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"Keeve, look at them all. It's hopeless!"
"There's always hope, Kanrii. Sometimes you just have to work for it."
―Kanrii and Keeve Trennis, on Shuraden[src]

Keeve Trennis was a human female Jedi Knight who lived during the High Republic Era. Originally the Padawan of the Trandoshan Jedi Master Sskeer, Trennis rose to the rank of Knight in 232 BBY after saving a city of diminuitive Ximpi on the planet Shuraden from space-faring ridadi. She found herself stationed aboard the newly-christened Starlight Beacon, a Republic space station that stood as a symbol of hope and prosperity in the Outer Rim Territories. Although she had great skills, Trennis harbored feelings of self-doubt while stationed on the Beacon. Nevertheless, she resolved to be the best Jedi she could be while in service to the Order.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Trial by ordeal[edit | edit source]

"Are you ssscared?"
"There is no fear, only certainty."
"There is also sssuch a thing as rhetoric. A Jedi does more than sssimply parrot ancient lore — a Jedi acts."
―Sskeer and Trennis, before the latter begins her Trial[src]

Trennis sparred with her master on Shuraden.

Keeve Trennis underwent training in the ways of the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era, becoming the Padawan of the Jedi Master Sskeer. The two went on dozens of missions together as master and apprentice as the Trandoshan taught Trennis the ways of the Force.[2] After suffering the loss of both his right arm and his fellow Jedi, Jora Malli, at the Battle of Kur, Sskeer took Trennis to the planet Shuraden aboard a Jedi Vector[1] in 232 BBY.[3] Once on the colorful world in the Galactic Frontier, Trennis encountered an inquisitive local, a Ximpi named Kanrii, who excitedly followed her until the Padawan was ambushed by her master, engaging his student in a sparring match. The duel ended with Trennis sending Sskeer hurtling through a tree. The young Padawan helped her master off the ground and confessed that she was confused why he had brought her to this place when she should have been preparing for her Jedi Trials. The Trandoshan revealed to her that they had come to Shuraden for exactly that reason.[1]

Sskeer led her to a place known as the Needles, a group of ancient rock pillars that rose above the planet's surface. After informing her that many individuals had tried and failed to climb the Needles for millennia, the Jedi Master instructed her to scale the pillars and find a Tythonian pendant that he had hung from one of the peaks. Although she questioned how the one-armed man had climbed the supposedly unclimbable, Trennis began her work. She was followed by the winged Kanrii, who curiously wondered how the Jedi could brave the ascension without her own pair of wings. As she reassured the alien that she would be fine, the fragile pillar broke under the weight of Trennis' hands. She drew her lightsaber and stabbed it's blade into the rock, bringing her descent to a halt. Hanging from her lightsaber hilt, Trennis was less than thrilled when a second inquisitive Ximpi, Lekaki, flew up to greet his friend Kanrii. The two tiny beings discussed the Jedi's predicament when a swarm of enormous insects burst through the Needles, killing Lekaki and sending Trennis plummeting to the ground.[1]

As she caught her bearings, the insects proceeded to swarm a nearby Ximpi city, throwing its inhabitants into chaos. Trennis chose to abandon her Trial and boarded the Vector starfighter, ignoring her master as he called to her. Landing outside the city, she contacted Jedi Master Estala Maru aboard the Starlight Beacon and informed him of the carnage. He told Trennis that the beasts were a species of star-locust known as ridadi that traveled through space once a generation, though their natural instincts should have caused them to avoid an inhabited world like Shuraden. Reaching out through the Force, Trennis connected with the hive mind of the creatures and realized that the signal of the newly constructed Starlight Beacon had disrupted the ridadi's senses and thrown them off-course. Trennis rigged her Vector to give off the same signal as Starlight and sent it flying off into the atmosphere on autopilot while Maru recalibrated the space station to transmit on a different frequency. Their plan worked, and the ridadi followed the starfighter off into space as Trennis and Kanrii returned to the ravaged city.[1]

Knight of Starlight[edit | edit source]

"Keeve Trennis. By the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, I name thee Jedi, Knight of the Republic—protector of the light."
―Avar Kriss knights Trennis[src]

Trennis was formally knighted by Avar Kriss.

Trennis helped the displaced Ximpi repair their homes, using the Force to lift the stone of their buildings back into place. She was confronted by Sskeer, who questioned her as to the whereabouts of their Vector. Learning that it was gone, he left his Padawan alone with the Ximpi to contact Starlight for the delivery of a transport, causing Trennis to suspect that she was in trouble.[1] On the return trip to the Beacon aboard the Radiant Blessing, the duo stopped at the moon Wevo in the Haileap system, where they rescued the stranded passengers of the Steady Wing, a Galactic Republic ship that had been bombed in a Nihil attack. The passengers included the young Jedi Vernestra Rwoh and Imri Cantaros as well as Avon Starros, daughter of Senator Ghirra Starros.[4]

The group then returned to Starlight Beacon, which was scheduled to have its formal dedication very soon. Sskeer brought his Padawan before Jedi Master Avar Kriss, who had just been named marshal of the station. Still believing she was about to be reprimanded, Trennis was surprised when Kriss ignited her lightsaber. The Jedi Master proclaimed Trennis as a Jedi Knight, protector of light in the galaxy. All three attended the dedication ceremony afterwards, where Trennis reflected on her journey thus far. She guessed that Sskeer had somehow known that the ridadi would attack and planned for her to be there to save the Ximpi. As she and every other Jedi present raised their lightsabers to the sky, Trennis shed tears and personally vowed to always uphold light and life.[1]

Corpses in the Kazlin system[edit | edit source]

"You should've told me right away. I would have stopped Sskeer from going to Sedri."
"I'm sorry. I've never seen him like this. He was out of control. Just…just so much rage."
―Kriss and Trennis discuss Sskeer's violence[src]

Sometime later, the Starlight Beacon picked up a faint, scrambled distress signal from the Kazlin system. Trennis was one of a team of Jedi dispatched in a T-1 shuttle to assist, along with her former Master Sskeer as well as Terec and Ceret, Kotabi bond-twins whom Trennis had difficulty distinguishing. Piloting the shuttle, Trennis brought the ship into the star system to discover that the group had been too late: all of the Jedi beheld a ravaged starship with bodies and wreckage floating around it. Trennis and her companions, however, sensed life aboard the vessel, prompting the newly-minted Jedi Knight to bring the shuttle in to dock.[2]

Trennis discovered the corpse of a Hutt aboard the ship.

Boarding through the T-1's docking tube, Sskeer ordered the team to don their rebreathers upon realizing that the ship was filled with noxious gas and slaughtered corpses, which likely meant that the vessel had fallen victim to the Nihil, the group of maruaders that Sskeer had battled at Kur. The Trandoshan ordered Trennis and Ceret to head for the flight deck while he and Terec searched the rest of the ship. As they ventured further into the ship, Trennis began to worry about Sskeer, sensing his unrest and noting his atypical communication with her. She and Ceret soon stumbled upon the corpse of a large Hutt riddled with stab wounds and blaster burns. In another part of the ship, Sskeer and Terec were attacked by a Nihil sniper. As Trennis ran to find them, she found that her former master had not only killed the assassin but also violently mutilated the enemy's remains.[2]

Sskeer left for the planet Sedri Minor with Terec on orders from Marshal Kriss to investigate the origins of a barley crop found aboard the Hutt ship. Worried about her master, Trennis volunteered to go along with Sskeer, but he ordered the young Knight to remain aboard the vessel and tend to Terec's injuries until Kriss and Vernestra Rwoh arrived aboard the Ataraxia. Once the cruiser arrived, Trennis showed Kriss the Nihil's shattered corpse and confessed her worries to the marshal, who realized she should not have sent Sskeer on missions after his trauma at Kur. As they spoke, Terec collapsed into the arms of Jedi Knight Rwoh. The Kotabi had sensed his brother falling victim to a terrible threat on Sedri Minor.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"You're Avar Kriss! Crik! I mean — wow! I heard about what you did at Hetzal. You're…you're crikking amazing!"
―Trennis, unable to control herself upon meeting her hero[src]

Keeve Trennis was a human female with dark skin and brown eyes. She wore her curly brown hair to the right side of her face, whereas the hair on her left side was shaved short. Trennis was a determined Jedi who trusted deeply in her connection with the Force, though she was prone to feelings of self-doubt. Although she was skilled in the Force, she thought to herself that others believed she wasn't ready for knighthood.[1] In truth, several beings believed that the young Jedi had a bright future ahead of her.[5]

Trennis was inspired by individuals like Avar Kriss, whom she admired for her accomplishments on Hetzal Prime during the Great Disaster. She had some trouble controlling her excitement around the esteemed Jedi Master,[1] and found herself starstruck after learning of Kriss' great actions in the past.[5] Trennis was aware of the fact that she negatively compared herself to more experienced Jedi like Kriss and the bond-twins Terec and Ceret, whom she considered to to be living legends.[2] Despite the conflicts within herself, Trennis vowed to never let down people like Kriss and Sskeer who truly believed in her.[1]

Trennis was a young firebrand, and more impulsive than was becoming of a Jedi Knight.[5] She was a sarcastic and quick-witted individual, trading barbs with her master Sskeer while on missions that poked fun at each others abilities. She was easily annoyed by beings like the Ximpi of Shuraden, thinking to herself that she had been cursed by the Force to have them in her presence. Trennis was prone to swearing, using expletives like kriff in formal settings when even she knew it was best to avoid such language.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

"Well? What do you think?"
"I think you need to work on your lateral sssweep…my Padawan."
―Trennis and Sskeer, after a sparring match[src]

Keeve could hear the mind of the ridadi through the Force.

Trennis was trained in the Jedi arts, and as such could use the Force to accomplish tasks. She was able to telekinetically move objects as well as telepathically sense danger and communicate with other beings. While on Shuraden, Trennis connected with the hive mind of the ridadi, sensing the whole of their journey through space and seeing a possible future in which the locusts attacked the Starlight Beacon.[1]

The Jedi Knight was trained in the usage of a lightsaber by her master, Sskeer. During their training session on Shuraden, she was able to best her one-armed master in combat, though the Trandoshan criticized her technique, instructing her to improve on her lateral sweep.[1] She was also able to fly several types of ships, including the T-1 shuttle[2] as well as the Jedi Vector,[1] a highly dangerous starship that only a skilled Force-sensitive could properly operate.[6]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

"You're a Jedi. You have the shiny sword thing. Are you going to light it?"
―The Ximpi Kanrii[src]

Trennis carried a green double-bladed lightsaber. The weapon was ornately designed and could be split down the middle, allowing her to use two single-bladed sabers. She possessed Jedi clothing that was the standard for her time, with two sets each; one was a mostly brown attire for missions out in the galaxy and the other was a set of ceremonial white and yellow robes reserved for important occasions. As a Padawan, Trennis wore a Padawan braid that signified her position.[1] For dangerous situations in which oxygen was a scarcity, Trennis carried a rebreather.[2] She flew a Jedi Vector on Shuraden that she purposefully lost in order to lure away a swarm of ridadi.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Keeve Trennis

"We also focus on Keeve Trennis, a newly-minted Jedi who finds herself stationed on the Beacon. She’s a good Jedi. In fact, she’s a great Jedi, but she doesn’t believe it, especially when she realises she’s surrounded by real legends. And her problems are only just beginning [...]"
―Cavan Scott's description of Keeve Trennis[src]

Keeve Trennis is a character created for the Star Wars: The High Republic comic series written by Cavan Scott as part of the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project.[1] She shares her last name with Trennis, a female Jedi Master and member of the Lost Twenty first mentioned in Dooku: Jedi Lost, also written by Scott,[7] but no explicit connection between them has yet been made.

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