incinerated BB-8 via a furnace in the process. By rerouting the pressure to save BB-8, Xiono also caused the thieves' thermal detonators to be rerouted to the station's underwater exterior, alerting the station's security droids to the thieves, who were promptly arrested.[25]

Life on the Colossus[]

At some point during the mission on the Colossus, Yeager sent BB-8 to find Xiono because he wanted to show him how to work on a targeting computer. BB-8 went on a "goose chase" through the Colossus marketplace and Aunt Z's Tavern only to find Xiono working on the targeting computer. Xiono asked BB-8 to find Yeager, causing the droid to bow his head in exasperation.[26]

Kazuda being hit by a wayward dart, thrown by Bucket

Xiono, his Team Fireball work colleagues, and Torra Doza had a game of holodarts at Aunt Z's Tavern. Xiono missed all three attempts during his round. Bucket then took a turn. His first two darts hit the bull's eye but the third dart pierced Xiono's buttocks. An enraged Xiono then chased Bucket.[27]

One day, BB-8 borrowed Bucket's helmet, causing the older astromech droid to search Yeager's repair shop and the surrounding area frantically for the helmet. When Bucket asked Xiono if her had seen the helmet, Xiono suggested that the droid retrace his steps. Bucket subsequently acquired a new helmet from Flix and Orka before returning to the garage. When Bucket discovered BB-8 with his prized helmet, he attacked the younger droid, causing BB-8 to drop the helmet. Unaware of the trouble, Xiono tried to return the helmet to Bucket but the grumpy droid kicked him in the leg.[28]

Later, Torra Doza got Kaz to babysit her pet voorpak Buggles at Yeager's repair shop. However, the restless pet let Kaz on a chase through the garage. Xiono saw Buggles chasing a bird on the edge of the Colossus. Xiono was still searching for Buggles when Torra returned and asked where her pet was. Buggles then resurfaced inside the cockpit of the Fireball, causing the ship's engines to run.[29]

Torra later assisted Kaz in testing the Fireball's thrusters. Kaz followed Torra through a twisting course. As they headed back to the platform. the Fireball's throttle broke in Kaz's hand. At the last minute, Kaz was able to jam the broken throttle back into place and slide into a stop. Despite the safe landing, Kaz was then knocked down by the Fireball's canopy.[30]

The First Order occupation[]

Assisting in Synara's escape[]

"The stormtroopers will be heading down here. We don't have much time. I want to thank you, Kaz. Being here has opened my eyes to so many things. "
"I wish things would have worked out differently, Synara."
―Synara San and Kazuda Xiono[31]

Xiono makes his getaway after helping Synara escape.

Xiono, Ryvora, Vozo, and BB-8 were later walking through the Colossus marketplace, and witnessed a TIE fighter's arrival on the station. Xiono expressed excitement for the occupation, in an attempt to hide his true contempt towards the First Order. Upon Xiono's suggestion that the First Order was a villainous faction, the idea was met with disdain by Ryvora.[31]

Upon witnessing a group of First Order troopers attempting to arrest Glem, a resident of the Colossus, Xiono attempted to prevent this. Vozo, believing Xiono to merely be nervous out of admiration for the First Order, gave the troopers both Xiono's name and the location of his work, Yeager's shop. The situation was quelled when Glem found his identification, allowing Xiono and the group to leave, to the stormtroopers' confusion.[31]

Upon later arrival to Yeager's shop, Xiono expressed concern over the First Order occupation, and asked Yeager to be allowed a transmission to the Resistance. Yeager argued against Xiono on this, stating all transmissions were being tracked. Xiono expressed a belief that the presence of the First Order could expand to a complete occupation. This argument was interrupted by Vozo, who had allowed a group of stormtroopers into the shop to speak to Xiono and Yeager.[31]

Upon being questioned about a possible Resistance spy on the Colossus, Xiono feigned ignorance to the stormtroopers. After being shown evidence of himself near Doza's tower on the night of Torra's abduction, Xiono asserted that he was responsible for informing Doza of Torra's kidnapping.[31]

Later, Xiono was once again following Synara in secret, debating whether or not to inform her of his knowledge of her true allegiance. After witnessing a conversation between Synara and Kragan, Xiono departed, only to witness First Order stormtroopers harassing both Rolt and Opeepit.[31]

That night, Xiono and BB-8 returned to the salvage yards, and encountered Synara. Xiono expressed his intent to help Synara escape, as the First Order was attempting to locate her. After triggering an alarm and missing the final shuttle to leave the Colossus, Xiono and Synara later asked Neeku Vozo for assistance. Neeku informed Xiono and Synara that there were escape pods in the underwater levels of the Colossus. With Vozo staging a distraction for the First Order, Xiono and Synara reached the escape pods, at which they bid each other farewell.[31]

Infiltrating the ranks[]

"We need to find out what info they have. I'll go topside as this trooper and see if he reported the kids."
―Kazuda Xiono[32]

Xiono concocts a plan to infiltrate the First Order's ranks using stormtrooper armor.

While inside Yeager's trophy room, Xiono and Yeager both expressed discontent towards the First Order occupation, Yeager citing Imperial rule decades prior. This argument resulted in Ryvora's frustrated exit. After the others leave, Yeager gave Xiono a stern warning regarding his position with the Resistance, and the danger of being surrounded by the First Order.[32]

Xiono was later greeted by Kel and Eila, who asked him to accompany them. When they arrived at the destination, alongside Ryvora, Xiono was startled to see an unconscious First Order stormtrooper, CS-515, who Kel and Eila had knocked out earlier. Tamara inspected the trooper, affirming that he was still alive, and suggested the group turn themselves in. Xiono refuted the idea.[32]

After hiding from a group of patrolling troopers, Xiono and his group carried the unconscious trooper to the maintenance bay of the Colossus. The group then heard the trooper's communications, to which Xiono concocted a plan to impersonate the trooper and report in for commlink issues, and in the process, he planned to erase the incident with Kel and Eila from the First Order database. Upon leaving to carry out the plan, however, Xiono was encountered by a pair of troopers and instructed by the present officer, CS-812, to accompany them.[32]

Xiono soon attempted to reach a nearby transport whilst the other two troopers were occupied with an incident in the marketplace; upon reaching the transport, Xiono learned that the incident with the children had not been reported. However, upon attempting to further investigate the First Order's dealings, Xiono was interrupted by MB-13A. After the First Order droid extracted information from the console, Xiono, under the guise of the trooper, instructed MB-13A to give him the data rod. After a brief struggle with the resistance droid, Xiono finally acquired the data rod.[32]

After his struggle with the droid, Xiono was caught by CS-812 once again. Xiono was instructed to accompany CS-812 to meet with Commander Pyre in the command tower. When asked to provide a report of his work, Xiono hesitantly provided an erroneous report, to which Pyre instructed CS-812 to escort Xiono to a full mental wipe and reprogram. Xiono promptly staged an escape, albeit still under the guise of CS-515. After a brief distraction staged in the marketplace, Xiono managed to remove the armor from himself and put it back onto the real CS-515, who was taken in for the memory wipe nonetheless.[32]

Upon his return to Yeager's shop, Xiono and Yeager inspected the data rod he retrieved in private. Upon inspecting the intel, the two learned that the First Order was, in fact, amassing a fleet in preparation for warfare. It was upon this discovery that they concluded the First Order wanted the Colossus in order to be able to refuel their fleet.[32]

Investigating the Dassal system[]

"OK, that's not right."
"What? I'm not detecting anything."
"Exactly. Looks like there was a system here, but there's no star."
―Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono[33]

Xiono and Dameron are targeted by the First Order probe droid.

In 34 ABY,[34] after learning of the First Order's plot to build a wartime fleet, Xiono made an attempt to construct a device to contact the Resistance with. Upon hearing a response, Xiono was surprised that it was, in fact, Poe Dameron speaking in person, rather than through his communications device. Upon Dameron's visit, Xiono also learned that Dameron had arrived to pick up BB-8 for a mission to Jakku. In consolation, Dameron offered CB-23 as a permanent replacement for BB-8.[33]

Dameron and Xiono then decided to investigate a location that seemed to be a hotspot of First Order activity. The two escaped the Colossus via the Fireball, which, just prior, briefly free-fell after an engine malfunction. While in the air, Dameron boarded his own T-70 X-Wing. Upon arriving to the Dassal system, the two discovered that the system's sun had mysteriously vanished, and the planets had been cored out. The two decided to investigate further.[33]

Upon closer inspection, the two journeyed into the only planet that had been cored perfectly, only to be endangered by the gravity well present within the core. After escaping, Dameron and Xiono landed on a nearby moon, on which they discovered what seemed to be an ancient settlement.[33]

While investigating the abandoned village, Xiono and Dameron discovered that the villagers had been wiped out in a hostile manner. After Dameron gained a feeling of being watched, he and Xiono began to track the First Order probe droid that had been spying on them. The probe droid soon became aware it was being tracked, and activated a number of remotes to dispel its pursuers. Xiono was knocked in the head twice, rendering him incoherent as BB-8 and Dameron attempted to stop the probe. After coming to, Xiono eventually attempted to shoot the droid, only succeeding on accident after tripping.[33]

After the skirmish with the probe droid, a squadron of TIE fighters arrived, led by Major Vonreg. Xiono and Dameron escaped the assault via the Fireball and Dameron's X-Wing, and led the TIEs into the cored planet they had traveled through earlier. Using the gravity well to their advantage, the duo outmaneuvered the TIEs, though Vonreg survived. Following the dogfight, Xiono and Dameron underwent a "droid swap," after which Dameron left with BB-8, and Xiono returned to the Colossus with CB-23.[33]

Xiono returned to the Colossus at the confusion of his crew mates, who had been unaware of his whereabouts. They were further curious about CB-23, wondering where BB-8 had gone.[33]

Investigating disappearances[]

"You gotta help me find Hype."
"You got it, Torra."
―Torra Doza and Kazuda Xiono[35]

CB-23 catches a falling Kaz.

At some point during the First Order occupation, Xiono, Ryvora, and Vozo were seated inside Aunt Z's Tavern, discussing the upcoming Ace Run. As this discussion continued, the trio witnessed a duo of stormtroopers enter the tavern, demanding Aunt Z display recruitment propaganda, to her initial refusal.[35]

While working on repairs for the Fireball, Ryvora asked Xiono about apparent carbon scoring on the vessel. Xiono countered by claiming that he came in too hot on re-entry. Neeku Vozo soon entered, announcing that Captain Doza had ordered all future races to be cancelled. The group later speculated in Aunt Z's Tavern, with Xiono claiming that the First Order could have felt threatened by the Aces. Ryvora countered by stating that the Aces weren't needed anymore, as the station was better protected by the First Order.[35]

Torra Doza soon entered the tavern, asking the group about Hype Fazon's disappearance. Aunt Z outwardly replied with a belief that he was abducted by the First Order. The group responded in alarm when a patrol of stormtroopers stated that Fazon had willingly left the station earlier that day - a claim met with disbelief by most of them. Xiono and the others then witnessed Aunt Z throw the recruitment propaganda back at the patrol, refusing to display it any longer.[35]

After this disturbance, Xiono and Torra left in an attempt to investigate Fazon's disappearance. In order to enter the tower, CB-23 distracted the guarding troopers with a crate full of gorgs, while Xiono and Torra entered through the elevator. Upon reaching the hangar, the duo discovered that Hype's ship had been impounded and was due to be scrapped. Deducing that Hype had certainly been abducted, the duo returned to Aunt Z's Tavern, only to discover that she had been abducted as well, with her tavern in chaos as her droid, G1-7CH, was overworked.[35]

Xiono and Torra soon returned to Yeager's workshop, in an attempt to alert Yeager to the disappearances. Upon entering Yeager's office, they were surprised to learn that Captain Doza was also present. Doza revealed that the First Order had been abducting those who openly defied them, and was shipping them off-world to an unknown location. Xiono left, determined to rescue their friends before it was too late.[35]

Torra and Xiono snuck onto the exterior scaffolding of the Colossus, in an attempt to reach the docks. The two watched as the prisoners of the Colossus were boarded onto a transport shuttle, in preparation to be shipped off-world. Xiono and Torra ambushed the stormtroopers guarding outside, causing a distraction while Aunt Z, Fazon, and the other prisoners escaped. In order to lay low for a period of time, the escaped prisoners left on the commandeered shuttle, due for Takodana. Xiono soon returned to Yeager's repair shop, where he discovered that a squad of First Order stormtroopers, led by Commander Pyre, was in the process of arresting Team Fireball.[35]

Hunted by the First Order[]

Avoiding arrest[]

A frustrated Kaz is soaking wet.

Pyre's claim that Team Fireball had been conspiring against the First Order was rebutted by both Yeager and Ryvora, the latter of which pleaded that Xiono explain things. Following this, a skirmish broke out at the behest of Bucket, who fell into Castilon's ocean in the chaos. As Xiono, Vozo, and Yeager hid in Yeager's office, Ryvora remained behind and willingly let herself be detained by the troopers.[6]

While inside the office, a frantic Xiono informed Vozo that he was, in fact, a Resistance spy. The group escaped into a nearby room, and was led by Yeager through the passages. Xiono insisted on rescuing Ryvora, though Yeager denied the request, stating that sending a message to the Resistance was more imperative. The argument was cut short when a squad of stormtroopers overheard the conversation and began firing. While running from their assailants, the group was rescued by Eila, Kel, and the Chelidae, though Xiono further insisted on rescuing Ryvora.[6]

While planning to contact the Resistance and free Ryvora, the group studied a map of the Colossus. While planning, Xiono suggested a plan to sink the station underwater, leaving only the control tower above. This would allow Xiono to swim to the tower, and shut down the communications' jam. Meanwhile, the group instructed CB-23 to deliver a message to Captain Doza, to ensure all seals were shut so the citizens of the station would not drown. Upon CB-23's return, Xiono and the others received approval of their plan from Doza. Xiono and Vozo then sunk the Colossus.[6]

Yeager and Xiono swam to the outside of the Colossus, towards the communications relay. The two attempted to shut off the jammer, which ended in success. While attempting to transmit a message to General Leia Organa, the group is attacked by a squad of First Order stormtroopers, led by Commander Pyre. Xiono and CB-23 were pushed into the water to safety by Yeager, who was then captured by the First Order. Upon returning to the maintenance bay of the Colossus, Xiono learns that Organa had received his message, but had no available reinforcements. He was unaware that the Warbird gang had also received his message.[6]

Liberating the Colossus[]

Kaz enters a scuffle with a First Order SCUBA trooper.

Following Yeager's capture, Xiono was briefing his team on a plan to find and release Yeager and the other prisoners, with intent to travel to Hosnian Prime afterwards. After inquiry from Kel and Vozo, Xiono expressed that his father would be able to press charges against the First Order in the New Republic senate.[36]

Later, Xiono and his team ambushed a duo of stormtroopers. Xiono decided he would make his return to the control tower, returning to the underwater exterior with CB-23. As he swam towards the Control Tower, he was spotted by a group of First Order SCUBA troopers, who began to take chase. Xiono then swam into a corridor, which Neeku promptly pressurized, flushing out the SCUBA troopers.[36]

While making his way to the tower, Xiono encountered Flix, Orka, their droid, and their pet gorg Bitey inside of a crate in their shop, learning they intended to be shipped off of the Colossus to safety. After a brief conversation with them, Xiono encountered Torra Doza's pet voorpak, Buggles. While following the voorpak, Xiono was surprised to learn from Vozo, through his commlink, that the Colossus was capable of flight. Continuing to follow Buggles, Xiono eventually met with Torra, though their planning was interrupted by MB-13A. The enemy BB-unit was quickly defeated by CB-23, however.[36]

Xiono and Torra later made their way into the Command Tower, where they encountered and stunned a stormtrooper. While attempting to hide the unconscious stormtrooper, Xiono and Torra came across a group of stormtroopers viewing a transmission from Starkiller Base. Spying on the squad, they overheard a transmission of General Armitage Hux's speech, before watching in horror as the Hosnian System was destroyed.[36]

Escape from Castilon[]

"Commander Pyre. What is the status of the Colossus refueling station?
The Resistance is proving to be stronger than we anticipated, Captain Phasma.
―Pyre and Phasma discuss the Resistance[37]

Team Colossus looks out to hyperspace in anticipation.

Xiono, filled with grief and shock from the destruction of the Hosnian System, during which he believed his parents to be killed, begrudgingly further resolved to get rid of the First Order presence on the Colossus. Torra and Xiono made their way to the brig of the Colossus, freeing Yeager and Captain Doza from imprisonment. The group later ambushed a pair of curious stormtroopers, locking them in the cell as they escaped.[38]

Following a plan devised by Neeku Vozo, Xiono coordinated an attempt to flush the stormtrooper forces out of the Colossus. After this, Xiono and Torra came across Tamara Ryvora and a squad of stormtroopers led by Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny. After pleading with Ryvora for her to remain on the station, Xiono, Torra, and Yeager - who arrived later - became surrounded by First Order forces. This ambush was thwarted by Neeku Vozo, who activated the Colossus' main drive, causing the station to rise into the air. The First Order forces present on the Control Tower escaped, alongside Ryvora.[38]

Afterwards, Xiono and the other citizens of the Colossus coordinated to launch a defensive strike against the First Order, alongside the other Aces. When ambushed by a pair of TIE fighters, Xiono, Yeager, and Torra were rescued by an incoming shuttle piloted by Aunt Z and Hype Fazon, who had picked up Xiono's earlier distress call. Xiono, alongside Yeager and the Aces, participated in a dogfight to protect the station as it escaped. During the battle, Xiono was responsible for the death of Major Vonreg.[38]

With the First Order forces overwhelmed, Xiono, Yeager, and the Aces quickly landed on the Colossus as it rose above the atmosphere. When inside the hangar bay, Xiono watched as the station jumped into hyperspace. Xiono and the others celebrated their victory, and Xiono revealed that he planned to take the Colossus to the Resistance base on D'Qar. Xiono was initially frustrated to learn Vozo had incorrectly inputted the coordinates to D'Qar, but later watched hyperspace eagerly as the Colossus ventured into the unknown.[38]

Difficulties with repairs[]

"Do you know who was good with innovative relays? Tam."
―Kaz lamenting Tam's departure[37]

Kaz and Torra trying to fix the Colossus' gravity

After arriving out of hyperspace, Doza ordered Yeager to run a complete diagnostic of the platform to find out what things needed fixing on the Colossus. After doing so, Yeager promptly informed the Captain that they were running low on coaxium fuel, their defense system was down, the engine was weak, the transmitter relay wasn't functioning properly, and the gravity generator was glitching, leading to sudden losses of gravity. After discovering this information, Kaz and Neeku volunteered to fix the gravity generator and check out the transmitter, along with Torra and CB-23. Unbeknownst to them, the First Order droid presumed to be destroyed, MB-13A, was waiting.[37]

Once they floated their way to the hyperdrive chamber, Xiono immediately went to work on the gravity generator. But after some time, his frustration boiled over, and he asked Neeku Vozo to see whether the Chelidae would aid them. Vozo did so, and told Kaz that the Chelidae Vil'pak had told them to leave, believing that it was not safe for the trio. Xiono, believing that they were still shell-shocked from the battle, told Vozo to forget them and send CB-23 to fix the long range transmitter.[37]

Back at the hyperdrive room, a vexed Xiono was informed by Torra Doza that they were not getting enough power to the induction coil. A now very annoyed Xiono murmured that it should have been working, and he subconsciously asked an absent Tam Ryvora to hand him the fusion spanner. A knowing Torra kindly gave him a reminder that Ryvora was no longer present, to which Kaz apologized for. Xiono then attempted to contact Vozo and CB-23 via comlink, to no avail. An intrigued Torra inquired as to what was going on with the two, to which Xiono replied by saying that Vozo was likely trying to fix more than originally assigned. A still worried Torra decided to check on them, with Kaz following. Once inside the shaft, they discovered a bound Neeku, as MB-13A ambushed Xiono and Doza.[37]

The droid whipped out its electro-shock prod and began to advance on the duo. Xiono attempted to try to distract the droid while Torra rescued Neeku, to temporary success until MB-13A finally succeeded in overpowering Xiono. Torra was then forced to leave Neeku and to go help Kaz out. Once Kaz came to, both he and Torra realized that droid was about to hail the First Order and inform it of the Colossus' location. Xiono attempted to prevent this outcome by diving at the droid, twisting its head. As Torra cancels the transmission, Xiono attempted to lead the droid away on another chase.[37]

Xiono was soon cornered by MB-13A, though CB-23 soon intervened and distracted the opposing droid. Xiono and Torra then proceeded to open an airlock shaft, which caused MB-13A to be jettisoned into space. In the process, MB-13A attempted to drag Xiono into space with it, but was foiled by CB-23 and Torra.[37]

After gravity was restored to the Colossus, Kaz decided to send an apology transmission to Tam Ryvora, who had received it. Ryvora attempted to initially ignore the transmission.[37]

A tough ride[]

"Are you serious?! No more drinks? You guys are running low on everything."
―Kazuda Xiono to G1-7CH[9]

Kaz receives a transmission from his father.

While seated in Aunt Z's Tavern, Xiono realized that the Colossus was running low on the vast majority of their supplies. Vozo informed him that at the current rate of consumption, the Colossus would run out of many essential necessities. Synara, who'd taken a seat beside Xiono, agreed with Vozo's calculation, and asked Xiono if he'd spoken to Doza about the matter. Xiono gave her reassurance by telling her that their next destination was going to have everything they needed. Synara wanted to know the spot they were headed to, but Kaz replied by saying that it was classified.[9]

Immediately after this discussion, Xiono was informed that a long-range communication was coming in for him. After telling Synara that he had sent a transmission to Ryvora, he rushed over to the command center expecting a reply to said message. Instead, the message was from Xiono's father, Hamato Xiono. Hamato told him that the Xiono family had survived the attack due to being offworld at the time. Xiono asked his father to come and reunite with him at the Colossus' location, but the elder Xiono declined, stating that Kazuda had a massive bounty on his head, and bounty hunters would be searching for him, right as the communications went out.[9]

The hunt for coaxium[]

"The Resistance base! It's been wiped out."
―Kaz on the Resistance base following his arrival[9]

The Colossus cell arrives at the deserted planet of D'Qar.

As soon as the Colossus arrived at D'Qar, the First Order had jumped into hyperspace and was heading their way. Kaz also almost instantly realized something was wrong as he stared at the planet. TIE and X-Wing rubble had littered the once empty space. A massive red mark was left on the planet. Yeager made the comment that Resistance must have put up one massive fight, but wondered where they were going to receive hyperfuel for the Colossus. Kaz caught sight of the remains of the Fulminatrix and suggested they go and hunt for coaxium in the remains of the dreadnought. Yeager thought that it was a brilliant idea, and asked Kaz to go enlist the aid of the Warbird gang, which Kaz did so, with the help of Synara, who promised Kragan that there would be many things to scavenge in the ruins of the Fulminatrix. With that, knowing the First Order would come at any time, the pirates, along with Kaz and Neeku, made their way to the ruins of the Fulminatrix.[9]

The Galleon landed in the hangar of the Fulminatrix, where the team began their salvage operation. As they stepped out of the pirate ship, CB-23 gave the warning the air supply was getting low, which they acknowledge. Soon, Kaz and the others weaved their way deep into the dreadnought, with Neeku, who now believed himself to be a pirate, began to pick up many heavy supplies from the ship.[9]

The Warbird gang, with Kaz and Neeku in tow, make their way to the remains of the massive Fulminatrix.

Eventually, the group ran into Skreek, who told them that they were heading the right way and that the command deck was close. The team quickly ran into the command deck, where the hyperfuel was being held. Neeku, who had decided that life as a pirate was hard, tried to release the coaxium, but to no avail. He scrutinized the locks to find that they were quite sophisticated. Fearful that the First Order would arrive, Kaz told Neeku to hurry up.[9]

As if on cue, the Star Destroyer that Tam resided in came out of hyperspace. Doza quickly informed Kaz and his team that they had company and to hurry up, but that he'd send the Ace Squadron to distract the First Order as Kaz retrieved the coaxium.[9]

Kragan, realizing how much little time they had remaining, began to hit the canister of coaxium, shaking it. But it wasn't until Pyre ordered the Destroyer to fire on the remains of the Fulminatrix that the canister popped free. With that, the crew sprinted to The Galleon which took them back to the Colossus, where Neeku was able to put the coaxium into the fuel tank, which allowed the Colossus to make the jump into hyperspace right at the perfect time.[9]

A new role[]

The Jakoosk began to attack Ace Squadron.

Xiono was eventually introduced as the newest member of Ace Squadron, alongside Yeager, who became the squad's commander. Hype Fazon met the announcement with discontent, primarily targeted towards Xiono. Fazon later dismissed Xiono's assurances, further mocking him as "Kaz-tastrophe."[7]

Eventually, Xiono and Yeager participated as a team, working against the remainder of Ace Squadron in a training skirmish on Celsor 3. Xiono and Yeager ambushed the Aces, with Xiono disabling Griff's Black Ace. Xiono and Yeager were victorious, largely due to a lack of cooperation from Hype Fazon.[7]

Following the training session, Xiono attempted to console a frustrated Fazon. However, Fazon responded in irritation, going as far as blaming Xiono for Tam Ryvora's betrayal.[7]

Xiono and Fazon were later paired together in another practice session on Celsor 3. Xiono, acting as Fazon's lead, aided Fazon in escaping an ambush by Torra Doza and Griff. Later, a jakoosk awakened, attacking Fazon. Xiono attempted to free Fazon from the creature's grasp, but realized his blaster shots did nothing. When the jakoosk released Fazon, now going for Yeager, Xiono began collaborating with Fazon in creating a plan to free Yeager. Xiono, Fazon, and the other Aces work to topple ice pillars, causing them to hit the jakoosk, which in turn resulted in Yeager's escape.[7]

Following the skirmish with the jakoosk, Xiono was congratulated by a now more cooperative Fazon, and openly welcomed into Ace Squadron.[7]

Mission to Celsor 3[]

A tired Kaz celebrates the Jakoosk's defeat.

Xiono, alongside Torra Doza, entered Aunt Z's Tavern, only to learn that she planned to leave the Colossus due to the lack of food on the station. Xiono pleaded with Aunt Z, who reluctantly gave a proposition to Xiono - she would stay if Xiono and Torra could hunt down the jakoosk on Celsor 3, as it could provide the Colossus with a food supply for a lengthy amount of time. Xiono later discovered Neeku Vozo had been packing as well, which further motivated him to hunt the jakoosk.[39]

Xiono and Torra later accompanied Kragan Gorr and the Warbird gang, and grew frustrated with the pirates' unwillingness to listen to the advice given regarding the jakoosk. Xiono and Torra gave the pirates time to escape, forcing the jakoosk to escape after the failed attempt to capture the beast. Upon the return to the Colossus, Gorr shifted the blame of the failure onto Xiono and Torra.[39]

The pair of Aces soon departed in an attempt to capture the jakoosk again, this time utilizing a high powered cannon developed by Tamara Ryvora. Much to Xiono's frustration, he discovered that Buggles, Torra's pet voorpak, had stowed away aboard the Fireball. During the skirmish with the jakoosk, Xiono attempted to set up the cannon while simultaneously hiding Buggles' presence from Torra, though Torra had realized Buggles had come along after the voorpak ran away. After realizing the power source for the cannon was faulty, Xiono soon used CB-23 as a power source instead, allowing him to successfully take down the jakoosk. Back on board the Colossus, Xiono was among those who celebrated the success during a feast in Aunt Z's tavern.[39]

Finding an engineer[]

Kazuda and Synara find Nena on her starship.

At some point, Xiono, alongside Neeku Vozo, was present inside the Colossus' control tower, attempting to fix the communications relay. While working, the Colossus received a distress call from Nenavakasa Nalor, also known as Nena. Xiono, alongside Synara, departed to locate Nena.[40]

When Xiono and Synara encountered Nena, the Nikto claimed to have been a survivor of a recent First Order attack. Xiono responded with excitement upon learning Nena was an engineer. However, Synara was more hesitant to trust Nena. The trio then returned to the Colossus.[40]

While back on the Colossus, Nena was introduced to Yeager and Doza by Xiono. While the ship underwent improvements under Nena's guidance, it was discovered that a large sum of the ship's power seemed to be rerouted to the Warbird gang's quarters. Xiono decided to investigate, and soon learned from Synara that Nena had been rerouting the power instead, and had been sending encrypted signals to the First Order.[40]

Xiono later confronted Vozo regarding Nena, though Vozo responded with denial, believing Xiono was merely jealous. However, Nena soon attempts to escape, revealing the truth of her intentions while attacking Xiono and Vozo. Xiono then gained the pirates' assistance, allowing him to let the Colossus jump to hyperspace.[40]

Mission to Drahgor III[]

Xiono and Flix make a deal with Flanx.

Xiono, alongside Torra Doza, Orka, Flix, and CB-23 went to Flix's homeworld of Drahgor III in an attempt to gain fuel, and underwent dangerous turbulence while landing. The group landed on the fuel refinery, uncertain whether or not Flix's family will cooperate. Upon meeting Flix's cousins, Xiono struck a deal with Flanx, agreeing to fix their drill in exchange for fuel.[41]

Xiono soon noticed movements in the darkness of the caverns, and the lift leading down halted. Flix commented that it was a Karnex dragon, which Flanx quickly denied with an exasperated sigh. Soon, the lift began to fall at intense speeds, and the group was separated. Xiono was alone, separated from CB-23, Flix, and Flanx by a chasm. Xiono asked Torra and Orka, who were still holding onto the elevator shaft, to climb and ask for assistance.[41]

Kaz runs right into a Karnex dragon's lair.

While attempting to reach the drill, Xiono encountered a Karnex dragon. Though scared during the moment, Xiono was relieved when the dragon failed to see him. Upon mentioning his encounter at a later time, Xiono was taunted by Flanx. Xiono and Flanx soon fixed the drill, though heard a roar that was, instead, from the dragon. The group was attacked by the dragon, with Flanx being captured by the creature as more dragons arrived.[41]

Xiono soon freed Flanx, and the group retreated through the caverns. Xiono created a plan to deter the Karnex dragons, and began to activate several floodlights alongside CB-23. Though the plan worked briefly, it was soon foiled when the floodlights were disabled by a dragon's attack. The dragons, however, were still deterred by Torra and Orka, who arrived in an incoming shuttle.[41]

Xiono and his friends soon returned to the surface, now with the fuel promised through the deal. After Flix reconciled with his cousins, the group departed back to the Colossus. During the trip back, Xiono asked a reluctant Flix about his career as a cantina singer.[41]

Finding a Sith temple[]

"Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not real, Kaz."
―Eila to Kazuda Xiono regarding the Force[42]

Xiono arrives on Ashas Ree alongside Torra and Fenris.

At some point, Xiono, alongside Torra Doza, and Freya Fenris, discovered a trading outpost on Ashas Ree. Xiono reluctantly allowed Eila and Kel to accompany them, though he told the two children to remain hidden from Torra and Freya. Xiono, Eila, and Kel soon find an old temple, which they believe to be an ancient temple of the Force. At this time, Xiono expressed his disbelief in the Force.[42]

Xiono enters the temple with Kel and Eila.

Immediately after their conversation, the trio overheard an individual calling for help from within the temple. They soon entered a maze-like inner temple, before finding a central room with an artifact in the center. When trying to activate the exit for the trapped person, Xiono accidentally trapped himself as well.[42]

Xiono, trapped inside the sith temple, meets Mika Grey.

Inside, Xiono met the old woman who had been calling for help. Grey grew impatient with Xiono, ordering him to remain still and quiet. Xiono then accidentally activates a giant grinder, placing both himself and the woman in extreme peril. The duo were soon freed by Eila and Kel, however, and began to exit the temple. Their escape was further rushed when Xiono accidentally triggered yet another trap, which caused the Sith temple to collapse.[42]

Upon exiting the temple, Xiono, the woman, and the children saw Torra Doza and Freya Fenris being apprehended by a squad of First Order Raiders. Xiono soon attempted to create a plan with the woman, only to find she had disappeared. Xiono was then surrounded by a group of First Order Raiders, and promptly surrendered. The group was soon rescued by the old woman, who detonated the Sith relic, killing the First Order Raiders.[42]

Following the skirmish, the group asks the woman, who is then identified as Mika Grey, to accompany them back to the Colossus. After slight hesitation, Grey accepted, leaving Ashas Ree alongside Xiono and the others.[42]

Helping Torra Doza[]


While the Colossus was awaiting the arrival of an unknown Resistance pilot, Xiono, alongside the other Aces, was in the midst of a dogfight with a squadron of First Order TIE fighters. After a tense skirmish, the Aces were ordered to return to the supertanker. The Colossus then escaped into hyperspace.[43]

Later, when discussing their frustrations in the Ace's lounge, Xiono was rebutted after expressing his support for Captain Doza. He was remarked as "Kaz-tastrophe" by Hype Fazon once more, despite having not been at fault. Xiono later attempted to assist Captain Doza and Torra, but was escorted away by Yeager upon learning that they were not waiting for the entire Resistance, but instead Venisa Doza, Torra's mother.[43]

Xiono stopped Torra from recklessly leaving the Colossus to find her mother.

Xiono offered to help Torra find her mother, to which Torra replied that she wanted to meet with her mother so desperately as it was her own birthday. Later, Xiono enlists Neeku Vozo's help in making a cake for Torra, and he celebrates Torra's birthday alongside the other Aces.[43]

A game of chance[]

Xiono and Yeager watch Fazon race the racing droid.

Xiono was among those who traveled to Vranki's Hotel and Casino, hoping to earn more credits for the Colossus' benefit, as well as allow the Aces to race once again. Upon arriving to the casino, Xiono was among the first to note how empty the establishment was; according to Vranki, the Hutt proprietor of the casino, this had largely been due to the bursting popularity of the casinos on Canto Bight. Upon being offered food and drink, Xiono was quick to accept. However, soon after, Xiono became discomforted after witnessing a racer crash into an asteroid.[44]

Following Hype Fazon's loss against Vranki, Xiono spoke with Neeku Vozo, and realized alongside Fazon that the hologame that Vozo was playing and the racing droids were connected in some way. Vranki soon after presented a new bet to Xiono; if they won, they would get Fazon back on the Colossus, and if they lost, Vranki would the other racer and their ship. After brief persuasion from Xiono, Captain Doza accepted the wager.[44]

Xiono races the racing droid in the Fireball and wins.

After yet another series of losses to Vranki, Xiono and Torra finally entered the race themselves, in a tag team match. After a brief setback on Torra's end, Xiono began in the second leg of the race. Thanks to intervention from Neeku, Xiono was able to win the race, allowing the crew to regain the entirety of Ace Squadron. Xiono, alongside the Aces, Neeku, Yeager, and Captain Doza, then left Vranki's casino, along with a cache of new credits.[44]

Luck runs out[]

Leoz "curses" Xiono after losing a gamble.

Xiono had, at some point, been on a winning streak during a gambling game in Aunt Z's Tavern. Leoz, a pirate from the Warbird gang, became frustrated, and as a result climbed onto the table, licked his hand, and placed it on Xiono's temple. The others around him were shocked, believing Xiono to be cursed. Xiono, only disgusted by the action, shrugged it off as hysteria and left, though he had accidentally provoked pirate Gork during his exit.[45]

Xiono, still denying Neeku Vozo's claims that he was cursed, rebutted Neeku's claim that a sparking ceiling light was a sign of the curse. As the two entered the marketplace, Xiono offered to pay for Vozo's meal, though the latter refused to Xiono's frustration. As Xiono attempted to order his own meal, the vendor stated that the stew was out. Vozo once again claimed that this was a side effect of Xiono's curse, once again to Xiono's frustration.[45]

Xiono learns that the Colossus is entering the Guavian Death Gang's territory.

After nearly avoiding a stack of falling crates, Xiono was called to the hangar alongside Hype Fazon and Torra Doza. Ace Xiono entered the hangar, he tripped on a wet floor. After recollecting himself, the group was informed that they were to be assigned as a defensive force as the Colossus traveled through the Guavian Death Gang's territory.[45]

As the Aces attempted to hold off the Guavian fighters, Xiono skimmed an asteroid, causing him to screw up an attempt to prevent a Guavian starship's escape. Upon his return to the Colossus, Xiono was met with frustration by Captain Doza, who stated that the entire Guavian Death Gang was now aware of their presence. After insistence from Neeku, Xiono reluctantly returned to Aunt Z's Tavern in an attempt to have Leoz remove the curse.[45]

Xiono receives a lucky talisman from Mika Grey.

Upon returning to the tavern, Xiono requested that Leoz remove the curse on him. However, Leoz merely tricked Xiono, instead placing a "double curse" on him. Afterwards, Vozo pleads that Xiono meet with Mika Grey. Reluctantly, Xiono obliged. Grey stated that Xiono's curse was within him, and gave him a talisman that would allegedly help quell the curse. Thanking Grey, Xiono left to aid the Aces in defending from an ongoing attack.[45]

Over his bad luck, Xiono gives the talisman to Leoz and Grevel.

While boarding the Fireball, Xiono unknowingly dropped the talisman. During the dogfight, Xiono eventually realized he had lost the talisman; despite this, he recollected himself, and managed to redeem his earlier failure in warding off the Guavian Death Gang. After the battle, Xiono returned to Leoz, tossing him the talisman, much to Leoz's own fear. Afterwards, Xiono returned the talisman to Grey.[45]

Repairing the Colossus[]

At a later point in time, Xiono was disguised as a technician on the First Order-allied supertanker, the Titan, alongside Neeku Vozo, while CB-23 was present with a painted disguise. Xiono was briefly spotted by Tamara Ryvora, now also known as DT-533, though Ryvora had failed to fully identify Xiono. Xiono returned to Vozo's position, distressed upon learning that Ryvora and Rucklin were both present on the Titan.[46]

Xiono and Vozo then followed CB-23 through the corridors, in an attempt to locate a part that would allow them to expedite repairs on the Colossus. When sneaking through a lower level, Xiono was stopped by a stormtrooper, who ordered him to lead General Armitage Hux to the briefing room of the Titan. Xiono reluctantly complied, though he was barely able to contain his anger upon seeing the man who ordered his home planet's destruction. Just as the elevator reached its destination and Xiono had prepared to speak against Hux when he spoke of destruction, they were met by Commander Pyre, who sent Xiono back into a nervous panic.[46]

Xiono continued to follow Hux and Pyre, all whilst overhearing a conversation between the two. Xiono was eventually cut off from the group when they entered the primary briefing room, allowing him to exit and return to his mission. Xiono returned to Vozo's position, utilizing his poor impersonation of a technician to ward off a pair of stormtroopers. Xiono and Vozo then departed to the engine room to retrieve the deflector needed for the Colossus.[46]

While making their way to engineering, Xiono and Vozo were seen by Jace Rucklin, who had begun to follow CB-23 just prior. Xiono and Vozo then attempted to remove the Titan's deflector, though the pair were finally confronted by Rucklin. Xiono began to plead with Rucklin, though Rucklin responded with dissent towards Xiono. Rucklin called First Order security, trapping Xiono and Vozo in the engineering bay.[46]

Xiono and Vozo were soon unknowingly released by Ryvora, who had overheard the two discussing the fates awaiting those on the Colossus if their mission did not succeed. The two then made their way to the hangar of the Titan, and utilized a crane to make their way to a First Order troop transport, which they commandeered and piloted back to the Colossus.[46]

Helping another spy[]

While in the Colossus' command tower, Xiono intercepted a distress call sourced from the Varkana system. Despite Captain Doza's concerns, Xiono stressed that the call could be a coded Resistance transmission. Yeager supported Xiono's idea, and volunteered to accompany them. Doza gave Xiono and Yeager one rotation to complete the mission.[47]

Having then enlisted the help of Synara San, the group arrived on Varkana and began walking through Vargo Spaceport. As CB-23 began attempting to track the distress signal, a Gran vendor named Lechee began to haggle with Xiono and his group. When they refused to do business with him, they left, while Lechee contacted a bounty hunter moments later.[47]

The group soon located the signal, though discovered the Resistance spy, Norath Kev, was no longer present. As they learned about the First Order's involvement on the planet, they were cornered by Ax Tagrin, the hunter responsible for Kev's capture. As they attempted to escape, Xiono and Yeager were split off from Synara, who remained behind to hold off Tagrin.[47]

As Xiono and Yeager regrouped with Synara, they decided to begin investigating in the marketplace. They confronted Lechee, and learned that Norath was taken to the hunter's ship. After the interrogation, Synara destroyed Lechee's communication device, preventing him from further contacting the First Order.[47]

The group soon found Tagrin's ship, where they found Norath Kev. Despite Kev's warning, the group then fell into Tagrin's trap. Xiono then began attempting to bring the ship down from inside. As CB-23 managed to crash the ship, Xiono and Yeager helped Kev out, but had been followed by Tagrin. During the skirmish, Xiono and Kev escaped, but realized that Tagrin had captured Yeager, Synara, and CB-23.[47]

Rescuing his friends[]

As Xiono and Kev watched Tagrin escort their friends to the First Order, Kev expressed his disappointment in his own choices, to which Xiono responded that it was not his fault. Xiono was soon contacted by Captain Doza, who stated that the Colossus would not be able to wait much longer. Xiono requested that Doza hold out as long as possible.[48]

Xiono explained to Kev that he planned to steal stormtrooper armor, and infiltrate the First Order ranks to rescue his friends. Kev replied with distaste to the idea, but their discussion was cut short as Xiono alerted a pair of nearby stormtroopers on accident, forcing them to carry out the plan early.[48]

As Xiono and Kev arrived at the hangar, they encountered Commander Pyre. After a brief ruse, they continued to the assault lander holding Yeager and Synara, whom they freed. The group briefly locked Tagrin in the shuttle, though he escaped and attempted to prevent the group's escape. However, Xiono's group managed to leave, and was assisted by Ace Squadron as they left Varkana.[48]

Kaz and Norath celebrate their escape from Varkana with Neeku.

As the group arrived back on the Colossus, Neeku Vozo expressed glee upon seeing Xiono in stormtrooper armor. Xiono responded that the armor acted as more of a disguise than protective outfit. Kev then asked Xiono to come with him, in order to help the Resistance. After a brief moment of deliberation, Xiono responded that he would rather remain on the Colossus.[48]

The pirates' mutiny[]

Upon learning that Neeku Vozo had been assigned work on the Colossus, Xiono became curious and began to follow Vozo. As he attempted to ask Vozo about his duties, he was cut off from his friend by the Warbird gang, who had asked Vozo for assistance fixing a squad of B2-series super battle droids.[49]

Xiono later spoke with Synara regarding his concerns, finding the pirates' activity suspicious. Synara then agreed to help Xiono investigate what they were doing with Vozo. As Xiono and Synara infiltrated the Warbird gang's hangar, they discovered Kragan's plan to stage a mutiny against Doza using the super battle droids. Before they were able to inform Doza, they were thrown into a makeshift cell alongside Vozo.[49]

The trio was soon rescued by B1, a modified B1-series battle droid that had been programmed by Vozo. Xiono then helped Vozo and Synara stop the pirates' mutiny, and witnessed the Warbird gang's exile from the Colossus. Afterwards, he became insecure as Vozo attempted to compliment him on his abilities as a spy.[49]

A new home for the Colossus[]

Kazuda and Griff after having been captured by the Aeosians

Upon the Colossus' arrival to Aeos Prime, Xiono was one of the few who were cautious regarding the new possible home that Captain Doza had chosen. Xiono was later briefed by Doza and Yeager, who paired him alongside Griff Halloran to scout the planet out for inhabitants and resources.[50]

While scouting, Halloran criticized Xiono's desire to help the Resistance in the war. Xiono further expressed his worry regarding Doza's decision; this was further amplified upon the duo's discovery of an abandoned village, which had been attacked by the First Order. After this discovery, Xiono realized Griff had disappeared, and began to search for him.[50]

Xiono was soon captured by the same tribe of Aeosians who were responsible for capturing Halloran. While captured, Xiono attempted to negotiate his escape, though the Aeosian queen was unwilling to listen to Xiono. However, Xiono's attempts eventually resulted in success upon his ability to provide medicine to the ailed Aeosians became noticed by the Queen.[50]

Xiono later arrived to the Colossus, and helped to quell tensions between the Colossus' inhabitants and the Aeosians. Through Xiono's actions, the Aeosian queen allowed Doza to keep his ship on Aeos Prime, and affirmed that her people would help them if necessary.[50]

Escape from Aeos Prime[]

Xiono bids farewell to his friend, Neeku Vozo.

After the Colossus settled on Aeos Prime, Xiono had made the decision to finally depart from the station to fully join the Resistance. After contacting Norath Kev, Xiono was given a farewell by Captain Doza, who wished Xiono the best of luck on his journey. As Xiono packed, Neeku Vozo met him in despair, distraught that his best friend was going to leave. Xiono was later met by Yeager, who interrupted Xiono's farewell with Synara San and Torra Doza.[51]

When speaking to Yeager, Xiono was given the Fireball as a departure gift. After a brief farewell between Yeager and Xiono, Xiono boarded the Fireball with CB-23 and left the Colossus. However, while entering the coordinates for hyperspace, Xiono and CB-23 spotted a First Order probe droid, and were forced to return to the Colossus in order to warn Doza about a possible First Order attack.[51]

After crashing the Fireball back onto the Colossus, Xiono assisted in the station's escape using Yeager's ship, alongside the Aces. During the escape, the Colossus and Ace Squadron entered combat with the Thunderer. For a brief moment, Xiono managed to target and fire upon the bridge of the Thunderer, but the ship was protected by Tamara Ryvora, unbeknownst to Xiono.[51]

After the skirmish, Xiono returned the Colossus, expressing both joy over the victory and his condolences for the loss of Aeos Prime. Xiono then decided to remain with the Colossus, deciding he would be most needed there.[51]

Rescuing the Resistance recruits[]

Kazuda reunites with Hugh Sion and Norath Kev.

Xiono was among those present in the Colossus' hangar during the arrival of Venisa Doza and Jade Squadron. After being briefly introduced to Venisa, Xiono met with his friend from his New Republic squadron, Hugh Sion, as well as Norath Kev. Upon the suggestion that Aces would be reserved to rescue a group of Resistance recruits, Xiono, alongside Torra Doza, willingly volunteered.[52]

Xiono was later present at the mission's briefing, at which they were ordered to go to the planet of Dantooine to pick up the recruits. After departing to Dantooine, Xiono was embarrassed as Sion informed Hype Fazon that he had almost failed the academy. Soon after, the Aces and Jade Squadron made contact with a group of TIE fighters, though they made quick work of them before contacting the three Resistance shuttles.[52]

As Xiono assisted in escorting the Resistance shuttles, the group was engaged by a reinforcement squadron of TIE fighters, one of which was piloted by Tamara Ryvora. Xiono worked to flank the TIEs, but was interrupted when Lieutenant Galek began pursuing him, and one of the shuttles was destroyed by Rucklin. Xiono managed to escape alongside the remaining shuttles and fighters after Galek was killed by Venisa.[52]

After returning to the Colossus, Xiono lamented the loss of life alongside Torra and Fazon.[52]

Rescuing Tam Ryvora[]

Xiono, Ryvora, and Yeager attempt to escape the Star Destroyer.

At some point, Xiono and Neeku Vozo were repairing the Fireball alongside CB-23 when the duo were contacted by Tam Ryvora, who claimed to want to defect from the First Order. Xiono and Yeager requested to go meet Ryvora on Castilon, at the initial reluctance of Captain Doza. After having their mission approved, Xiono, Yeager, and CB-23 went to Castilon.[53]

After arriving on Castilon, Xiono and Yeager were met with a feeling of nostalgia, lamenting their prior departure from the planet. As Ryvora arrived with a group of TIE fighters, Xiono and Yeager took cover while Ryvora eliminated the other TIEs. After a brief reunion with Tam, the group, with an unconscious Jace Rucklin in tow, boarded their transport to leave Castilon.[53]

While preparing to exit Castilon, the group was ambushed by the Thunderer. After evading orbital bombardment from the ship, they attempted to escape, but were caught in the Thunderer's tractor beam. Having briefly deliberated a plan, Xiono participated in the self destruction of the shuttle as he hid elsewhere on the Thunderer alongside Yeager.[53]

The chase ends[]

Kazuda, Tam, and Yeager work to send their warning to the Colossus.

Xiono, Ryvora, and Yeager soon made their way to the engineering bay of the Thunderer, aiming to send a transmission to the Colossus. They dealt with the stormtroopers present, before Yeager began sending the transmission. Xiono attempted to persuade the citizens of the Colossus to get away, unaware that they would rally to aid them.[53]

Xiono and his allies soon made their way to the hangar of the Thunderer in an attempt to find an escape shuttle, but were ambushed by Pyre, who forced them to surrender. The trio are brought to Tierny, who remarked the group's efforts as worthless. Upon the Thunderer's arrival to the Colossus, Xiono was horrified to discover that the supertanker had not escaped.[53]

Kazuda and his friends celebrate their victory.

Upon the start of the battle, the trio began their escape from the bridge, trapping Tierny on the bridge in the process. When the group reached the hangar, their descent cable snapped, causing them to fall into the fray below. As Xiono was about to be killed by Pyre, CB-23 intervened, but was disabled in the process. Xiono, carrying CB-23, boarded a transport alongside Yeager and Ryvora to escape the exploding vessel.[53]

Xiono and Ryvora had a proper reunion upon their return to the Colossus, and were among those who celebrated the defeat of their pursuant. The entirety of Team Fireball soon went to Aunt Z's Tavern, to further celebrate with drinks. Aunt Z gave praise to the efforts of the Colossus' citizens, christening them "Team Colossus" as Xiono celebrated with Ryvora and Neeku Vozo.[53]

Battle for freedom[]

"Fireball, here. Hi, everyone!"
―Kazuda Xiono checks in at the Battle of Exegol[8]

The citizens' fleet arrives over Exegol.

Sometime later, Xiono[8] and his friends on the Colossus[54] participated in the Battle of Exegol along with the rest of the Citizens' Fleet, flying the Fireball against the forces of the Sith Eternal and the revived Darth Sidious. He checked in via radio, alongside many other pilots, only to be silenced for his chatter straight away. The forces of the galaxy fleet emerged victorious in the battle, defeating the Sith Eternal and its forces.[8]

Personality and traits[]

"You ready for this?"
"Heh. I'm never really ready for anything, but that hasn't stopped me yet."
―Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono, discussing their mission to Station Theta Black[21]

Xiono was confident in his skills as a pilot but uncertain about his role as a spy.

Kazuda Xiono was a human male[3] who had black hair, brown eyes, and light skin. He had a scar on the left side of his temple hairline by the time of his assignment on Castilon.[5] Xiono did not believe in the Force, citing his lack of firsthand experience with it as a reason.[42] Xiono was constantly curious and persistent, and refused to take no for an answer.[55]

Whereas Kazuda Xiono was confident in his abilities as a trained pilot in the New Republic Navy, he was less sure of himself when it came to his role as a Resistance spy. Despite feeling out of his element as a spy, Xiono was determined to make the best of his situation, largely through his cover as a mechanic in order to better carry out his mission for the Resistance.[5] Xiono's loud and occasionally clumsy behavior would draw large amounts of attention; however, he was often disregarded due to many believing no one that clumsy or loud could be a spy. Despite his clumsiness, Xiono still often succeeded.[55]

He was loyal to the New Republic, having been born under its rule. Believing the First Order posed a threat to his government, Xiono felt compelled to support the Resistance in spite of his father, who viewed Leia Organa and her followers as extremists. Unlike Hamato, Kazuda was inspired by the Resistance, particularly by its leaders such as Organa and Poe Dameron.[5] Xiono was extremely cognizant of the First Order's growing presence on the Colossus, and believed that nothing good would come of it.[56] He also considered the First Order to be evil, and was fearful of the potential conquest and warfare that they could bring.[57] Following the Hosnian Cataclysm, Xiono felt extreme shock and disbelief, which was only exacerbated by his incapability of preventing it.[58]

Following the escape of the Colossus from Castilon, Xiono became more of a figurehead for the Colossus Resistance, often taking lead roles in important missions for the group. His confidence in himself grew as well, and he became more favorably seen by the Colossus' inhabitants as well.[3] He had a significant drive to continue the fight and his mission following the escape.[59] He also was willing to help the Resistance if they needed him. When Dameron sent General Lando Calrissian to gather reinforcements for the Battle of Exegol, Xiono jumped into action[8] and came with his friends onboard the Colossus to join the galaxy fleet.[54]


Poe Dameron[]

Kazuda Xiono had a deep respect for the seasoned Resistance fighter pilot Poe Dameron. He shared Dameron's view that the First Order posed a serious threat to the New Republic and was willing to help the Resistance in any way he could.[5] The two shared a love for flying with Xiono looking up to Dameron as a mentor.[16] Xiono was also willing to help Dameron anytime such as when he participated in the Battle of Exegol to reinforce his mentor.[8]

Jarek Yeager[]

Xiono and Jarek Yeager initially had a tense relationship. Despite Yeager's misgivings about Xiono's naivety and clumsiness, Yeager agreed to shelter Xiono due to his friendship with Dameron.[5] Yeager was reluctant to look out for Kaz, though he still provided guidance to him in a form of "tough love."[60] While Yeager was annoyed with Xiono's lack of mechanical aptitude and naivety, he respected Xiono's moral compass and willingness to save Jace Rucklin from himself.[13] Yeager also respected Kaz for his courage and improved mechanical skills when installing a tracking computer while under fire.[18]

Kaz also played an important role in softening Yeager's attitude towards his estranged younger brother Marcus Speedstar. Kaz convinced a reluctant Yeager to forgive Speedstar. As a result, Xiono and Yeager became allies, if not friends;[19] Yeager also acted as somewhat of a father figure to Xiono and the Fireball crew.[60] Yeager said that even though Xiono may not be the most experienced spy, he would fight along the Resistance agent any day and did multiple times during the Battle of Castilon,[38] the Hunt for the Colossus,[9] and the Battle of Exegol.[8]

Neeku Vozo[]

One of Xiono's closest and most loyal friends was the Nikto Neeku Vozo. While Vozo's tendency to take things literally created misunderstandings, Xiono's willingness to meet challenges regardless of the odds stacked against him won him Vozo's respect. Vozo helped Xiono to find his way around the Colossus while he was settling in as a spy.[5] As close friends, Vozo gave Xiono invaluable advice not to trust Rucklin and his friends[13] and later helped Xiono to find Kel and Eila.[15] At times, Xiono's was annoyed by Vozo's antics such as using a comlink in close proximity and misunderstanding Xiono's interest in the First Order.[14]

Tamara Ryvora[]

Tamara Ryvora was initially hostile towards Xiono, regarding him as an interloper. She was upset that Yeager allowed Xiono to racer her racer the Fireball[5] and was frustrated by his lack of mechanical skills, which caused Xiono to damage an acceleration compensator on one occasion.[15] Despite her hostility, Ryvora was genuinely concerned when Xiono was pursued by stormtroopers during a mission to Doza Tower.[14] Xiono's loud, attention-grabbing behavior often led to Ryvora being somewhat overlooked.[61]

Ryvora gained a better respect for Xiono as his mechanical skills improved but still thought there was room for improvement.[23] Even though Ryvora believed that the First Order was benevolent when they protected the Colossus,[38] she came to see that Xiono was telling the truth about their true nature during the Suppression of the Aeos system and decided to enlist his help in defecting.[53]

Torra Doza[]

While Xiono and Torra Doza had first been friendly rivals to one another, their relationship eventually grew to be mostly friendly. They were both prepared to sacrifice a little bit of their own safety to help one another.[62] Xiono initially underestimated Doza's skills as a pilot, but grew to respect them after losing to her in a race.[5] In turn, Doza grew to respect Xiono as well, not only as a pilot, but as a person. Their common interest in flying eventually broadened into a common interest in keeping their home, the Colossus, safe; as a result, they began to care for one another as if they were family.[62]

Jace Rucklin[]

Kazuda Xiono was initially won over by Jace Rucklin and his friends' lackadaisical attitude towards life and love for racing. However, their relationship fell apart after Rucklin stole a canister of hyperfuel from Yeager's garage. While trying to save Rucklin, Xiono destroyed Rucklin's racer, earning Rucklin's enmity.[13] Rucklin's hatred of Xiono increased after joining the First Order and learning of his allegiance to the Resistance.[37]

Synara San[]

As a kind person, Xiono helped Synara San settle into life aboard the Colossus after rescuing her from a wrecked freighter.[16] He came to rely on her as a source of salvaged goods while remaining ignorant of her true identity as a pirate. Though Xiono tried to hide his role in the Resistance, Synara saw through his foibles. Xiono and Synara's friendship deepened after the two worked together to escape Bibo's mother and warn the Colossus of the coming rokkna during the "Bibo incident."[22]

Marcus Speedstar[]

Kazuda Xiono idolized the galactic racing champion Marcus Speedstar and dreamed of him racing his employer and reluctant mentor Jarek Yeager. From Speedstar, Xiono learned that Speedstar respected his brother and was plagued by his role in causing the deaths of Yeager's wife and daughter. As a peacemaker, Xiono urged Yeager to reconcile with his younger brother; advice which Yeager subsequently took up. This not only allowed the two brothers to reconcile, but enabled Speedstar to secure the ransom for his friend Oplock.[19]

Leia Organa[]

Kazuda Xiono looked up to General Organa as a war hero and leader. He disagreed with his father who regarded Leia's Resistance organization as extremists.[5] While Xiono believed that the discovery that the First Order was building weapons would convince the galaxy that the First Order was a threat, Organa disagreed because several senators were benefiting from these weapons. Leia admired Xiono for his willingness to do his part for the Resistance. Xiono was inspired by Organa's view that the Resistance belonged to everyone and that anyone could contribute to it. Xiono believed that a lot more people would support the Resistance if they knew what was at stake.[21] Xiono was right, as a large number of the galaxy's populace was willing to help the Resistance during the Battle of Exegol.[8]


In order to aid and watch out for Kazuda Xiono, Poe Dameron left BB-8 with him during Xiono's spy mission on the Colossus. Although BB-8 initially reacted strongly against this assignment, the droid and Xiono slowly developed a bond over many close calls with the First Order. Xiono was clearly disappointed when BB-8 and he parted due to Poe requiring the droid for a mission to Jakku.[33]

Skills and abilities[]

"Get ready to be impressed."
―Kazuda Xiono[13]

Xiono was a skilled, but arrogant pilot.

Kazuda Xiono specialized in piloting New Republic X-wing starfighters. Unlike his role in intelligence gathering, Xiono was both skilled and self-assured in the cockpit of starfighter, though sometimes to the extent of arrogance.[5] Xiono's lack of mechanical expertise, however, posed problems with his cover on his undercover mission, as he was supposed to be a mechanic as well as a pilot, and had some difficulty learning.[10] As he spent more time in his job his skills as a mechanic grew however, and was able to help repair the Colossus' targeting computer.[18] Thanks to his training in the New Republic Navy, he was also a decent shot with a blaster, albeit in simulations.[21]


Xiono wearing his New Republic pilots' uniform

During his time in the New Republic, Xiono piloted a T-85 X-wing starfighter alongside the rest of his squadron. After his assignment on Castilon, Xiono was given access to Jarek Yeager's older racer, the Fireball.[5] Xiono would utilize the Fireball on many occasions, before being given ownership of the racer just prior to the escape from Aeos Prime. On the same occasion, following the temporary disabling of the Fireball, Xiono was lent Jarek Yeager's newer racer for use in combat.[51] At one point, Xiono was also given a blaster pistol by Poe Dameron, in order to defend himself in case of incident.[21]

Xiono typically wore a casual outfit, including a green outer jacket, typical black pants, and a black undershirt. When serving as a New Republic pilot, Xiono wore the standard blue New Republic pilots' uniform.[5] On two occasions, Xiono also wore the armor of a First Order stormtrooper in order to blend in with their forces.[32][48] On another occasion, Xiono also impersonated a First Order technician in order to steal supplies from the First Order supertanker fuel depot known as the Titan.[46]

Behind the scenes[]

Kazuda Xiono is the main character of the 2018 Lucasfilm Animation series Star Wars Resistance. He is voiced by Christopher Sean.[5] Originally, the casting process called for an Asian American actor to play Kaz as they wanted to promote diversity,[63] and the Japanese American[64] Sean got the role, despite it being only his second audition for a voice-over role.[63] Early notes about the character described him as "like a bird, hopping around clumsily on the ground, also stating that once he was in the pilot's seat he would be "awesome."[65] Sean has also stated that Kazuda promotes a more energetic, crazy, and "off-the-wall bonkers" side of life, and a lifestyle of acting before thinking.[66] Key traits for a Resistance spy were intended to include courage, instinct, and bravery according to Christopher Sean, and dedication, stealth, loyalty, and skill according to executive producer Justin Ridge, who stated that Kaz possessed most of these traits.[55]

Concept art of Kazuda Xiono in his New Republic flight suit

Prior to receiving the role, Sean had only applied for two auditions in regard to voice acting, with only the second in relation to a Star Wars project. According to Sean, his agent in New York had directly contacted him and claimed that Lucasfilm had asked for specifically Sean in relation to Star Wars: Resistance.[67] Ridge described Sean as Kaz in "real life," and elaborated that he brought a fun, youthful energy to the character.[62]

According to Sean, Kaz draws inspiration from his father, Patrick Friel, who had served in the Navy. He had also stated that the character's traits took inspiration from his father's stepchildren.[68] Sean has expressed pride at voicing an Asian lead character in a Star Wars cartoon and that Asian viewers can now see Kaz and say "That looks like me. I'm part of the Star Wars Galaxy."[69] It was deemed important that Kaz met Leia Organa in Star Wars: Resistance, especially due to the intended significance of the information he and Poe had found at Station Theta Black.[70] It was also intended that Kaz would learn from BB-8 throughout the series and try to improve himself based upon the droid's advice.[71] Kaz's origins from Hoznian Prime were intended to connect audiences to the Hoznian Cataclysm, and increase the stakes "higher than they had ever been" following the event.[58]


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