Keeper of Legends was the title given to the Melodie charged with learning and passing down stories and legends.


During the Sith Lord Exar Kun's tyrannical reign over the Massassi of Yavin 4, he imprisoned the Massassi children in a device known as the Golden Globe. Desperate, the Massassi parents traveled to Yavin 8 to seek help. There, they met the unchanged Melodie who took them to their Elders. However, being a purely naval species, the Elders were unable to assist as they could not leave the water.

In a final attempt at salvation, the Massassi engraved messages in the rocks and caves of Sistra Mountain hoping that somebody might read them and come to their aid. Unfortunately, the Massassi tongue in which the pleas were written in went extinct in 3996 BBY when during the asssault on the jungle moon, the Massassi were wiped out before anyone could save them. Thus, the Keeper of Legends was charged with maintaining the story of the Massassi and the secrets of the Golden Globe as well as other Melodie stories and legends.

It was the Keeper of Legends Aragon who assisted Jedi trainees Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila on their quest to destroy the Golden Globe and free the Massassi children by providing them with information about the Golden Globe's origins.

Known Keepers of LegendsEdit


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