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"Keller" was the nickname of a clone trooper commander who served under Jedi General Kai Hudorra as leader of a special division of Galactic Marines in the later days of the Clone Wars. He had 5 other men to help lead his unit, Charger his second in command, Kiran his pilot, Beast his weapons specialist, Raze his sniper, and Rothax his enforcer.


Cmdr. Keller

Keller on Toola.

At the onset of the Outer Rim Sieges, General Kai Hudorra and Commander Keller were sent to the frigid Rim world of Toola to combat recent Separatist incursions into the area. When Keller received Order 66 direct from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself, Keller and his troops moved against their Jedi commander. But when Kai Hudorra slipped through his fingers and made for Ithaqua Station, Keller made tracking down the fugitive Jedi his top priority.

To keep Hudorra from slipping away a second time, Keller had his men place Ithaqua Station under martial law, forcing strict curfews on its inhabitants. Despite all this, however, Hudorra managed to elude Keller's patrols and boarded a transport bound for Coruscant at Toola Spaceport.

Behind the scenesEdit

Keller was ranked as number five on's top ten list of clones for 2005.[1]

Hasbro released a figure of Commander Keller as part of its range of Dark Horse Comics figure packs. It included one of his troopers, that resemble white Galactic Marines.



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