"Niima Outpost is that way. Stay off Kelvin Ridge."
―Rey to BB-8[src]

Kelvin Ridge was a location on the planet Jakku.


After the First Order attack on Tuanul, the droid BB-8 fled, eventually running into the scavenger Rey who convinced a local Teedo to leave the droid alone. Rey then pointed BB-8 in the direction of Niima Outpost but warned him to stay off Kelvin Ridge.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kelvin Ridge is named after J.J. Abrams's grandfather, whose first name was Kelvin. The director has used the name Kelvin in many of his projects: It appears as the name of a ship in Star Trek, as the intended recipient of a postcard intercepted by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible III, as the name of a chain of gas stations in Super 8, as the name of a character on Lost and as the name of a business on Fringe.[2]



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