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Kee was a Yuzzem and the companion of Hin.


Like many other Yuzzem, Kee and Hin were enslaved as part of the Humanocentric policies of the Galactic Empire and were put to work on the jungle world of Mimban where the Imperials had mining operations due to their incredible strength. When they protested, the mining official waved documents at them and mocked them. In response, the two disgruntled Yuzzem took their equipment and started to fill in the mine instead of emptying it.

However, Captain-Supervisor Grammel did not have them shot since an average Yuzzem did thrice the work of the average Human miner and that both Yuzzem had been intoxicated out of their minds. Interestingly, the species had long hangovers due to their massive size. So both Yuzzem were incarcerated at a maximum secure holding cell due to their strength.

By coincidence, Rebel agents Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa were put in the same cell as them since there was no space in the prison. During this time, the Rebels made friends with Kee and Hin. When Grammel arrived at the cell to interrogate Luke and Leia whom had claimed to be escaped criminals from nearby Circarpous IV, Kee grabbed Grammel's neck and was shot by a stormtrooper, but recovered quickly.

Later, Halla (whom had befriended Luke and Leia earlier) freed the captives from their cell by using the Force to throw the food tray at the photoplate in the corridor which opened the cell's doors. Due to the incredible strength of the two Yuzzem, the inmates and Halla managed to escape from the base. They were then joined by the famous droids R2-D2 and C-3PO and then escaped into the surrounding jungle on a stolen military Swamp crawler.

Together with their newly-found friends, Kee and Hin would survive encounters with a massive Wandrella, a tribe of territorial Coway and Imperial Stormtroopers sent after them. However, they were slain while guarding the swamp speeder by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader at the Temple of Pomojema.



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