"Hold the newsdroid!"
―Kella Rand[src]

Kella Rand was a female Human reporter who worked for the Galactic News Network and the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


Early lifeEdit

In 5 ABY, a year before going to Indu San, Kella Rand had a run-in with Dictio L'varren while attending a university on the planet Corellia.

Explosive situationEdit

While covering a vote on Indu San, which would decide an alliance between the Indu San system and the New Republic, Kella Rand was witness to the assassination of the Indu Council chief councilor, Shek Barayel. Hoping for a big story, Rand noticed a Council Authority officer following Ambassador Dictio L'varren's aide, Tev Aden, into a corridor. Rand decided to follow but was stopped by another Authority Officer. When a blaster went off in the hallway beyond, she disobeyed the guard and followed him to investigate; there, they found Aden dead, shot by Officer Kaleb Darme. Rand (along with her hovercam) glimpsed Darme retrieving a detonator from Aden's body.


Rand, attacked by Kaleb Darme with a vibroknife.

Back at the Indu GNN bureau, Rand went through several of her past interviews, and in the process, she noticed a shot of Darme planting the bomb that killed Barayel. She showed the other reporters working at the time—Crislyn, Juloff, and Robbe Nostler, who was her boss—then hurriedly left to share the evidence with Ambassador L'varren. On the way, a sniper took several potshots at her, but she managed to escape danger temporarily. Finally arriving at L'varren's hotel, she noticed Juloff and Darme standing together and realized that Juloff—still loyal to the Galactic Empire—tipped off Darme. She raced to Suite 44-1 and sent her hovercam ahead with the evidence. However, Darme managed to catch Rand before she could reach L'varren's suite. He pulled her into the turbolift, threatened her with a vibroknife, took her datacards, and shot her with a stun bolt. In his escape from the turbolift, L'varren's people, after seeing the evidence, caught Darme and rescued Rand. Rand, not wanting to miss the deadline, quickly rushed off to get her new story.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kella shared a surname with Atton Rand, an individual significant during the Dark Wars.



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