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"I didn't earn my reputation by running a crew of amateurs…"
―Kendoh Voss[src]

Kendoh Voss was a human female from Serenno. Seeking to restore her family's fortunes, Voss became a criminal, leading the Kendoh Gang, a crew of mercenaries that included the Clawdite shapeshifter Remex Io and the Aqualish Wooro.

During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Voss encountered the Resistance operative Finn, intending to take out the bounty placed on him by the First Order. The crew tracked Finn to the moon of Avedot, and almost managed to successfully capture him, but their target escaped with the help of fellow Resistance member Poe Dameron.

In the wake of their failure, Voss and her crew stole the blade of the ancient Sith artifact known as the Sword of Khashyun. After acquiring the blade, they were hired to steal the hilt of the weapon from the collector Dok-Ondar in Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. However, Dok-Ondar was the contact who had hired Voss, knowing that she possessed the blade of the sword. When Voss and her crew executed their heist, the First Order's 709th Legion interfered, leading to a skirmish in Dok-Ondar's antiquities store. Voss escaped both the First Order and Dok-Ondar, believing she had stolen the hilt, but discovered that the collector had tricked her, and had taken the blade for himself. As the First Order attempted to pursue them, Voss and her crew escaped Batuu with their lives and the credits Dok-Ondar had given them as compensation.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Criminal career[edit | edit source]

"Isn't that right, Kendoh—or should I say, the Scourge of Serenno, the Thief of Tandhor-Six, the mastermind behind the Bothan Museum heist?"
―A First Order stormtrooper sergeant, to Kendoh Voss[src]

Hailing from Serenno, Voss's family lost their fortunes, leading her to become a mercenary[1] and bounty hunter.[3] She led a notorious crew of criminals known as the Kendoh Gang, which consisted of the Clawdite shapeshifter Remex Io, the Aqualish Wooro,[2] and the Utai warrior Basso Mak.[3] During her career, she became known for various acts, nicknamed the "Scourge of Serenno" and the "Thief of Tandhor-Six." She allegedly planned and carried out a heist in a Bothan museum, but later claimed that the culprit had never officially been found.[4]

A disastrous mission[edit | edit source]

Chasing a bounty[edit | edit source]

"It's him. Is the bounty big enough on that Resistance scum to make it worth it, Kendoh? I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for underdogs."
"A big enough bounty to buy you a new conscience…or a new heart. Follow him to his ship, Remex, and then tag it with a tracker. We'll take him when it lands."
―Remex Io and Kendoh Voss[src]

Voss contacts Remex Io aboard the Wayward Comet.

In 34 ABY,[5] during the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Voss and her gang visited the Wayward Comet refueling station. While in a cantina, Io spotted the Resistance operative Finn, who Voss was aware had a large bounty placed on him by the First Order. Io contacted Voss, who told him to follow Finn back to his ship and place a tracker on it. Voss contacted a lieutenant of the First Order, requesting to claim the bounty on Finn's head. After conferring with General Hux, who was pushed into chasing the sighting by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, the lieutenant was ordered to authorize a down payment on the bounty and inform Voss of the consequences of their failure.[3]

Voss tracked Finn to the moon of Avedot, where he and Poe Dameron were attempting to retrieve confiscated weapons from the abandoned New Republic impound Base 354-23X. Mak landed the crew's starship in the mountains of the moon, avoiding detection, and Voss headed for the base along with Io and Wooro. Wooro killed the Resistance operative Tonkins, who Io impersonated in order to get closer to Finn. When Io revealed himself prematurely, shooting down another Resistance member, Voss stepped forward to assist him, taking down a third operative with a throwing knife. Finn managed to escape, regrouping with Dameron, but the crew had successfully blocked their only exit, leaving the Resistance operatives trapped.[6]

The mission goes wrong[edit | edit source]

"Kendoh, it doesn't look like Basso Mak was listening when you mentioned the Resistance leaders were worth more alive!"
"Just evacuate now! This whole bounty has been compromised. Turns out this base is sitting on a cache of ammunition and detonators that're going to blow!"
―Remex Io and Kendoh Voss[src]

From outside the door, Voss called out to Finn, threatening to take him in dead if he did not surrender himself. Wooro cut through the door with a laser, and he and Voss entered the room while Io guarded the exit. Voss and Wooro failed to notice Dameron and his astromech droid BB-8 hiding in the room, and Finn managed to escape through a vent, running into Io. Voss went to investigate the disturbance, and found Io fighting with Finn. When Wooro went to shoot Finn, Voss warned the Aqualish to stun rather than kill. Wooro missed, stunning Io, and Voss reprimanded him for allowing Finn to get away. Mak, who was waiting in the crew's starship, was tricked into investigating lights on the far side of the outpost by Dameron, despite Voss ordering him to keep watch over the Resistance ship. While Dameron loaded the weapons aboard their ship, Finn incapacitated Wooro with a harpoon gun.[7]

Kendoh Voss dives away from a thermal detonator on the moon of Avedot.

Voss approached Dameron, intending to hand the Resistance pilot over to the First Order and collect the bounties on both him and Finn. However, BB-8 bumped a crate of thermal detonators, sending one rolling towards Voss. Voss dived aside to avoid the explosion, giving Dameron the chance to escape in his ship. Upon learning that the explosion had triggered the remaining cache of weapons, Voss contacted the rest of her crew, ordering them to evacuate from the base. She reprimanded Mak for moving from their post, but the Utai was killed when Finn crashed an impounded airspeeder into the Kendoh Gang's ship. Finn and Dameron managed to escape the moon, leaving the bounty hunters and the wreckage of their ship behind. Voss was unperturbed, however; Mak's death left the rest of the crew enough rations to survive long enough so that they could repair their ship.[8] Due to their failure, Voss and her gang were wary of crossing paths with the First Order.[1]

The heist of a lifetime[edit | edit source]

Arrival on Batuu[edit | edit source]

"This score will earn us enough so that I can return to Serenno and restore my family's fortunes. And never have to dodge laser fire ever again."
―Kendoh Voss[src]

Following the botched job on the moon of Avedot, Voss intended to move onto the plan she had intended to carry out before taking the bounty on Finn—acquiring the blade[8] of the Sword of Khashyun,[4] an ancient Sith artifact.[1] Voss tracked down a merchant who possessed the blade, stealing it for herself.[4] She was later hired by an anonymous contact to steal the hilt of the sword,[9] which was in the possession of the Ithorian collector Dok-Ondar, who resided in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. Voss hoped that the job would bring her enough credits to return to her homeworld and restore the status of her family.[1] Unbeknownst to Voss, the contact who hired her was Dok-Ondar himself, who had heard that she possessed the blade and wished to acquire both halves of the artifact before Voss could sell it.[4]

Kendoh Voss and her crew inspect the artifact while spying on Dok-Ondar.

On Batuu, Voss met with Wooro and Io whilst the First Order's 709th Legion patrolled Black Spire Outpost. The crew visited Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities to have an audience with the collector, where Voss requested a purchase that Dok-Ondar refused. With the collector distracted, Io planted a cam droid. The crew were thrown out of the store, but Voss was satisfied, with Dok-Ondar having fallen for their bait.[2]

Inside their starship, Voss and her crew watched footage from the cam droid of Dok-Ondar speaking with a sergeant of the Red Fury. The sergeant was forced to leave when Wooro engineered a distraction by causing a disturbance in the outpost's marketplace. The crew watched as Dok-Ondar, paranoid that the First Order would discover the Sith artifact, checked on it and planned to move it to a safer location. Voss recognized the artifact as their target, planning to steal it before Dok-Ondar could hide it elsewhere.[1]

Advancing the plan[edit | edit source]

"Our mysterious patron isn't going to pay the full amount unless we have both pieces. We move forward with the heist tonight."
―Kendoh Voss, to her crew[src]

Voss and her crew met in Oga's Cantina, where Io arrived late, having had run-ins with both First Order stormtroopers and Dok-Ondar's enforcer Varg. While Io,[10] who was actually being impersonated by Varg,[4] seemed discouraged about their success in the heist, Voss continued with her plan, meeting with a supposed fortune-teller. Voss, however, saw through the fortune-teller's act, aware that she was a front to screen potential customers for Ohnaka Transport Solutions, ran by the pirate Hondo Ohnaka. Voss spoke with Ohnaka, claiming she needed him to transport the Sword of Khashyun through the First Order blockade, citing his renown as a pirate. She was unaware that Ohnaka was working for Dok-Ondar, who was listening in on their conversation. Voss was forced to wait as Ohnaka recounted one of his adventures before she was asked what she was transporting. Voss told him, and seeing Ohnaka's reaction, she questioned where he knew of the sword, to which Ohnaka replied that he had heard of the sword from a mission undertaken by Chelli Lona Aphra. [10]

Voss and her crew begin their heist, unaware that Varg is impersonating Io.

Ohnaka returned to Dok-Ondar, informing him of Voss's plot, but she and her crew were watching them through a cam droid. As Voss had hoped, Dok-Ondar insisted on moving the artifact into a safe location, and she left to prepare the heist. She and Wooro entered the collector's store, having disabled the security droid outside. When Voss confronted Dok-Ondar, however, the collector revealed that the droid she had destroyed was not his primary security droid, sending the IG-series assassin droid BK-86 forward. As BK-86 approached Voss, "Io" contacted her on an emergency channel, informing her that First Order stormtroopers were gathered outside the antiquities store.[9]

The truth revealed[edit | edit source]

"Why are we here? To execute an intricately plotted heist, of course. And when that plan falls apart…improvise."
―Kendoh Voss[src]

The stormtroopers entered the store, and their sergeant confronted Voss, who disregarded his threats. Dok-Ondar warned Voss not to antagonize the sergeant, who ordered one of his troopers to strike Wooro with a baton. Voss rushed to protect her accomplice, and the sergeant once again threatened her. When Voss continued to ignore the intimidation, the sergeant struck her across the face with his blaster. Dok-Ondar warned Voss not to make any moves, and the sergeant questioned her on why her crew was on Batuu.[4]

Kendoh Voss releases the sarlacc in Dok-Ondar's store.

Voss, who recalled overhearing Dok-Ondar tell tales about the artifacts in his store, chose to improvise a new plan, grabbing the box that held the hilt and running, using a kyber statue that the collector had taken from Jedha to deflect the troopers' blaster bolts. She threw the hilt to Wooro, who made an escape, using the box to knock several stormtroopers aside. Cornered by the troopers, Voss used a lightsaber to break open the tank containing Dok-Ondar's baby sarlacc, which proceeded to attack the stormtroopers.[4]

As the stormtroopers attempted to fend off the sarlacc, Voss escaped from the antiquities store, and the sergeant attempted to give chase, but Voss evaded his pursuit, losing him in the streets of Batuu. However, when she returned to her ship, Voss discovered Io, who revealed that Varg had been impersonating him, and had stolen the blade of the sword. Through a hologram projected from a floating droid, Dok-Ondar spoke to Voss, disclosing that he had been the crew's anonymous benefactor in order to retrieve the other half of the sword. Inside the box that had supposedly contained the hilt, Voss found a number of credits, while Dok-Ondar informed her that he had revealed her ship's location to the First Order. With no choice but to accept their losses and leave with what they had, Voss and her crew escaped in their ship, leaving Batuu behind.[4]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

«Careful…you're antagonizing a dangerous man.»
«He should be worried about antagonizing me.»
―Dok-Ondar and Kendoh Voss[src]

Voss was unafraid to anger the First Order sergeant that confronted her.

As the leader of a mercenary crew, Kendoh Voss strove to keep up the reputation of both herself and her crew.[2] She was loyal to the members of her crew, rushing to defend them when they were threatened.[4] However, when one member of her crew, Basso Mak, was killed while refusing to follow her orders, Voss was unfazed, instead focusing on the survival of the rest of her crew.[8]

The pirate Hondo Ohnaka described Voss as notorious, a description which she was both aware of and content with.[9] Her true motive for her criminal actions was to restore the fortunes of her family on Serenno, and she wished to achieve her goal and return to a life without danger.[1] While Voss had no issue with taking the First Order bounty on a member of the Resistance, prioritizing monetary reward over conscience,[3] she was also unafraid to defy the First Order.[4] Voss preferred to bring in her targets alive to collect the full bounty, but was satisfied with the potential reward for taking Finn to the First Order dead.[7]

Voss was confident in her plan to steal the hilt of the Sword of Khashyun, having no doubt about its chance of success. During the heist, she had no patience for lateness and wished not to waste time.[10] While hunting Finn on the moon of Avedot, Voss disapproved of Remex Io revealing his disguise to make a witty remark, wishing he had remained disguised for a more effective attack.[6] When her heist plan on Batuu went awry due to First Order interference, Voss remained confident, brushing off the threats of the 709th Legion's stormtrooper sergeant.[4] The false fortune-teller working for Hondo Ohnaka described Voss as a somewhat annoying personality, but also having restraint.[10] She was a Serennian[1] female with blonde hair, light skin[2] and green eyes.[1]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

"There's no way I can take you all with this—I expect the sarlacc to do the honors."
―Kendoh Voss, to the stormtroopers of the 709th Legion[src]

Kendoh Voss was known for being a skilled criminal, able to create an elaborate heist plan[2] and adjust it when faced with trouble. She was quick and agile, managing to dodge a thermal detonator on the moon of Avedot[8] and the blaster bolts fired by the stormtroopers of the 709th Legion on Batuu. Despite this, Voss knew she would be unable to fight the stormtroopers alone, creating a distraction so that she could escape.[4] Voss was able to utilize a throwing knife, using one on the moon of Avedot to kill a Resistance operative who was attempting to protect Finn.[6]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

"She is carrying a blaster, but doesn't seem like it was fired recently, which indicates restraint."
―Ohnaka's false fortune-teller, describing Kendoh Voss[src]

Voss carried a NN-14 blaster pistol,[9] though did not often use it.[10] On the moon of Avedot, Voss carried several blasters, as well as a knife. She and her crew operated from a starship, which they used during their hunt for Finn on the moon of Avedot[6] and while carrying out the heist in Black Spire Outpost.[1] Voss briefly wielded the lightsaber[4] that formerly belonged to Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi,[1] but admitted that she would have been unable to fight with it, instead using it to release Dok-Ondar's sarlacc as a distraction.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Kendoh Voss first appeared in Galaxy's Edge 1, a comic written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Will Sliney,[2] and published on April 24, 2019.[11] While her full name was not explicitly given, it was written in Aurebesh on a wanted poster in the background of one of the comic's panels.[2]

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