Keepsake chests were wooden boxes that were central to an Alderaanian tradition. Every child on Alderaan owned one, whose designs had been carved by his or her parents and grandparents, but only the child decided what would be placed inside. Putting an item inside the chest meant that the owner had outgrown it while still recognizing its personal, sentimental importance. In adulthood, an Alderaanian could then open his or her chest, look back, and see how he or she had chosen to tell his or her own story.[1] It was traditional for the owner of the chest, upon coming of age, to give it to their parents as a sign that they were now an adult, although it was not mandatory.[2] Thanks to Lord Mellowyn, supreme governor of Birren, Leia Organa's own chest survived the destruction of Alderaan by the Galactic Empire.[1]


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