"I've collected every story I can find about Rogue Squadron and want to put together a history of the unit. I know all of the pilots' profiles, how many kills they had, where they came from…"
―Keevy Spart to Corran Horn[src]

Keevy Spart was a Human male from Corellia. He was slender, freckled, had short red hair, and resembled Kirtan Loor.


Spart had been fascinated by tales of Rebel pilots as a child and wished to be one. He applied to join the New Republic Defense Fleet during the Thrawn campaign, but was deemed not skilled enough. He went to tech school and learned to be a navigator, but by the time he graduated the crisis was over and the New Republic demobilized. He then tried to become a civilian pilot for Tinta Lines, but as of 11 ABY had had no success.

He later developed a hobby of trying to assemble all known facts on Rogue Squadron, its membership, its equipment, and its kills. While doing this project, he unknowingly was seated next to Corran Horn on the shuttle Tinta Blue Seven when it was boarded by pirates working with the Invids. After Corran, masquerading as Jenos Idanian, fought off and incapacitated the two would-be raiders, Spart navigated as Horn flew the shuttle away from Admiral Leonia Tavira's Star Destroyer Invidious.

After their escape, the two took the shuttle to Elshandruu Pica to meet up with Booster Terrik aboard his Star Destroyer Errant Venture. Keevy became ecstatic at being on the "ship that won the Battle of Thyferra", as he put it. Due to his skills at navigation, Booster hired Keevy on as the Venture's navigator.


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