Keldo was a male human who was the brother of Phasma. The two ran the Scyre together, and while she was a warrior that came up with battle strategy, he was more inclined to be peaceful. His leg was injured as a child, so he could not walk, resulting in him taking on different responsibilities from his sister in the clan. He ran peace negotiations, while she trained warriors to fight other clans. After the arrival of General Brendol Hux and his stormtroopers on the planet Parnassos, Phasma and her warriors agreed to aid them into reaching their fallen starship. Without the permission of Keldo, they continued on their journey. Keldo later led his people in a pursuit of his sister. The two groups met at the fallen starship, where they fought each other. Due to him being unable to walk, he rode on a sled alongside his daughter, Frey. Phasma managed to reach her brother during the skirmish, at which point Keldo pleaded with her, but she remained unmoved and shot him in cold blood.[1]

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In an interview with, Phasma author Delilah S. Dawson stated that Keldo is, in many ways, the keystone of Phasma's evolution. Keldo begins as the brain to her brawn in a balanced team, but the lessons he teaches to her go way beyond a typical sibling relationship.[4]



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