"I am a Mandalorian scout. I don't go on patrols."

Kelborn was a Mandalorian warrior under the command of Mandalore the Preserver.


Kelborn was discovered by Mandalore the Preserver while working as a scout for the Duros on frontier worlds. He was one of the greatest warriors of the clan, and Meetra Surik sought to prove herself to the Mandalorians by battling Kelborn in the Battle Circle after helping him kill Onderon Scouts.

As the second in command of the reunited Mandalorian forces, he answered to no one except for Mandalore himself. Kelborn wore the red Mandalorian Sergeant Armor. Surik helped him eliminate some scouts from Onderon sent by Colonel Tobin to kill her so that they would not discover the Mandalorian base's location. Later, the two dueled in the battle circle, using dueling vibroblades,[1] and Surik won.

Soon after, Sith Assassins attacked the camp, and Kelborn participated in the ensuing battle. He cloaked himself and crept up behind two Sith assassins, attacking and killing both of them instantly with a vibrosword, before fighting other Sith. He was then put in charge of the Mandalorians while Mandalore accompanied Surik.

Later on, Kelborn received a message from Jedi Master Kavar on Onderon, that the Onderon civil war had started, and sent a comm message himself to Surik, who rushed to Onderon to aid Queen Talia, and the Mandalorians, in defeating general Vaklu and his Sith allies on both Dxun and Onderon.


Kelborn, like many other Mandalorians on Dxun, was known to wear a stealth field generation belt.



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