Kekit was a Jawa operating on Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War. He was the leader of a small Jawa clan who were being oppressed by a tribe of Tusken Raiders. Jennica Pierce, who was a member of the Rebel Alliance, saw an opportunity to form a much needed affiliation between the two groups to allow the Rebel Alliance to better navigate the desolate and barren planet. In exchange for their help, they offered to help in their plight with the Tuskens. Saponza and his partner, played a pivotal part during this campaign, which in turn earned him the respect of Kekit, who offered the help of his clan if he should ever need it. Kekit would make good on his offer later on-Jawas on his tribe would fight for the Alliance during the final stages of the Battle for Tatooine.

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Kekit appears in the mobile game Star Wars: Commander. In the Rebel Alliance campaign, Saponza's partner rescued him, and he allied with the Alliance, providing troops on one occasion.



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