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"I hate this place, Kel. I wanna go back to Tehar."
"You know we can't do that, Eila. There's nothing there anymore.
―Eila and her brother, Kel[src]

Kel was a human male, the older brother of Eila. In 34 ABY, he and his sister escaped their homeworld of Tehar after First Order forces led by Kylo Ren massacred their village. Kel and Eila fled to the Colossus platform on the planet Castilon. Despite being pursued by First Order forces led by Commander Pyre, the two siblings managed to find refuge with the help of Resistance pilot Kazuda Xiono and the Chelidae.


Orphans of Tehar[]

Kel and Eila were hunted by the First Order, bringing them in contact with Kaz

During the New Republic era, Kel and his sister Eila were forced to flee their homeworld of Tehar as stowaways after the army of the First Order, led by Kylo Ren, wiped out their villages' inhabitants including their parents. The siblings were the only survivors. When the First Order discovered there were survivors, they sought to hunt down and kill Kel and Eila, posting a 20,000 credit bounty on their heads.[1]

Eventually, the siblings came to the Colossus platform on Castilon, where Kel stole some food for them from an Ugnaught vendor, and as a result they were forced to flee the marketplace, bowling over Kazuda Xiono, Neeku Vozo and BB-8 on their way out. Xiono, secretly a Resistance spy, had heard of the bounty on the siblings' heads and, not knowing who placed it, was trying to find the children as he needed the money. Kel angrily refused Xiono's help, and he and his sister ran off. He lost a wooden charm attached to his wristband in the process, which Xiono picked up and later gave to Captain Imanuel Doza.[1]

While they were hiding in the service ducts, Kel and Eila were tracked down by the Chelidae who worked as the platform's engineers, who had been asked to do so by Vozo. When he met Xiono again in the engineering room, Kel explained that, contrary to the bounty report, he and his sister were runaways, not missing, because they didn't have a home to go back to. When Xiono realized they were running from the First Order, he promised to help them get away safely. Kel was accompanied by Xiono, Vozo and BB-8 when they went back to the marketplace to pick up some herbs to help with Eila's broken leg.[1]

However, some First Order troops led by Commander Pyre had come to search for them, and they were seen, resulting in a chase back to engineering. There, Xiono came up with a plan to help the siblings fake their deaths. Kel and Eila, cornered by Pyre and his troopers, made it look like they jumped into the ocean rather than allow themselves to be captured, with two Chelidae jumping in their place, and then slowing down their vital signs. Afterwards, the two siblings stayed with the Chelidae, who offered them a safe place to live for the time being.[1]

The Bibo Incident[]

When Eila began having recurring dreams of a danger coming to the Colossus, Kel was aware from experience that the dreams were of the future. And when he and Eila caught Vozo's loose pet Bibo after he got loose, the siblings were aware that the pet was connected to the danger. They informed Vozo and Tamara Ryvora of the danger when they came down to engineering to retrieve the animal, confirming the statement when the roar of Bibo's mother, a full-grown rokkna, was heard.[3]

The unconscious stormtrooper[]

After the First Order occupied the Colossus, Kel and his sister were fishing for snarlfish on the underside of the platform when their laughter was overheard by a patrolling stormtrooper, CS-515. Kel claimed that the two children had lost their identification, so CS-515 attempted to take them away, grabbing Eila by the wrist. Kel and Eila fought him, eventually knocking him unconscious. Aware that this could lead to trouble, they decided to go to Xiono for help. Although it was dangerous for them to be on the platform's upper levels, they went to Jarek Yeager's Repair Station, where Xiono and Jarek Yeager were eating lunch with Vozo and Ryvora. When Kel and Eila asked for help, Xiono called for Vozo and BB-8 to come along. Xiono tried to talk Ryvora out of coming because she hadn't listened to his warnings about the First Order, but she insisted.[4]

Kel and Eila led the Team Fireball members to where they had stashed the unconscious trooper in a closet, which prompted panic, as Xiono was concerned he could wake up and kill them all, while Ryvora thought they should turn themselves in. When CS-515 began to come to, Vozo knocked him out again with a wrench. Xiono made it clear they had to move CS-515 before other First Order personnel discovered him, and the group hauled him off to engineering. Kel and Eila stayed downstairs while Xiono hit upon the idea of impersonating the trooper both so that his absence wouldn't be missed and to ascertain if the trooper had reported the children's presence. While Xiono was upstairs, Ryvora panicked about Xiono's actions, and Kel and Eila called her out for trusting the First Order's word more than that of her friends, who were telling her about the Order's untrustworthiness. Ryvora was shocked when the siblings told her about why they had fled Tehar. When CS-515 woke up, groggy, Kel and Eila initially hid with Ryvora while Vozo dealt with the trooper. When he panicked upon seeing a Chelidae, Eila managed to calm him down, before Vozo shocked him unconscious again.[4]

That evening, when Xiono contacted them and asked them to meet him with the unconscious CS-515, as Xiono was fleeing from the First Order after giving the stormtroopers the impression that "CS-515"'s mental conditioning was faulty, Kel, Eila, Ryvora, Vozo, and BB-8 carried the unconscious trooper through the halls. When they encountered Namua, Ryvora told him that the unconscious man was sick and they were taking him to the medcenter. They hid in the maintenance ducts underneath the floor before Xiono arrived, and stayed there as CS-515 was dressed back up in his armor and propped up to be recovered by the other stormtroopers. Afterwards, Xiono told Kel and Eila they were safe for now as the trooper hadn't reported them, but that things were going to get much worse on the Colossus.[4]

Sinking the Colossus[]

Kel and his sister Eila were present when the Chelidae picked up Xiono, Yeager, Vozo, and CB-23. Kel and Eila also led the group to the astromech droid Bucket, whom Kel explained the Chelidae had snagged in one of their nets. Kel and Eila were present when Xiono and Vozo sank the Colossus so that they could disable the communications jammer at Doza Tower and contact the Resistance. While the plan worked, Yeager was captured by the First Order. Kel was shocked by the news of Yeager's capture. He was present when CB-23 played back the Resistance leader General Leia Organa's message. Kel was present when Xiono announced the creation of Team Colossus.[2]

Battle of Castilon[]

Kel, Eila, and the other Colossus resistance members attended a briefing by Xiono, who informed them of his plan to free Yeager and the other prisoners and then escape on a shuttle to Hosnian Prime, capital of the New Republic. The Resistance members then seized control of the hyperdrive chamber from the First Order. Kaz then tasked Vozo, Kel, and Eila with opening the outer hatches so that he and CB-23 could swim to the top of the Colossus.[5]

Kaz and CB-23 tried to swim to the upper levels of the Colossus but were pursued by First Order SCUBA troopers. Kaz and CB-23 were forced to flee back to the underwater corridor. Kel, Eila, and Vozo made several attempts to find the controls for depressurizing the airlock before finding the right button. This allowed Kaz and CB-23 to find away to reach Doza Tower through the tunnels and corridors.[5]

During the Attack on Castilon, Kel along with Vozo, Bucket, and the Chelidae to drain the submerged outer corridors. In the process, Vozo's team helped Xiono and Torra flush out stormtroopers from the Colossus. Kel and his sister remained in Colossus hyperdrive room for much of the battle. Towards the end of the battle, Vozo fired up the Colossus' engines and hyperdrive, taking the station into space. Following the battle, Kel, Eila, and the others watched the Colossus traveling through lightspeed in the hangar.[6]

Exploring the Sith temple[]

During the Colossus' voyage through space, Kel and Eila managed to convince Xiono to let them accompany his, Torra Doza, and Freya Fenris' supply mission to Ashas Ree. Eila told Xiono that they had not trees, grass, rocks and the natural environment for a long time, having been cooped up in the Colossus' engineering deck. Despite Xiono's orders to stay aboard their Star Commuter 2000, Kel and Eila sneaked out of the ship.[7]

While following several bio-luminescent insects, the brother and sister drew the attention of Xiono and CB-23. Eila then led the group into a Temple of the Force. When Eila remarked that the temple reminded her of their temple back home on Tehar, Kel recalled that it was much bigger. They then explored a black structure at the hear of the temple which turned out to be a Sith temple. After Eila heard a voice calling for help inside the Sith temple, she convinced Kel and the others to follow her inside.[7]

While exploring the Sith temple, Kel and Eila were separated from Kaz and CB-23 by a blast door. While attempting to reach Kel and Eila, Kaz was separated from CB-23. Kel and Eila were lost but were found by CB-23. The "rollie" droid led them to a chamber above a trapdoor chamber where Kel and the archaeologist Mika Grey were trapped. With the guidance of Mika, Kel and Eila managed to operate the Sith machinery and free Kaz and Mika, saving them from being crushed to death by a giant grinder.[7]

After recovering a Sith relic, Kel, Eila, and the others escaped the Sith temple after Kaz accidentally activated a self-destruct mechanism. Upon reaching the surface, they discovered that several First Order Raiders led by Raith had captured Torra, Freya, and their astromech droids. Kel, Eila, Kaz, and CB-23 were soon captured by the First Order Raiders. Kel and Eila were hit in the head by a Raider's blaster.[7]

Before further harm could come to Kel and the others, Mika activated the Sith relic she had recovered and hurled it at the stormtroopers. Kel and the others took the opportunity to seek shelter. Raith and the Raiders were vaporized in the ensuing explosion created by the shattered Sith relic. Following the mission, Kel and the others returned to the Colossus, joined by Mika, who became a spiritual guide to his sister Eila.[7]

Standing up to the First Order[]

Kel and Eila attended a townhall meeting with the other Colossus residents where Captain Doza informed the community about Yeager and Kaz's mission to rescue Tamara Ryvora. Following a debate, the Colossus residents decided to aid Kaz's team by standing their ground and fighting the First Order. The Colossus destroyed Commander Pyre's Star Destroyer during a skirmish in the Barabesh system, ending the First Order's hunt for the Colossus.[8]

Personality and traits[]

Kel was a human boy with red-brown hair, yellow eyes, and dark skin. He was protective of his younger sister Eila and looked after her while they were on the run from the First Order. Kel and Eila hated the First Order because First Order forces under Kylo Ren killed their parents and their village. While initially distrustful of Kazuda Xiono, Kel and his brother came to respect him as an ally for protecting them from the First Order.[1]

Yeager also had a soft spot for Kel and Eila, welcoming them to his garage.[4] As children, Kel and his sister yearned for experiencing nature after being cooped up in the Colossus' engineering deck during the Colossus' voyage through space. He shared Eila's curiosity and sense of adventure.[7]

Skills and abilities[]

Kel was knowledgeable of herbs including those used to treat his sister's broken leg.[1] He also knew how to fish for snarlfish using puffer pig bacon. While Kel was not adept at physical combat, he was able to knock out a stormtrooper by hurling snarlfish at him.[4] Kel and Eila also learnt how to operate the Colossus' engine room controls from the Chelidae. Kel put this to good use when he helped Vozo to operate the Colossus' outer hatches.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Kel is a character created for the animated series Star Wars Resistance. He first appeared in the episode "The Children from Tehar," and is voiced by Antony Del Rio.[1] Earlier versions of the story had the character's name as "Bo," which is "one" in Huttese.[9]



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