"If you lack, as I suspect you do, the authority to sign binding treaties on behalf of the New Republic, we have no further business to discuss and you should arrange to purchase an exit pass from my good friend Magistrate Kebbo, here. You do know you can't leave the planet without one, don't you? I'm sure yours won't be too terribly expensive."
―Crev Bombaasa informs a New Republic delegation of the need to deal with Kebbo to leave Pembric II[1]

Kebbo was a Rodian male who served as the Chief Magistrate of the Pembric Security Legion in 8 ABY. A career criminal, Kebbo was also a member of crime lord Crev Bombaasa's cartel on the planet Pembric II in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories, and the Security Legion operated in the cartel's best interests. In 8 ABY, Imperial warlord Moff Kentor Sarne was removed from power in the sector by the New Republic. Bombaasa moved to take control of Pembric II, establishing a puppet government that proclaimed pro-Imperial loyalties to deter New Republic overtures. Kebbo, in his role as head of the Security Legion, enforced Bombaasa's will, arranging for the crime lord's enemies to be detained and keeping the population under control by denying them the right to travel off-world by making it expensive to leave.

The same year, Kebbo and Security Legionnaires under his command encountered an undercover landing party from the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar when they landed on the planet seeking Breslin Drake, the manager of the ThrusterBurn Tapcafe. The Rodian was aware of the party's allegiance, information that had been provided to him by Bombaasa, and had been sent to ascertain their intentions while on-planet. He later escorted the delegation to a meeting with Bombaasa himself, where he unsuccessfully attempted to arrest them under suspicion of obtaining transit visas without paying for them.


"We've come to collect your landing fee. Come out slowly, and don't make any sudden moves. It makes my associates unhappy, which could make you rather dead."
―Kebbo, to the FarStar landing party[1]

Kebbo was a male Rodian who resided on the planet Pembric II in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. A member of crime lord Crev Bombaasa's criminal cartel, he made a name for himself through acts of theft, intimidation, protection, and robbery. By 8 ABY, Kebbo was the Chief Magistrate of the Pembric Security Legion, Pembric II's law enforcement agency. Although outwardly resembling an actual police force, the Security Legion was massively corrupt.[1] When the local Imperial warlord, Moff Kentor Sarne, was ejected from his capital on Kal'Shebbol by the New Republic,[2] his control over the planets in the sector was broken. The Bombaasa Cartel stepped in and took over governance of the Pembric system, installing a puppet government that feigned loyalty to the Empire in a bid to keep the New Republic out of the system. Under the Cartel's control, the Security Legion began to operate as a law enforcement organization again, but it mainly benefited Bombaasa and his operations. Kebbo's role as Chief Magistrate gave him broad powers to detain the Cartel's enemies. With the Bombaasa Cartel in control of the planet, strict emigration rules were enacted to stop citizens from leaving Pembric II. Expensive transit visas and exit passes were required for individuals to depart from the planet. Kebbo was known to promise to arrange transport for those able to pay, then strand them at the spaceport with no money and no way to support themselves.[1]

Crev Bombaasa, Kebbo's employer

Not long after Sarne was ousted from his capital, the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar entered the Pembric system in search of a man named Breslin Drake, hoping that he would be able to direct them to someone who could assist with technical problems they were having with their ship. Aware of Pembric II's reputation, the commander of the FarStar, Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum, chose to send an undercover team posing as illegal arms merchants under the nominal command of Twi'lek procurement specialist Loh'khar the Finder. The FarStar's Aegis-class combat shuttle, stripped of New Republic markings, was used as their transport. However, one of the Cartel's mining outposts in the Pembric asteroid field recorded their arrival. Kebbo was sent to meet the shuttle at the spaceport's Pad 642 and was aware that the crew were New Republic agents. He was authorized to answer the crew's questions, albeit not entirely truthfully, and to ascertain their reason for being on the planet. Kebbo was not to reveal that he knew their allegiance, and he was instructed to ensure that the delegation "disappeared" if needed. After collecting their landing fee, Kebbo—for a further fee—directed the New Republic delegation to Drake, who was the manager of the ThrusterBurn Tapcafe. The Rodian also suggested that, for a fee of 1,000 credits, he could arrange for security measures to be taken to ensure the safety of their ship, noting that theft often occurred when the measures were not taken. As the negotiations concluded, a disturbance by civilians wanting to leave the planet demanded Kebbo's attention; several other Security Legionnaires used their blaster rifle butts as clubs to subdue the crowd, and Kebbo gave orders to shoot any protester who did not leave the landing area.[1]

After giving the delegation directions to the ThrusterBurn, Kebbo detailed a pair of Legionnaires to escort them. Unbeknownst to him, the Legionnaires were, in fact, deep cover agents loyal to Moff Sarne. Although the Bombaasa Cartel had attempted to purge the planet of Imperial loyalists following Sarne's defeat at Kal'Shebbol, some remained in hiding. The two Imperial agents, along with five thugs, attempted to capture Loh'khar and his companions. The New Republic crew fought back, subduing their attackers and retrieving a data plaque from one of the agents that contained transit visas. Kebbo, backed by a squad of Legionnaires, later traveled to the ThrusterBurn, interrupting the New Republic delegation's conversation with Drake. The Chief Magistrate informed them that Crev Bombaasa wished to see them, and made sure to convey the suggestion that the invitation could not be turned down. Bombaasa met them in the ThrusterBurn's casino and revealed that he knew of their allegiance. After presuming that they did not have the authority to negotiate a deal to keep the New Republic out of the Pembric system, he invited them to leave the planet but mentioned that the travel visas would be expensive. Kebbo, who had noticed that the two Legionnaires he had assigned to escort the delegation had disappeared, prepared to search the crew for the transit visas that the guards had been carrying. The New Republic delegation resisted, and a fight broke out. Drake and his bouncers waded in on the New Republic's side, helping them to escape. Shortly thereafter, the New Republic team was successful in liberating a slicer named Gaelin from Bombaasa's incarceration to help them with their technical problems, and subsequently fled the planet.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"I am very flexible, and at the moment, the prevailing wind is bending me in the Cartel's direction."

Kebbo was a violent and ruthless individual, but his loyalties could be bought, and he tended to side with the strongest organization to ensure he remained on the winning side. On Pembric II, he felt that the Bombaasa Cartel was the most stable, reasoning that it had outlasted Imperial rule and would presumably outlast the New Republic as well. Kebbo was courteous and witty, with an eccentric sense of humor, but was also cruel and corrupt and often took bribes. The Rodian was not above insinuating that harm would befall the ships of any visitor to Pembric II if a security fee was not paid in order to secure extra credits for himself.[1]

Kebbo was trained to use a blaster, specifically pistols, and carried both a heavy blaster pistol and a hold-out blaster. He was proficient at unarmed combat and was an intimidating and persuasive individual when the need arose. Kebbo knew about alien species, languages, and planetary systems, and was knowledgeable about the value of starships. A competent pilot, Kebbo was able to fly capital ships, smaller vessels, and starfighters, and could navigate them through hyperspace. He was also able to operate the on-board sensor, weapon, and deflector shield systems. In addition, he could operate ground vehicles, hover vehicles, and repulsorlift vehicles.[1]

The Rodian's technical skills included the ability to repair a number of vehicles, including capital ships, space transports, starfighters, ground vehicles, and hover vehicles. In addition, Kebbo was also trained to repair capital ship weapon systems and program and repair computers. He had a working knowledge of security systems and carried a security toolkit. A career criminal, Kebbo was stealthy and knew how to con or bargain with other individuals. He was also a skilled forger, specializing in ship IDs. He generally carried a comlink and a credit voucher worth 5,000 credits.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kebbo first appeared in Crisis, the fourth RPG adventure in West End Games' The DarkStryder Campaign, published in 1995. The adventure was written by Eric S. Trautmann and Paul Sudlow, with illustrations by Tim Bobko.



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