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"When I was a kid that's what I always wanted. To be the best. And in my mind, that's what I was—Kazuda Xiono, the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy."
―Kazuda Xiono, to Poe Dameron and Neeku Vozo[src]

Kazuda Xiono, nicknamed "Kaz," was a human male military pilot who served the New Republic in the years following the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War. The son of Senator Hamato Xiono, Kazuda served with the Starfighter Corps of the New Republic Defense Fleet during the cold war, at which point the Resistance recruited him to spy on the First Order. As a result, he was sent to the Colossus—an independent refueling station located on the Outer Rim planet Castilon—where Commander Poe Dameron instructed him to gather information pertaining to the local population's sympathies and determine if their allegiance was to the Republic or the First Order.

In order to avoid detection while engaging in espionage, Xiono required an occupation that would serve as a cover for his spying activities. He therefore became a starship mechanic in Jarek Yeager's repair shop. Additionally, he supported Yeager's Team Fireball as a racer and stunt pilot. Before departing from Castilon, Dameron left his astromech droid BB-8 in Xiono's care, believing the droid could help Xiono realize his full potential as an asset for the Resistance.

Although Xiono struggled to maintain his cover as a mechanic, an occupation in which he had no prior experience, he was able to impress the platform's community by competing against Torra Doza in his first race on the Colossus. Furthermore, he contributed to its defense during a pirate raid on the platform, helping the Ace Squadron to drive off Kragan Gorr and his gang.


Early life

"As usual, you always need help—my help. I help you get into the Academy, I help you get into the Navy, I help you get everything you wanted."
―Hamato Xiono, to Kazuda Xiono[src]

Kazuda Xiono won an aurodium trophy in his first competition as a sky racer.

Born on the Core World Hosnian Prime[1] in 14 ABY,[2] Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono was the son of Senator Hamato Xiono, a wealthy politician who served in the Galactic Senate during the era when the galaxy was governed by the New Republic, years after the Galactic Civil War.[4] Xiono, who aspired to become a great pilot, was awarded a trophy made from aurodium after winning his first race. He would keep it among his personal effects for years, believing the trophy brought him good fortune as well as the fact that it reminded him of his homeworld.[6]

With his father's support, Xiono was able to enroll in a military academy which, in turn, led to service in the New Republic Defense Fleet. By then, the rise of the First Order gave way to a tense political standoff between the Republic and the Galactic Empire's successor. By 34 ABY, Xiono was serving as a T-85 X-wing pilot in the New Republic Starfighter Corps.[4]

Joining the Resistance

"You can work on my team. But when it comes to your mission as a spy, I don't want anything to do with it."
―Jarek Yeager, to Kazuda Xiono[src]

When New Republic Command acquired critical information pertaining to the First Order's operations in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, Xiono's squadron was tasked with delivering the intelligence to the Resistance. They were engaged by Major Elrik Vonreg, who sought to prevent the squadron from completing their mission. Unable to outmaneuver the First Order pilot, Xiono ordered his wingmates, Mia Gabon and Hugh Sion, to abandon the mission while he remained behind to await the arrival of their Resistance contact, Commander Poe Dameron. Together, Xiono and Dameron were able to drive off Vonreg's TIE.[4]


Poe Dameron recruited Xiono as a spy, believing he could become a valuable asset to the Resistance.

Concerned by the First Order's growing influence, the Resistance sought to protect the Republic by gathering information relating to the hermetic state. Dameron therefore recruited Xiono into the organization.[4] Although he was a pilot at the time, the Resistance sought to utilize Xiono as a spy for a classified assignment on the Colossus—an independent refueling station located on the Outer Rim ocean planet Castilon.[4]

Dameron, who served as Xiono's point of contact, instructed the young operative to gather as much information as he could on the station's views concerning the Republic and First Order, as well as to determine which side the population ultimately supported. Xiono's activities as a spy required him to maintain a low profile; therefore, he found work as a starship mechanic in a local repair shop owned by Jarek Yeager. Yeager knew that Xiono was a spy and although he wanted nothing to do with the latter's mission, he allowed Xiono to join Team Fireball. In return, Xiono used his flying skills to the team's benefit, earning extra credits as a racer and stunt pilot. During his time with the team, he flew the craft known as the Fireball.[4]

In addition to introducing Xiono to Yeager, Dameron entrusted the Resistance's new agent with his astromech droid BB-8. Dameron, who was reminded of himself by Xiono, believed that Xiono had the potential to become an invaluable asset to the Resistance. As such, he left his droid behind on the Colossus, believing BB-8 would be useful to Xiono in the course of his secret mission.[4]

First race

"Nobody survived racing against me, but who knows? Maybe you'll be the first to walk away."
―Torra Doza, to Kazuda Xiono[src]
Xiono Doza Race

The Fireball and the Blue Ace competed in a sky race above the Colossus.

One of Xiono's first contacts on the Colossus was Neeku Vozo, another member of Yeager's team. When Xiono expressed his ambition to be the best pilot in the galaxy, Vozo thought Xiono was, in fact, the most skilled flyer. As a result, gossip began to spread across the platform much to the dismay of Xiono, who had hoped to keep a low profile while spying on the First Order. At Aunt Z's Tavern, Vozo's assertion that Xiono was a great pilot was ultimately taken as a challenge, one that Xiono was initially hesitant to accept but could not forfeit without facing repercussions. However, he was permitted to choose the racer he would compete against, and his choice was Torra Doza—the youngest racer of the Ace Squadron.[4]

Yeager loaned the Fireball to Xiono in order to compete in his first race. Although he accepted the ship, Xiono was dismayed by its condition and tendency to explode while flying, having grown accustomed to flying state-of-the-art starfighters such as the T-85 X-wing during his career as a New Republic pilot. Even so, Xiono managed to compete with Doza[4] despite the superior quality of her racer, the Blue Ace,[7] and nearly won the race until the Fireball failed when Xiono pushed its engines too hard. Even though he failed to win, Xiono managed to impress the Colossus' population with his racing skills and also secured his place as a mechanic in Yeager's repair shop.[4]

Pirate attack

"There's too many pirates. They'll never hold them off. Come on, BB-8! I think I have an idea."
―Kazuda Xiono, to BB-8[src]
Colossus attack

Xiono stumbled upon the First Order's conspiracy to attack the Colossus through Kragan Gorr's pirates.

The arrival of Hallion Nark, one of Yeager's clients, would put Xiono's skills as a mechanic to the test. By his own admission, Xiono only knew how to pilot a starship—he knew little about repairing them. His lack of mechanical expertise was apparent to his colleague Tamara Ryvora, however. In an effort to maintain his cover, Xiono claimed that he was a self-taught mechanic who learned the craft while working in a factory on Coruscant.[6]

Xiono ultimately discovered that his client was, in fact, a fellow spy. However, Nark's allegiance was with Kragan Gorr and his gang of pirates. Working in secret with the First Order, Gorr's pirates intended to attack the Colossus with the assistance of their Neimoidian operative. Xiono sought to warn the station but was prevented by Grevel, a con-artist who had Xiono accosted in order to extort him for money. The pirates commenced their assault on the platform using the cover of a storm known as the "triple dark." While the Aces engaged the pirates, Xiono managed to acquire Nark's comlink which he used to broadcast a grating feedback loop over the pirates' comm channel. As a result of Xiono's actions, the pirates were unable to coordinate their attack and therefore withdrew from the battle.[6]

Meeting Jace Rucklin

"Hey there! Me and my friends were just talking about you. You flew in that sky race against Torra, right? You've got some skill. What's your name?"
"Kazuda Xiono. Friends call me 'Kaz'."
"Jace Rucklin. I'm a racer, too.
―Kaz and Jace introduce themselves[src]
Kaz meets Jace

Xiono meets Rucklin for the first time.

While working on an engine in Yeager's shop one day, Xiono got distracted by a sky race, causing the engine to drift over the edge of the station and into the ocean below. Upon retrieving the engine, Xiono and Yeager got in an argument, and the former stormed off to Aunt Z's Tavern. There he was approached by the young racer Jace Rucklin, who took Xiono to meet Lin Gaava and Gorrak Wiles, the two members of his crew. The trio informed Xiono of Yeager's racing history and revealed that the mechanic had a hidden racer.[8]

The crew then invited Xiono to a race against Rucklin where the two took speeder bikes just above the surface of the ocean to see who could reach a distant sky ring first. Unbeknownst to Xiono, Wiles had sabotaged one of the bikes as part of a plan to gain Xiono's trust. During the race, Xiono's bike malfunctioned, and after saving his life, Rucklin flew him back to Colossus on the back of his speeder. Once on board, Yeager happened upon the group and scolded Xiono for wasting valuable time and took him back to the shop. After a further scolding from Yeager, Xiono sneaked out once again to meet Rucklin and his crew. He found the three working on Rucklin's racer, and they convinced Xiono to help them sneak into Yeager's private hangar to get a look at his secret racer.[8]

Once Xiono and Rucklin managed to sneak into Yeager's office, Xiono discovered several holograms from Yeager's past, including photos from the Battle of Jakku and of his family. The two were almost caught as Yeager and Ryvora entered the room, but they managed to escape unnoticed, and Rucklin took off with a container of hyperfuel. The theft was discovered by Bucket during an inventory check, and the rest of Team Fireball was alerted. Once Xiono was made aware of the danger involved with hyperfuel and the fact that it could turn Rucklin's ship into a bomb, he raced off to warn the others. He got to Rucklin just as the race was about to begin and jumped onto the racer to prevent him from taking off. The two began to fight, and the racer was accidentally launched. The two were ejected just before the ship exploded, but the emergency parachute had been removed in an attempt to reduce the weight of the racer. BB-8 managed to snag the two out of the air and pull them back to safety with the help of Yeager.[8]

Rucklin went on to blame Xiono for losing the race and vowed that things were not over between them. Yeager took Xiono back to his shop where, to Xiono's surprise, the mechanic continued to allow him to be employed. He told the young man that he felt he was a good person, and allowed him to work on engine parts outside, where Xiono could watch the rest of the race. The platform carrying the engine parts, however, would once again drift over the edge of the platform into the ocean below.[8]

Doza and the First Order

"We need to get into that tower and see what's up, BB-8."
―Xiono, to BB-8[src]
Kaz on High Tower

Xiono scales the side of Doza Tower in an attempt to escape the First Order.

After an announcement from Captain Doza informed the citizens of the Colossus that power was to be rationed for the night, Xiono, Ryvora, Vozo, and BB-8 headed to Aunt Z's Tavern for some drinks. While there, Aunt Z informed the group of her suspicions of Doza, accusing him of being part of the First Order, and Xiono decided he needed to infiltrate Doza Tower in order to discover what the Captain was up to.[9]

Champion racer Hype Fazon entered the bar a short time later, and during a short conversation with Xiono, revealed that a First Order shipment was being delivered to the Colossus. Later that evening, Xiono went outside to watch the shipment come in, despite a curfew mandated by Doza, and discovered that the shipment was, in fact, being delivered by First Order stormtroopers. After being spotted by Ryvora, the girl revealed the reason for her resentment for Fazon, but the racer walked up behind her mid-conversation. He invited the two up to the Aces Lounge to talk.[9]

While in the Tower, Xiono sneaked off to investigate the First Order presence, and he managed to place a comlink on a food tray being carried by a droid into Captain Doza's office. He used the comlink to listen in on Doza's meeting with Major Vonreg of the First Order and discovered that the Major was attempting to bribe Doza into aligning with the First Order by offering fuel and protection for the Colossus station. However, Xiono was found out when the droid carrying his comlink exited the office and walked too close to Xiono, causing the comlinks to produce a loud, high-pitched noise. Xiono fled down the hallways with the stormtroopers in pursuit.[9]

Xiono unknowingly hid in Torra Doza's room, and she helped him escape out her window. He then scaled the side of the tower as the stormtroopers fired at him from a balcony, and the denizens of Aunt Z's Tavern began placing bets on whether or not the boy would fall. BB-8 opened a door allowing Xiono to evade the stormtroopers' blaster bolts. Vonreg approached Captain Doza and accused his daughter of aiding Xiono, but the Captain took his daughter's side and ordered the troopers to leave the Colossus. Xiono returned to Yeager's shop, and the power was restored thanks to the new shipment of fuel.[9]

Refugees from Tehar


Kaz finding Kel and Eila in the care of the Chelidae

After damaging the acceleration compensator aboard the Fireball, Vozo went to Aunt Z's Tavern for a drink with Vozo. Xiono later heard Glem and Yani talking about a 20,000 credit bounty on two runaway children named Kel and Eila. Despite Vozo's misgivings, he decided to find and help the children in order to use the bounty for parts needed for the Fireball.[10]

Xiono, along with BB-8 and Vozo, searched for the children and ran into them in the marketplace. Xiono recognized the wooden charm on Kel's arm. Xiono offered to help them but they were frightened and ran away. Xiono realized that the two children were in trouble. Neeku offered to help and introduced Xiono to the Chelidae, a shell-like amphibian species who lived in the Colossus' engineering deck where they worked as engineers, maintenance workers, and power plant workers. Vozo's Chelidae friends agreed to help them find the children.[10]

Exiting the engineering deck, Xiono, BB-8, and Vozo were summoned by 4D-M1N for a meeting with Captain Imanuel Doza, who ran the Colossus. Doza had received reports that Xiono had bee sighted with the two missing children, who had a large bounty on their heads. Xiono showed Doza's Kel's charm and asked why the children were on the run. Doza did not answer and asked Xiono to consider who would put such as a large bounty on their heads. Xiono reassured Doza that he only wanted the children to get home.[10]

Returning to Yeager's repair station, Xiono told Ryvora that he had been looking for money to compensate for the damaged compensator. Shortly later, Xiono received news from the Chelidae that they had found the children. At the engineering deck, Xiono found Kel and Eila with the Chelidae. Though the children were frightened, he convinced them to accept his help. The two children told them that their parents were wiped out by the First Order after Kylo Ren and his forces destroyed their village on Tehar.[10]

Xiono and Vozo helped Kel obtained a herb from the Colossus marketplace to treat Eila's broken leg. However, a First Order unit led by Commander Pyre arrived at the Colossus to eliminate Kel and Eila in order to conceal news of the massacre on Tehar. Xiono, Vozo, Kel, and BB-8 managed to elude the stormtroopers and flee into the engineering deck. Using blast doors, they managed to stall Pyre's stormtroopers long enough for Xiono to devise a plan to throw the First Order off Kel and Eila's scent.[10]

Xiono's plan involved tricking the First Order into thinking Kel and Eila had jumped down a grate into the sea below. When Commander Pyre entered the room, he offered the children the chance of coming with the First Order or being destroyed. Kel and Eila rejected his demand and jumped into the sea. As part of Xiono's plan, the two children were picked up by Chelidae while two of the "shell folk" jumped into the sea to simulate Kel and Eila. Since Chelidae were capable of suppressing their life signs, Commander Pyre and his troopers were led to believe that Kel and Eila had perished.[10]

Kel and Eila found refuge with the Chelidae, who also repaired the Fireball's damaged acceleration compensator. Satisfied that the children were safe, Xiono returned to Yeager's station. After returning the compensator to Ryvora, Xiono contacted General Organa via a computer screen. However, Organa was away and his transmission was picked up by the Abednedo pilot Ello Asty. Xiono recounted his encounter with Kel and Eila as well as Kylo Ren's role in the massacre on Tehar. Alsty promised to convey his message to General Organa.[10]

Incident in Sector Six

Later, Xiono was woken up early in the morning by Yeager for an unscheduled "salvage run." Yeager flew Xiono and BB-8 on a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle into the skies of Castilon where they rendezvoused with Poe Dameron, who had come to take Xiono on a training flight. Xiono was delighted to see his mentor and boarded a spare T-70 X-wing starfighter that Dameron had brought along. Dameron was also accompanied by the BB-series astromech droid CB-23.[11]

After jumping into his T-70 X-wing, Xiono and Dameron went on a fun flight through a nearby asteroid field in the Castilon system. Xiono made two attempts to do "backward tail slide" but ended up scrapping his starship. Xiono then picked up a distress signal from the nearby Sector six. Traveling to the scene, they discovered a wrecked Darius G-class freighter, which had been attacked by pirates.[11]

Poe and Kaz

Poe and Kaz during the investigation of the Darius G-class freighter.

Xiono, Dameron, and the droids boarded the ship. They witnessed two pirates being devoured by an unseen threat. After fighting through several Kowakian monkey-lizards, the Resistance pilots and their droids managed to rescue an unconscious Mirialan crew member who turned out to be the Warbird pirate Synara San. The group were attacked by a Kowakian ape-lizard but managed to escape back to their starfighters.[11]

Once in space, they fought with several pirate starfighters. During the dogfight, Xiono did a successful "backward tail slide" over an asteroid, causing a pursuing pirate ship to collide with the asteroid. After returning to Castilon, Xiono brought back the unconscious Synara San. Recognizing him from the earlier pirate raid, Synara initially assaulted Xiono but befriended him after learning that Xiono had helped rescue her. Xiono helped Synara to settle into the Colossus, not knowing that she was a member of the Warbird gang.[11]

BB-8's goose chase

Following the events in Sector six, Yeager sent BB-8 to find Xiono because he wanted to show him how to work on a targeting computer. BB-8 went on a "goose chase" through the Colossus marketplace and Aunt Z's Tavern only to find Xiono working on the targeting computer. Xiono asked BB-8 to find Yeager, causing the droid to bow his head in exasperation.[12]

The second pirate raid

Xiono and his Team Fireball colleagues later received a contract to repair the Colossus' anti-air defense system's tracking computer. While they were repairing the computer, they learnt that they needed a new CoMar Tri-Tracker chip. Yeager sent Xiono, Ryvora, and BB-8 to obtain a new tri-tracker chip. They visited Flix and Orka's Office of Acquisitions but the merchants lacked the chip.[13]

Kaz and Tam ask for a CoMar chip

Kaz and Tam ask Synara for a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip.

At Xiono's suggestion, the trio visited Synara San, who had found a job as a salvager in the loading docks. Synara managed to retrieve a tracker chip from a sunken cruiser. Xiono and his friends returned to Yeager's repair shop. Synara later visited Yeager's shop and gave Xiono some power couplings. Though Kaz claimed that the targeting computer was for a food steaming machine, Synara deduced that it was for the station's air defense system and informed Kragan that the Colossus' defenses were down.[13]

Shortly later, the Warbirds raided the Colossus, terrorizing the marketplace and the loading docks. While Ryvora and BB-8 went into the loading docks to search for their friend Synara, Xiono and Yeager transported the tracking computer to the air defense system. However, they were attacked by Kragan Gorr and his pirates. While Kaz fought the pirates, Yeager struggled to load the tracking computer into the missile system.[13]

After some delays, Yeager and Kaz managed to fit the tracking computer into the anti-aircraft system. As a result, Captain Doza was able to reactivate the cannons and drive the pirates away. Returning to Yeager's shop, Yeager complimented Kaz for his good job and courage. Meanwhile, Synara gained Ryvora's trust while the pirate raid forced Captain Doza to reconsider the First Order's offer of protection.[13]

Encountering thieves

"Looks like no one told those thieves, how did they sneak onto the platform? This is bad news."
―Kazuda Xiono[src]
The captured crooks

Kaz and BB-8 successfully captured the thieves.

Xiono and BB-8 encountered three thieves stealing blasters on board the Colossus in Sector 7-E. Eventually Xiono and BB-8 successfully stopped the three thieves, who were captured by security droids and sent to prison.[14]

The Platform Classic

While working with the rest of Team Fireball on the Fireball racer, Kaz and Tam chatted about the upcoming Platform Classic race on the following day. Kaz told the others that he heard a rumor that would make the Platform Classic the biggest race in the galaxy; the presence of galactic racing champion Marcus Speedstar. Kaz was excited when the team accompanied Yeager for a meeting with Captain Doza.[15]

During the meeting, Kaz and the rest of Team Fireball expressed excitement when Captain Doza announced that Marcus Speedstar would be racing in the Platform Classic. However, unknown to everyone else, Yeager was still bitter towards his younger brother Speedstar for causing the deaths of his wife and daughter. He refused to race with Speedstar or to talk with his younger brother.[15]

Later, Kaz was present at Yeager's garage when Speedstar visited with his Esral'sa'Nikto Oplock and astromech droid R4-D12. Neeku introduced Kaz and Tam to Oplock. After Speedstar had left, Yeager chastised Xiono for going behind his back by trying to get him to race Speedstar in the Platform Classic. When Kaz raised the point that Speedstar was Yeager's brother, Xiono claimed they had an agreement not to race each other. Unaware of the falling out between the two brothers, Xiono and Tam pressed Yeager on the matter of him not wanting to race Speedstar. This irked Yeager who announced that he would force Marcus to back down.[15]

However, Speedstar was unwilling to pull out because he wanted to secure the prize money to secure a ransom for his friend Oplock, who had been taken captive by the Guavian Death Gang for unpaid debts. Yeager's plan backfired when Aunt Z and the other customers placed bets on the two brothers. Yeager wanted to back out but Xiono reminded him that he couldn't. Still upset with Xiono over the race, Yeager "loaned" him to Speedstar.[15]

Since Xiono was not a real mechanic, he struggled to repair Speedstar's racer Galaxy's Glory. Speedstar expressed admiration for his older brother, telling Xiono that he was the better pilot. Speedstar also confided that he and Yeager had fallen out after he caused a racing accident but neglected to mention that his actions had caused the deaths of Yeager's wife and daughter. Speedstar also regretted using hyperfuel in an attempt to win that race and added that it ruined everything.[15]

Prior to the Platform Classic the following day, Xiono told Yeager to forgive Speedstar. Yeager responded that he once had a family. When Xiono responded that Speedstar loved Yeager as a brother, Yeager responded that Marcus only cared for himself. Xiono and his fellow mechanics watched the race from the balcony. While watching the race, Xiono accidentally shoved a pit droid off the balcony.[15]

Kaz also watched as Yeager, Speedstar, and the other races re-entered Castilon's atmosphere. During the final leg, Yeager reconciled with his younger brother after realizing that his intentions to rescue Oplock were genuine. Yeager pulled out of the race, allowing Speedstar to win the race and claim the prize money needed to free Oplock.[15]

Following the race, Kaz watched as Yeager and Speedstar parted company on friendly terms. After Speedstar had left, Kaz told Yeager he would had a fantastic racing career. Yeager thanked Kaz for teaching him the importance of forgiveness. Kaz also joked with BB-8 that he and Yeager were becoming friends. When BB-8 took offense, Kaz suggested that he and Yeager could be allies instead.[15]

Juggling spying and friendship

Later, Xiono received orders from Poe Dameron to find any information linking Captain Doza to the First Order. While trying to enter Doza Tower with BB-8 through the shipping door, Xiono encountered Captain Doza's daughter Torra Doza, whom he had raced earlier. Torra was annoyed with her father's over-protectiveness and wanted to venture into the market space. Due to their similar ages, Xiono took the opportunity to befriend Xiono as a means of gaining access to Doza Tower.[16]

After Torra encountered hostility from merchants in the Colossus marketplace, Xiono accepted Torra's invitation to visit Doza Tower in order to play the new simulator game Flight Simulator Squadron. Their visit coincided with a meeting between Captain Doza and Commander Pyre to discuss the First Order's protection offer following the second pirate attack on the Colossus. Inside the Colossus, Xiono, BB-8 and Torra briefly visited the Aces Lounge. While helping himself to snacks, Xiono encountered a vindictive Rucklin, who still blamed him for the loss of his speeder.[16]

Xiono and BB-8 later accompanied Torra to her room where they played a game of Flight Simulator Squadron. The computer game was interrupted by the arrival of the security droid 4D-M1N. Kaz managed to hide but BB-8 was spotted by 4D, who assumed "intruder" mode. While Torra calmed 4D down, Kaz took the opportunity to sneak away and make his way to Doza's office where there was a datapad containing information on Captain Doza's meeting with Commander Pyre. While Captain Doza accompanied Commander Pyre to his shuttle, BB-8 helped Xiono to enter Doza's office.[16]

Once inside, Xiono began downloading data from Doza's datapad into a memory stick. However, Rucklin had spotted Xiono sneaking into Captain Doza's office and alerted Captain Doza. BB-8 managed to alert Xiono, who hid inside a cupboard. There, Xiono discovered an Imperial officer's uniform, confirming that Captain Doza had once been a Captain in the "Old Empire". Fortunately for Xiono, Captain Doza did not search the cupboard and dismissed Rucklin's claims.[16]

After escaping Doza's office, Xiono and BB-8 encountered Torra, who asked what he was doing in her father's office. Xiono offered to tell the truth at Aunt Z's Tavern. Seeking a discrete way to exit the building, Torra led Xiono and BB-8 into the trash incinerator. However, the trash incinerator had been scheduled for incineration. Xiono, Torra, and BB-8 barely escaped being incinerated by the machine. After their misadventure, Xiono claimed that he was a former New Republic starfighter pilot who had become a racer. While Torra was skeptical of Xiono's story, she allowed him to leave.[16]

Mission to Station Theta Black

Xiono later borrowed the starfighter Fireball for an off-world mission with Poe Dameron. While Xiono had obtained Yeager's permission, Ryvora took offense that Xiono had borrowed "her starship." Since Ryvora had "forgotten" to install new stabilizers, Xiono and BB-8 were stuck in space when the ship broke down. Fortunately, they were picked up by a Resistance CR-90 corvette.[17]

Aboard the ship, Xiono and BB-8 took part in a briefing with Poe and General Organa. General Organa sent Poe and Kaz on a mission to investigate possible First Order flight paths into the Unknown Regions. They traveled in their T-70 X-wing starfighters, accompanied by BB-8 and Poe's astromech droid CB-23. Arriving at the coordinates, they discovered an asteroid base known as Station Theta Black in the middle of an asteroid field.[17]

After docking, Xiono explored the asteroid base with Poe and BB-8 while CB-23 took the starfighters and hid them in the asteroid field. Poe wanted to investigate what the base was being used for and handed Xiono a blaster. BB-8 managed to access a network terminal and discovered that Station Theta Black was being prepped for demolition. The three were attacked by a hidden First Order sentry droid but Poe managed to disable the droid. The droid managed to send an intruder alert to Starkiller Base before being destroyed.[17]

While Xiono and BB-8 thought they should return to base, Poe insisted on continuing with the mission, seeking to find out what the First Order was using the base for. Despite the arrival of First Order stormtroopers led by Captain Phasma, Xiono and his comrades managed to reach a control room where BB-8 discovered that Station Theta Black was once a dedlanite mining and processing facility. The Resistance operatives soon encountered four stormtroopers but managed to escape them following a brief skirmish, which caused the stormtroopers' explosives to prematurely explode.[17]

Xiono and his comrades then headed back to the hangar, fighting off stormtroopers along the way. At the hangar, the Resistance operatives encountered Captain Phasma and her troops. While fleeing onto bridges, Xiono used one of the cranes to slow down their First Order pursuers. They managed to rendezvous with CB-23 and their starfighters and escaped the station.[17]

However, the Resistance pilots and their droids were then pursued by Major Vonreg and his TIE squadron. Xiono was unable to loose the First Order pursuers but Poe managed to shoot down one of the enemy TIEs. Before Major Vonreg could eliminate the Resistance flyers, Captain Phasma ordered his squadron to break off the engagement because she was going to detonate the asteroid field. Xiono and Poe survived the explosion with Xiono hiding his starfighter behind an asteroid.[17]

Following the mission, Poe and Kaz informed General Organa that the First Order was building lots of weapons. While Kaz was hopeful this information would sway neutral New Republic senators, Organa was pessimistic since several senators were benefiting from the creation of these weapons. Organa also told Kaz that everyone had a part to play in the Resistance. Organa's words moved Kaz, who responded that more people would help if they knew what was at stake.[17]

A painful game

Xiono, his Team Fireball work colleagues, and Torra Doza had a game of holodarts at Aunt Z's Tavern. Xiono missed all three attempts during his round. Bucket then took a turn. His first two darts hit the bull's eye but the third dart pierced Xiono's buttocks. An enraged Xiono then chased Bucket.[18]

Bucket's missing helmet

One day, BB-8 borrowed Bucket's helmet, causing the older astromech droid to search Yeager's repair shop and the surrounding area frantically for the helmet. When Bucket asked Xiono if her had seen the helmet, Xiono suggested that the droid retrace his steps. Bucket subsequently acquired a new helmet from Flix and Orka before returning to the garage. When Bucket discovered BB-8 with his prized helmet, he attacked the younger droid, causing BB-8 to drop the helmet. Unaware of the trouble, Xiono tried to return the helmet to Bucket but the grumpy droid kicked him in the leg.[19]

Babysitting Buggles

Later, Torra Doza got Kaz to babysit her pet voorpak Buggles at Yeager's repair shop. However, the restless pet let Kaz on a chase through the garage. Xiono saw Buggles chasing a bird on the edge of the Colossus. Xiono was still searching for Buggles when Torra returned and asked where her pet was. Buggles then resurfaced inside the cockpit of the Fireball, causing the ship's engines to run.[20]

Dangerous test flight

Torra later assisted Kaz in testing the Fireball's thrusters. Kaz followed Torra through a twisting course. As they headed back to the platform. the Fireball's throttle broke in Kaz's hand. At the last minute, Kaz was able to jam the broken throttle back into place and slide into a stop. Despite the safe landing, Kaz was then knocked down by the Fireball's canopy.[21]

All Aces Battle Royale

Kaz saw many ships coming and more pilots roaming the Colossus' decks. From Aunt Z, Kaz learned that all the ships and pilots were there for the All Aces Battle Royale. Kaz saw known First Order sympathizer and ace pilot Marnia Un'la'na at the tavern. Kaz followed her and saw her meeting with an Ugnaught. Kaz learned that she was planning on giving information to Major Vonreg. Kaz contacted Dameron, who told him to intercept Un'la'na's transmission by racing in the Battle Royale. Kaz decided to "borrow" one of the Hosnian Prime's pilots' backup ships. Kaz and BB-8 added some decals to the ship, installed a Republic encryption recorder, and gave himself the alias Bolt-Shatterer-K. Kaz took part in the Battle Royale and stayed close to Un'la'na.[1]

Despite staying close to her, Kaz and BB-8 were unable to establish a link between the recorder and Un'la'na's ship. Kaz and BB-8 were able to get the data but were forced to crash land the ship. The crash destroyed the recorder, but Kaz remembered that the ship had a backup recorder. Kaz was able to transmit the data to Dameron and Organa and returned the ship.[1]

Hunted by the First Order

"Commander Pyre. What is the stages of the Colossus refueling station?
The Resistance is proving to be stronger than we anticipated, Captain Phasma.
Pyre and Phasma discuss the Resistance.[src]

Right after the Battle of Castilon, in which Tam joined the First Order and Major Vonreg was killed, though sustaining heavy damage, the Colossus was able to jettison itself into hyperspace and escape the grip of the First Order. At seeing this, the First Order became determined to capture the Colossus.[22]

Trouble on the Colossus

"What's our position?
As far as I can tell, we're about three parsecs from D'Qar.
―Captain Doza and his daughter speaking about their location.[src]

After arriving out of hyperspace, Doza ordered Yeager to run a complete diagnostic of the platform to find out what things needed fixing on the Colossus. After doing so, Yeager promptly informed the Captain that they were running low on coaxium fuel, their defense system was down, the engine was weak, the transmitter relay wasn't functioning properly, and the gravity generator was glitching, leading to sudden losses of gravity.[22]

After discovering this information, Kaz and Neeku volunteered to fix the gravity generator and check out the transmitter, along with Torra and CB-23, a replacement for BB-8. Unbeknownst to them, the First Order droid presumed to be destroyed, MB-13A, was waiting.[22]

Difficulties with repairs

"Do you know who was good with innovative relays? Tam."
―Kaz lamenting Tam's departure.[src]

Once they floated their way to the Colossus hyperdrive room, Kaz immediately went to work on the gravity generator. But after some time, his frustration boiled over, and he asked Neeku to see whether the Chelidae would aid them. Neeku did so and told Kaz that the Chelidae Vilpac had told them to leave, that it was not safe for the trio. Kaz thinking that they were still shell-shocked from the battle, told Neeku to forget them and send CB-23 to fix the long range transmitter.[22]

CB-23 went to the shaft and successfully fixed the long range transmitter, only to be knocked out by and her head removed by MB-13A, who'd been watching in the shadows.[22]

Meanwhile, a still exasperated Kaz whines about how the wiring is jumbled and how everyone upstairs must be miserable. How wrong he was. At Aunt Z's Tavern, many, including Kragan, Flix, and Orka are partying away and enjoying themselves.[22]

Eventually, Neeku comments that CB-23 had been taking a while to fix the transmitter and he decides to check on her. As soon as he enters the pitch-black shaft, he comments on how frightening the shaft is when he encounters CB-23 with no head. As he discovers this, he is ambushed by MB-13A, who ties him up.[22]

Back at the hyperdrive room, a vexed Kaz is informed by Torra that they are not getting enough power to the induction coil. A now very annoyed Kaz murmurs that it should be working and asks "Tam" to hand him the fusion spanner. A knowing Torra kindly gives him a reminder that her name is Torra, to which Kaz apologizes for. Kaz then gets stung by short-circuiting cable. He tries to contact Neeku and CB-23 via comlink, to no avail. An intrigued Torra wonders what is going on with the two, and Kaz replies by saying that Neeku probably is trying to fix more than originally assigned. A still worried Torra decides to check on them with Kaz towing behind. Once inside the shaft, they discover a bound Neeku, right as MB-13A drops behind them, preparing to fight. Kaz remarks that he was under the guise that the droid had been destroyed. Torra replied by saying that the First Order made them tough.[22]

The droid whipped out its Electro-shock prod and began to advance on the duo. Kaz decided to try to distract the droid while Torra rescued Neeku. Kaz is able to this for some time, but eventually, MB-13A succeeds in electrocuting him. Torra is forced to leave Neeku and to go help Kaz out. Once Kaz comes to, they both realize that droid was about to hail the First Order and inform it of the Colossus' location. They know that the outcome of this wouldn't be good for the chances of survival, so Kaz takes a chance and dives at it, twisting its head. As Torra cancels the transmission, Kaz leads the droid on another chase.[22]

Back in the shaft, Neeku is able to turn CB-23 on once again, solely using his feet. The awakened droid quickly rushes to aid Kaz and Torra against MB-13A, with Neeku reminding her not to forget him when the scuffle is over.[22]

Meanwhile, MB-13A is able to corner Kaz and ominously prepares to give him a shock that he won't soon forget, right as CB-23 arrives and barrels into it, provoking a duel between the two. [22]

Kaz gets Torra to assist him to lift up a floor shaft that leads straight to the powerful vacuum of space. They are able to open it, leading to MB-13A being sucked down, but not before it latches on to Kaz and drags Kaz down. CB-23 tries to help him by releasing her grappling hook, which Kaz holds on for dear life. But right at the last moment, Torra is able to seal the door and cut off MB-13A appendage, jettisoning it into space.[22]

After gravity is restored to the Colossus, Kaz decides to send an apology transmission to Tam, who receives it, and deletes it right away, showing her new allegiance. The First Order.[22]

Personality and traits

"You ready for this?
Heh. I'm never really ready for anything, but that hasn't stopped me yet.
―Poe Dameron and Kazuda Xiono, discussing their mission to Station Theta Black[src]
Kaz Resistance

Xiono was confident in his skills as a pilot but uncertain about his role as a spy.

Kazuda Xiono was a human male[3] who had black hair, brown eyes, and light skin. He had a scar on the left side of his temple hairline by the time of his assignment on Castilon.[4]

Whereas Kazuda Xiono was confident in his abilities as a trained pilot in the New Republic Navy, he was less sure of himself when it came to his role as a Resistance spy. Despite feeling out of his element as a spy, Xiono was determined to make the best of his situation, largely through his cover as a mechanic in order to better carry out his mission for the Resistance.[4]

He was loyal to the New Republic, having been born under its rule. Believing the First Order posed a threat to his government, Xiono felt compelled to support the Resistance in spite of his father, who viewed Leia Organa and her followers as extremists. Unlike Hamato, Kazuda was inspired by the Resistance, particularly by its leaders such as Organa and Poe Dameron.[4]


Poe Dameron

Kazuda Xiono had a deep respect for the seasoned Resistance fighter pilot Poe Dameron. He shared Dameron's view that the First Order posed a serious threat to the New Republic and was willing to help the Resistance in any way he could.[4] The two shared a love for flying with Xiono looking up to Dameron as a mentor.[11]

Jarek Yeager

Xiono and Jarek Yeager initially had a tense relationship. Despite Yeager's misgivings about Xiono's naivety and clumsiness, Yeager agreed to shelter Xiono due to his friendship with Dameron.[4] While Yeager was annoyed with Xiono's lack of mechanical aptitude and naivety, he respected Xiono's moral compass and willingness to save Jace Rucklin from himself.[8] Yeager also respected Kaz for his courage and improved mechanical skills when installing a tracking computer while under fire.[13]

Kaz also played an important role in softening Yeager's attitude towards his estranged younger brother Marcus Speedstar. Kaz convinced a reluctant Yeager to forgive Speedstar. As a result, Xiono and Yeager became allies if not friends.[15]

Neeku Vozo

One of Xiono's closest and most loyal friends was the Nikto Neeku Vozo. While Vozo's tendency to take things literally created misunderstandings, Xiono's willingness to meet challenges regardless of the odds stacked against him won him Vozo's respect. Vozo helped Xiono to find his way around the Colossus while he was settling in as a spy.[4] As close friends, Vozo gave Xiono invaluable advice not to trust Rucklin and his friends[8] and later helped Xiono to find Kel and Eila.[10] At times, Xiono's was annoyed by Vozo's antics such as using a comlink in close proximity and misunderstanding Xiono's interest in the First Order.[9]

Tamara Ryvora

Tamara Ryvora was initially hostile towards Xiono, regarding him as an interloper. She was upset that Yeager allowed Xiono to racer her racer the Fireball[4] and was frustrated by his lack of mechanical skills, which caused Xiono to damage an acceleration compensator on one occasion.[10] Despite her hostility, Ryvora was genuinely concerned when Xiono was pursued by stormtroopers during a mission to Doza Tower.[9]

Jace Rucklin

Kazuda Xiono was initially won over by Jace Rucklin and his friends' lackadaisical attitude towards life and love for racing. However, their relationship fell apart after Rucklin stole a canister of hyperfuel from Yeager's garage. While trying to save Rucklin, Xiono destroyed Rucklin's racer, earning Rucklin's emnity.[8]

Marcus Speedstar

Kazuda Xiono idolized the galactic racing champion Marcus Speedstar and dreamed of him racing his employer and reluctant mentor Jarek Yeager. From Speedstar, Xiono learned that Speedstar respected his brother and was plague by his role in causing the deaths of Yeager's wife and daughter. As a peacemaker, Xiono urged Yeager to reconcile with his younger brother; advice which Yeager subsequently took up. This not only allowed the two brothers to reconcile but enable Speedstar to secure the ransom for his friend Oplock.[15]

Leia Organa

Kazuda Xiono looked up to General Organa as a war hero and leader. He disagreed with his father who regarded Leia's Resistance organization as extremists.[4] While Xiono believed that the discovery that the First Order was building weapons would convince the galaxy that the First Order was a threat, Organa disagreed because several senators were benefiting from these weapons. Leia admired Xiono for his willingness to do his part for the Resistance. Xiono was inspired by Organa's view that the Resistance belonged to everyone and that anyone could contribute to it. Xiono believed that a lot more people would support the Resistance if they knew what was at stake.[17]


In order to aid and watch out for Kazuda Xiono, Poe Dameron left BB-8 with him during Xiono's spy mission on the Colossus. Although BB-8 initially reacted strongly against this assignment, the droid and Xiono slowly developed a bond over many close calls with the First Order. Xiono was clearly disappointed when BB-8 and he parted due to Poe requiring the droid for a mission to Jakku.[23]

Skills and abilities

"Get ready to be impressed."
―Kazuda Xiono[src]

Xiono was a skilled pilot

Kazuda Xiono specialized in piloting New Republic X-wing starfighters. Unlike his role in intelligence gathering, Xiono was both skilled and self-assured in the cockpit of starfighter.[4] Xiono's lack of mechanical expertise, however, posed problems with his cover on his undercover mission, as he was supposed to be a mechanic as well as a pilot, and had some difficulty learning.[6] As he spent more time in his job his skills as a mechanic grew however, and was able to help repair the Colossus's targeting computer.[13] Thanks to his training in the New Republic Navy, he was also a decent shot with a blaster, albeit in simulations.[17]

Behind the scenes

Kazuda Xiono is the main character of the 2018 Lucasfilm Animation series Star Wars Resistance. He is voiced by Christopher Sean.[4] Originally, the casting process called for an Asian American actor to play Kaz as they wanted to promote diversity, and the Japanese American[24] Sean got the role following two auditions. According to Sean, Kaz "takes" the charm and charisma of Han Solo, the instinct rebel of Poe Dameron, the Navy from his father Patrick Fiel and the clumsiness, silliness and goofiness from himself.[25] Sean has expressed pride at voicing an Asian lead character in a Star Wars cartoon and that Asian viewers can now see Kaz and say "That looks like me. I'm part of the Star Wars Galaxy."[26]


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