"I am a ghost."
―Kell Douro[src]

Kell Douro was a Force-sensitive male Anzat assassin and spy employed by the One Sith around 41.5 ABY. He claimed to be able see the daen nosi, the "Lines of Fate," and was convinced that they contained a pattern which he came close to understanding when he fed one the soup of enlightened beings. After centuries of feeding, Kell Douro believed that only by feeding on a Jedi or a Sith could the fabric of Fate be revealed to him.


Wyyrlok: "Name the Jedi you have encountered."
Kell Douro: "Jaden Korr."
Wyyrlok: "We know of him. He was apprenticed to Katarn and is, therefore, dangerous."
Kell Douro updates Darth Wyyrlok on his pursuit of Jaden Korr[src]

A Force-sensitive[3] male Anzat, Kell Douro was trained as an assassin and a spy. Kell had performed services for the Galactic Empire,[2] and decades later in 41.5 ABY, he often worked for the One Sith, and was once more called to Korriban where he was met by Darth Wyyrlok I. Wyyrlok ordered Kell to travel to the planet Fhost, wait for a sign and report back to the Sith. Wyyrlok also strongly hinted that Kell might find the "enlightened being" he was searching for on Fhost.[1]

Once in the Black Hole cantina on Fhost, Kell saw Jedi Knight Jaden Korr and noticed that his Fate lines were entangled with his own. Convinced that it was his destiny to find revelation by consuming Jaden's soup, the Anzat secretly followed the Jedi, who was on his own search for revelation. Kell tracked Korr to a secret cloning lab on a Frozen moon where he first met with Khedryn Faal, who had brought Jaden there. Deciding that he would feed on no one but Jaden Korr, Kell left Faal wounded and unarmed in the upper level research lab. In the lower level he found Jaden Korr, exhausted from his fight with a mad clone of Kam Solusar, unable to fight the Anzat. Preparing to feed on Korr's soup, Kell suddenly saw his own silver daen nosi coming to an abrupt end rather than consuming the Jedi's. Faal had armed himself with a E-11 and shot Kell in the head, killing the Anzat instantly.[1]

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Behind the scenes

Kell Douro: "Thank you."
Khedryn Faal: "Thank you? Frag you!"
―Kell Douro to Khedryn Faal before the latter shot him in the head[src]

Kell Douro was created by Paul S. Kemp for his novel Crosscurrent.

Kell's perception of the daen nosi was similar to Jax Pavan's perception of the Force. However, this may be purely coincidence.


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