"I've just killed a man... We may have a bit of pull in this system; I suspect we're going to need it."
Lando Calrissian to Vuffi Raa[src]

Kenow was a member of Klyn Shanga's vigilante organization, the Renatasian Confederation. He was a member of the fighter squadron that was searching for Vuffi Raa prior to the Battle of Oseon.

Colonel Kenow and Shanga grew up together and were childhood friends, working as farmboys on their home planet of Renatasia III. As they matured, the pair served their nation-state in the planet-wide skirmishes occurring at that time. After the Battle of Renatasia, the two soldiers vowed to seek retribution against the Butcher of Renatasia. After a decade of planning and searching the Confederation discovered their target.

In 3 BBY, they tracked Vuffi Raa to the Oseon system. The Oseon had a strict no-weapons statute, and in an impetuous—and ultimately fatal—tactic, Kenow abandoned his blaster in an attempt to eliminate the droid without it. Quite accidentally, he encountered Lando Calrissian, and attacked him. Kenow's titanium pipe was no match for Calrissian's stingbeam. Colonel Kenow was shot and killed.



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