"Kel always was a sucker for a pretty face. Always knew it would be the death of him."

Kelad'den, known as Kel for short, was a male Lethan Twi'lek who lived on the Outer Rim world of Serenno around 990 BBY. During the period of rebuilding the Galactic Republic following the New Sith Wars, Kelad'den was an elite warrior of the Anti-Republic Liberation Front, a radical, if barely influential, separatist movement. Under the influence of Darth Zannah, he was provoked into mobilizing his resistance cell into attempting to capture former Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Tarsus Valorum during an unofficial secret visit.

While attempting to kidnap the ex-Chancellor from a landing platform, Kelad'den and his team came against Johun Othone, a Jedi Knight and Valorum's bodyguard. In the ensuing melee, the Twi'lek became the sole member of his team to face the Jedi. Kelad'den was killed when his opponent dragged both of them over the edge of the platform. Although the Twi'lek fell to his death, Othone was protected by the Force and survived.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"We are united in a single cause—the complete and utter destruction of the Republic."
―Kelad'den, to members of the Anti-Republic Liberation Front[src]

Kelad'den was a male Lethan Twi'lek, born into the nobility of his species' warrior caste. From an early age he was made aware of this privilege, developing traits of superiority, pride, and self-confidence to the point of arrogance. He received training that groomed him into an elite warrior.[1]

Kelad'den lived on the Outer Rim world of Serenno, a planet renowned for developing anti-Republic sentiment amongst its people. From 1000 BBY, during the period following the New Sith Wars, there were many separatist factions each rejecting the reestablished inter-planetary government of the Republic. By 990 BBY, Kelad'den had become involved with the Anti-Republic Liberation Front, a relatively well-funded resistance group led by a mysterious figure known only as Hetton.[1]

Darth Zannah, Kel's manipulative lover

The Anti-Republic Liberation Front was discovered by the last surviving Dark Lord of the Sith of that time period, Darth Bane. Bane decided to use the rebellious cell to draw the attention of the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Council, diverting resources that could be used to hunt him and the Sith artifacts he scoured the galaxy for. He sent his apprentice, Darth Zannah, to infiltrate the movement.[1]

Using the alias "Rainah," Zannah seduced Kelad'den to win his trust. Over several months he and Zannah became intimately close, and she used Kelad'den's revolutionary principles to challenge him to aim higher than kidnapping local politicians, as he had planned. Using information from her master's contacts, Zannah revealed to Kelad'den an imminent secret visit from Tarsus Valorum, former Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, to the six Great Houses of Serenno. The Great Houses were the ruling body of the planet, but each one had their own private agendas and regards to the Republic, some even funding the Anti-Republic movements behind the scenes. Valorum was visiting to maintain the Republic's favor on the planet with them. In return for this knowledge, Kelad'den allowed Zannah into his arm of the Anti-Republic Liberation Front. He devised a plan to kidnap Valorum, which he proposed to his members. Using ideas and phrases subtly suggested by Zannah, he motivated his revolutionaries to support the attack.[1]

In order to keep Valorum's visit secret, it had been arranged that he would land at the private spaceport of Count Nalju, a pro-Republican and the head of one of the six Great Houses of Serenno. With three Human accomplices, Kelad'den waited on a landing platform for Valorum to arrive, while Paak, a fourth Human, and Cyndra, a Chiss female, waited with an escape speeder. However, they were unaware that the former Chancellor was protected by his friend Johun Othone, a Jedi Knight. As Valorum and Othone left their ship, the New Dawn, Cyndra used a remote detonator to destroy the vessel. The three Humans attacked the Jedi while Kelad'den watched.[1]

Othone killed two of the attackers and the third fled. As the fleeing attacker passed Kelad'den, the Twi'lek struck his ally in the throat with a sickle-shaped blade. Seeing him cut down their accomplice, Paak and Cyndra fled, and Kelad'den faced the Jedi alone. Wielding one of his sickle blades in each hand, Kelad'den attacked Othone. The Jedi was unable to break the Twi'lek's defenses, and Kelad'den began to injure his opponent, slashing several muscles. Realizing he couldn't beat the Twi'lek, Othone grabbed Kelad'den and pulled himself and his attacker over the edge of the platform. While the Jedi was protected by the Force during the fall, the Twi'lek's neck broke as he hit the water below, killing him.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"My name is Rainah. I am - I was - a friend of Kel's."
"Of course. Kelad'den had many female friends."
―Darth Zannah and Hetton[src]

As a Lethan Twi'lek, Kelad'den had red skin. He was tall, muscular, and physically attractive. However, he was very aware of his attributes, and knowing this, coupled with his high breeding, meant he had a hugely inflated ego. It was through this, as well as the dark side, that Darth Zannah manipulated Kelad'den through challenges and flattery. He held much arrogance toward those of a "lower class," believing them to be below his consideration. Kelad'den's self-confidence and disregard for others led him to become a serial womanizer, seducing his cohort Cyndra before turning his attentions to Zannah. He was also ruthless to anyone who betrayed his causes, as he showed when he cut down his ally during the attack on Valorum.[1]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

"Hetton doesn't need anyone's credits. He put me in charge because he was tired of dealing with oafish thugs like you."
―Kelad'den, to Paak[src]

A highly passionate individual, Kelad'den was capable of using his confidence and belief to rouse those under his command. However, his ego and self-importance meant he was quick to anger upon challenges to his abilities or leadership. This caused unrest amongst the other members of the Anti-Republic Liberation Front.[1]

Physically, Kelad'den had rapid reflexes and a toned body honed by years of physical training. He was unafraid of challenges, desiring ways to improve himself and hone his skills further. This training showed itself when Kelad'den showed himself to be faster and better trained than Johun Othone in combat, although he was defeated by the Jedi Knight.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Kelad'den used two razor sharp cortosis scythes in combat.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Kelad'den was created by Drew Karpyshyn for Darth Bane: Rule of Two, his second novel in the Darth Bane Trilogy.

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