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"All through your life, you fulfilled your duties with strength, grace, and honor, and we will remember. Only one duty remains. Go onward and break trail so that we may someday follow."
―Izal Waz, giving Master Hamner's eulogy[5]

Kenth Hamner was a Human male Jedi Master in the New Jedi Order, and later its acting Grand Master. A native of the planet Corellia, he took Izal Waz as his apprentice. Hamner fought on the Order's behalf during the Yuuzhan Vong War, where he led the communication between the Order and the New Republic and earned a seat on the Jedi High Council. During the subsequent Dark Nest Crisis, Hamner was a loyal supporter of the New Republic's successor state, the Galactic Alliance, believing that the Order should primarily serve the interests of the Alliance. During the Second Galactic Civil War, Hamner followed the other Jedi in joining Grand Master Luke Skywalker's Jedi Coalition, which fought against the Sith-controlled Galactic Alliance. In 43 ABY, two years after the war's conclusion, Hamner was installed as the acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order when Chief of State Natasi Daala exiled Luke Skywalker for failing to prevent the damage caused during the previous war.

Hamner's tenure as Grand Master was short, as the members of the Council and other senior Jedi, were dissatisfied with his leadership during the period of unrest between the Order and the government of Natasi Daala. While Hamner pursued a relatively lenient policy towards Daala and the Galactic Alliance, the rest of the Masters advocated a much more aggressive stance, especially when the Jedi Temple was besieged under Daala's orders. Ultimately, in 44 ABY, the Council believed that Hamner was responding poorly to the crisis on Coruscant and removed him from his position. After attempting to prevent the launch of StealthX starfighters off Coruscant to aid Luke Skywalker against the Lost Tribe of Sith, an act he believed to be treasonous, he attacked Jedi Master Saba Sebatyne, who led the militant faction of the Jedi. Hamner was killed during his duel with Sebatyne who took his place as Grand Master until Skywalker's return.


Early life[]

Kenth Hamner was born into a wealthy family on Corellia. He served in the Combined Defense Forces of the New Republic, reaching the military rank of colonel before resigning his commission to accept Jedi training from Luke Skywalker.[1] Sometime after he completed his training, Hamner served a salted nerfloaf to his Arcona student Izal Waz. By doing so, he unwittingly sent his apprentice into a salt addiction that threw him off his Jedi path.[4]

Yuuzhan Vong War[]

Jedi liaison to the military[]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Hamner was the official liaison officer between the New Republic military and the Jedi. In the first year of the war, Hamner was at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 when smuggler Talon Karrde arrived to speak with the Jedi. While waiting for the meeting to begin, Hamner listed with several other Jedi as Jacen Solo and Anakin Solo argued over Anakin's desire to accept an offer to go to the Corellian system and reactivate Centerpoint Station to use in defense against the Yuuzhan Vong. The argument ended shortly after Karrde arrived with Luke Skywalker, and Karrde informed them that the Hutts, who had recently struck a deal with the invaders, had ceased shipments of spice to the Tynnani, Both, and Corellian systems, indicating they may be the next targets of the Yuuzhan Vong. Hamner asked him if there was any way to approach the Hutts and ask them, and Karrde told him that the New Republic Intelligence Service was attempting to do just that, but if the Jedi could bring the information to them, it might improve their image. Hamner and the other Jedi decided to send Jedi Master Kyp Durron and Jedi Knight Ganner Rhysode with Karrde to meet with a Hutt representative to try and gain the information.[1]

Several months later, Hamner was on Coruscant, where he served as a strategist for the New Republic military, while also attending Jedi meetings. At one meeting, he reported to several other Jedi that the military was being forced to withdraw from places within the Inner Rim and the Colonies without reinforcements from the destroyed Fondor Shipyards. Hamner thanked the Force that Anakin had reactivated Centerpoint so that it could be used to defend nearby systems if it got repaired, but Anakin pointed out that the New Republic was now in danger of being kicked out of the Corellian system by the new government there. Hamner told him not to blame himself for the situation that had occurred when he reactivated Centerpoint, and that he had handled himself well in a difficult situation. The Jedi then discussed various reports from other Jedi stationed around the galaxy looking for signs of Yuuzhan Vong activity, as well as a report from Tekli, Master Cilghal's Padawan, who reported overhearing a suspicious conversation she believed might be about a Yuuzhan Vong infiltrator on Coruscant.[6]

As the war entered its second year, Hamner's status as a liaison with the New Republic alerted him to an arrest warrant placed by Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya, which was aimed at keeping Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, under house arrest. Hamner went to the Skywalker's residence, and after congratulating Mara on her pregnancy, he informed them of the arrest order, which was based on the testimony of a Peace Brigade member "released" by the Yuuzhan Vong who claimed Luke and Mara were behind a violation of the tenuous cease-fire agreement between the New Republic and the Yuuzhan Vong on Yavin 4. Hamner also told them that Fey'lya had only ordered the arrest order due to intense political pressure, trying to keep a moderate stance on the Jedi issue. Luke asked him what his opinion on the situation was, and Hamner told him that Luke would likely be expected to make a statement condemning any unsanctioned Jedi activity. Luke refused to do so, and Hamner agreed with him, and that Fey'lya had made no move to impound their ships yet, so he likely just wanted them in exile in case he ever needed them. Mara was angry with Fey'lya, but as she expressed her disappointment, she cried out in pain and collapsed, with the illness that had been plaguing her reemerging. Hamner transported both Skywalkers back to their apartment where doctors were waiting, and bid them farewell.[7]

In the third year of the war, the Yuuzhan Vong were closing in on Coruscant, having captured several nearby planets to prepare their fleets at. However, the Jedi were now working closely with the New Republic, with Chief Fey'lya having thrown his full support behind them. Hamner traveled from Coruscant to Eclipse Station, the secret Jedi base, to meet with Luke and the best tacticians among the Jedi. He reported that a massive Yuuzhan Vong fleet had gathered at Borleias, and that the New Republic military believed that they were massing to attack Coruscant. Mara pointed out a group of Yuuzhan Vong ships disguised as asteroids in the OboRin Comet Cluster, and Hamner told her the military was monitoring them. As they studied the displays showing the positions of the invaders' fleets, Hamner and the other Jedi were surprised when Luke began acting distracted and felt anger, grief, and despair growing inside him. Luke brought his fist down on a display, shocking Hamner, and Mara told them that Luke had just sensed Anakin Solo, who had been leading a strike team to Myrkr to destroy the Voxyn queen, die. Hamner and the other Jedi were shocked and depressed by this news, but Luke said that Anakin had died for a reason. As they waited for orders, Mara took charge of the meeting, telling them to prepare all ships, and asking Hamner to contact Admiral Sien Sovv and ask him to prepare docking facilities for the Jedi on Coruscant.[8]

Appointed to the High Council[]

Some four years into the war, Master Hamner was appointed to the Galactic Alliance High Council, and attended the first meeting of the council on Dac, the temporary capital of the New Republic. Hamner and the other High Council members discussed the progression of the war, and retired Admiral Gial Ackbar's plan to lure the Yuuzhan Vong into a trap. They also discussed Admiral Traest Kre'fey's request for more Jedi in his fleet, but were disturbed by his and his fellow Bothan's declaration of Ar'krai against the invaders, intending to commit extinction against them. The council decided to send Jedi to the fleet, but warn them about the declaration, and use their meld to direct the fleet and prevent any illegal action. Fellow council member Tresina Lobi mentioned a need to give assignments to the Jedi apprentices who had survived the mission to Myrkr, and Hamner suggested promoting them all to the rank of Jedi Knight, as they were highly experienced, and then let them decide for themselves on how they could best serve the order. The other council members agreed with his suggestion, and they arranged a ceremony to knight the apprentices. During the ceremony, Hamner helped robe Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka Djo, and Tesar Sebatyne in their new Jedi Knight robes. After the ceremony, Hamner and the other participants went to a party thrown in honor of the new Knights, and discussed the Solo Slingshot with Han Solo.[9]

Several weeks later, Hamner attended another meeting of the High Council, called by new Chief of State Cal Omas. They discussed more details of Ackbar's plan, but Director of New Republic Intelligence Dif Scaur announced the Alpha Red project, which was a biological weapon that would kill every single Yuuzhan Vong and their creatures. Hamner, his fellow Jedi, and several other members of the High Council were horrified by the project, and voted against it. However, Omas told them that the High Council was advisory only, and that, although he was sorry it had come to this, the project would go forth and wipe the Yuuzhan Vong out, and Ackbar's offensive would not be carried out. Hamner and the other council members who had opposed the measure met after the meeting to discuss various ways to change Omas' mind. However, the Old Republic Jedi Knight Vergere learned of the project and sabotaged it, causing Ackbar's offensive to be carried out and buying Hamner and the other Jedi time to try and win the war before the weapon could be replicated.[9]

As the war continued, many senators began to argue for the newly formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances to carry the battle to the Yuuzhan Vong and attempt to end the war immediately, following the massive victory at Ebaq 9. Hamner attended a meeting of the senate where Sullustan senator Niuk Niuv argued for a renewed offensive, and Niuv's arguments for the destruction of the Yuuzhan Vong were met with a lot of support. Hamner was disappointed and annoyed that the senate was acting reckless in their wish to end the war quickly, and left the senate session to join an in-progress Jedi meeting. Shortly after this, he was summoned to a meeting with Cal Omas, with whom he had developed a close working relationship, along with the Skywalkers, Leia Organa Solo, Releqy A'Kla, and Sien Sovv. They agreed that the best strategy at that point would be to reconsolidate their forces before pursing new offensives. Luke also announced that he and Mara would be leaving on a mission to the Unknown Regions, where he hoped to enlist the Imperial Remnant and Chiss Ascendancy in helping to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong, as well as look for the legendary living planet of Zonama Sekot.[10]

Directing the Jedi[]

With Luke in the Unknown Regions, Hamner was left in charge of Jedi operations. When he heard that the Yuuzhan Vong had attacked Bastion, the capital of the Imperial Remnant, along with Muunilinst, Hamner met with Omas and Admiral Sovv. They had no way of knowing if Luke and his team had been caught in the battle, but decided to step up hit-and-run raids on the Yuuzhan Vong in an effort to force them to withdraw from Imperial space. Omas then asked Hamner to find Leia and Han and prevent them from going on a rescue mission, and continue preparations for their own mission. Hamner found them and Jaina Solo aboard the Millennium Falcon, and told them of the Yuuzhan Vong attacks. They realized it would be too risky to try and rescue the others, but confirmed using the Force that Luke and Jacen were still alive. As Jaina left to continue loading supplies, Hamner continued to discuss Leia and Han's mission with them. As he left the ship, he found Jaina attempting to catch several MSE-series droids that were equipped with Yuuzhan Vong detecting equipment that had gotten loose. After finishing, Hamner told Jaina that Omas was more worried about the situation in the Imperial Remnant than he wanted to let on, and asked her to keep him advised if she heard anything more reliable from Jacen.[10]

A few months later, Hamner had brief contact with Luke and his team when they managed to briefly get a signal out from the Unknown Regions. They were unable to speak to each other, but Hamner sent them updates on how the war was going and other recent events, and learned that they were on Zonama Sekot.[11]

Sometime later, the Galactic Alliance was sent a message on a Qahsa by The Prophet, the leader of a Jeedai heresy cult on Coruscant, asking to be taken from the planet so he could receive advice from the Jedi and attempt to seek out a living planet he had seen in a vision. He included information about the defense the Yuuzhan Vong had set up around Coruscant, as well as a number of times and places on the planet where he could be found. Hamner and Admiral Sovv decided to put together a mission to retrieve the Prophet and determine if he was truthful in his willingness to aid them, and Sovv assigned Jedi Knight and Colonel Corran Horn to the mission. Hamner decided that it would be beneficial to have Jedi Tahiri Veila go along on the mission, since she had recently incorporated the alternate Yuuzhan Vong personality that had been shaped into her by Mezhan Kwaad into her original personality, and now had an understanding of all things related to Yuuzhan Vong language and culture. Hamner contacted Leia and Han, who were with Veila, and asked them to bring her to Dac so she could be briefed on the mission. Hamner also attempted to get Luke's advice on the matter, but found that he could not get a signal through to the Unknown Regions.[12]

When they arrived on Dac, Hamner met them in his office, and while waiting for Horn to arrive, Hamner told the others that there was a big offensive coming up. When Corran arrived, Hamner played them the message on the Qahsa, and Han offered the opinion that it was a trick. Hamner told him it might be, but that the Jeedai heresy was real, along with their resistance to Supreme Overlord Shimrra Jamaane, and that the information that the Prophet had provided on Coruscant's defenses had proved accurate when the Galactic Alliance sent probes to investigate. Hamner then told Corran of his wish to send Veila with him on the mission, but the other Jedi was against it, along with Han. Veila herself wished to go, and felt that the offer was legitimate, and Leia supported her, causing Han and Horn to agree to the mission. Han wished for him and Leia to go along as well, but Hamner told him that they wanted them to stay in reserve for the upcoming operation.[12]

A few weeks after the disastrous battle at Bilbringi and the destruction of many HoloNet transceivers, Hamner and General Wedge Antilles met Leia and Han when they returned to Dac after rescuing a prisoner from a Yuuzhan Vong prisoner camp on Selvaris. Leia asked him if they had heard anything from Luke yet, and Hamner informed her they had not, and that there was no word from Horn and Veila yet either. Leia wondered what could have happened, and Hamner told her that they had to trust they would have sensed if anything had happened to the other Jedi, but that he was considering dispatching a search party. They speculated on why they could not contact them, and wondered if perhaps Zonama Sekot was returning to known space.[13]

Several days later, Hamner met with eleven other Jedi in Tresina Lobi's quarters on Dac to discuss several issues. He informed them that Baljos Arnjak, a Wraith Squadron agent on Coruscant, had reported that The Prophet had recently returned, meaning he had either come back there without Horn and Veila, or had never left at all. Kyp Durron asked if there was any way to determine if he had arrived back on the same vessel that Horn and Veila had gone there in, and Hamner told him there was not. Lowbacca noted that they had no way of finding out what really happened, and Hamner said that the Esfandia Holonet station was still intact, so Luke and the others should be able to contact them unless something had happened. Octa Ramis said they had waited long enough, and needed to send a ship to investigate. Cilghal said she felt that Zonama Sekot had moved, and Jaina supported that, saying that Jacen felt further away from her. Hamner said that was good enough for him, and told the others that they needed to speak with the Prophet. They wondered how they could get onto Coruscant, and Hamner ruled out asking the Alliance for help, as some factions would be angry that they had failed to tell them about the original mission. Markre Medjev suggested asking Wedge for help, but Hamner did not want to force him into a position where he would have to lie to his superiors. The others agreed, and they resolved that if they had not heard from Luke within a week, they would send a strike team to retrieve the Prophet.[13]

End of the war[]

Before the week deadline ended, the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Dac, but withdrew when Zonama Sekot appeared in the Coruscant system. Luke contacted the Jedi and told them the way was clear for them to come to the living planet, and Hamner traveled there with more than a dozen other Jedi aboard the Millennium Falcon, while other Jedi and their allies traveled there in other ships and starfighters. Hamner and the other Jedi were amazed by the world, and listened attentively as Luke explained to them about the planet, including its living consciousness, as well as its decision to fashion living ships for some Jedi to use in defense of the world.[13]

Shortly afterwards, Hamner traveled with Luke, Mara, Cilghal, and Madurrin to the Ralroost to meet with the highest ranking military leaders of the Galactic Alliance to discuss the best way to end the war. The Jedi and their allies wished to leave Coruscant alone and allow the upheaval in Yuuzhan Vong society caused by the arrival of Zonama Sekot to topple Shimrra by revolution, and attempt to negotiate with whoever took over to end the war. Admirals Sien Sovv, Traest Kre'fey, and many other officers argued that they needed to attack now while the Yuuzhan Vong were reeling and could be caught off-guard at Coruscant, but Hamner pointed out that their armada wasn't any weaker than it had been at Dac. They asked the Jedi what they would have them do while Coruscant was in an upheaval, and Hamner told them they should divide and redistribute the combined fleets and reclaim essential systems while the Yuuzhan Vong were occupied, and when they were at their weakest, move against Coruscant from as many sides as possible. A majority of the officers decided against taking the Jedi's advice, but Luke resolved that they would still support whatever action the military was going to take in their attempt to recapture Coruscant.[13]

Hamner returned to Zonama Sekot with Luke, Mara, and Cilghal, and the Jedi began working on a strategy to help the military. Hamner stayed aboard the Jade Shadow in case anyone tried to contact them, and learned that the Alliance had reclaimed Corulag, and that General Wedge Antilles' battlegroup had been ordered to Muscave to lure the Yuuzhan Vong fleet out, and begin the reclamation of the Coruscant system. He went to Magister Jabitha Hal's residence, where many of the Jedi were meeting, and informed Luke of the development. They made plans to join the assault on Coruscant, and for the defense of Zonama Sekot, should Shimrra somehow convince the Yuuzhan Vong military to attack the living world. Shortly after, Hamner and the other Jedi gathered and finished making their battle plans. Before departing for their assigned assignments, the Jedi gathered in a circle and ignited their lightsabers and held them in the air, and after Luke gave a final speech, Hamner and the others wished for the Force to be with them all. As most of the Jedi departed to join the fleet, Hamner stayed with Luke, Mara, Jaina, Jacen, and Tahiri Veila, as they would travel to Coruscant to be part of a strike force to take out Shimrra. While there, they learned that Coruscant was being set aflame by Yuuzhan Vong beasts, and Harrar, a Yuuzhan Vong High Priest that had defected, told them that Shimrra must have convinced the World Brain to do it somehow, and that it needed to be stopped. Han and Leia volunteered to do this, alarming Hamner and the others, but Han insisted they were there for more than just transporting the strike team.[13]

After boarding the Millennium Falcon, Hamner and the rest of the strike team changed into body armor, and once the Falcon made it past the Yuuzhan Vong defenses, they joined commando forces led by Judder Page in the former governmental district of Coruscant. Page briefed them on the heavy resistance they were encountering, but noted that most of the air cover was focusing on the fleet and fighters, not ground forces. The Jedi then began making their way to Shimrra's Citadel, using the Force to navigate the ruined city and supplement their athletic ability. The commandos followed along using their jetpacks, and Mara led the way to the citadel due to her knowledge of the city. They eventually encountered a group of Shamed Ones who were Jeedai heretics, and told them that their resistance group was being torn apart by warriors nearby. Hamner and Velia received permission from Luke to join the heretics in battle, along with a dozen commandos and Mara, who was asked by Luke to go with them, as he had felt something in the force telling him to do so. Once they joined the battle, Hamner and the other reinforcements were able to turn the tide against the warriors and defeat them, as well as capture Nom Anor, who had been revealed to be the Prophet. From him, they learned that an Alpha Red infected vessel was being sent to poison Zonama Sekot.[13]

Hamner and the others then proceeded to the Well of the World Brain to assist Leia, Han, and Harrar, who had been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong forces there. They arrived with fifty Shamed Ones, but found themselves outnumbered by the warriors there. However, another group of warriors arrived and defected to the heretics' side, and after a short battle, Hamner and the others had secured the world brain. Hamner guarded the entrance and several prisoners with Velia, two Noghri, and several Shamed Ones as the others attempted to convince the World Brain to cease its destructive efforts on the planet. It stopped when Jacen Solo reached out to it and convinced it to defect, saving Coruscant from further damage.[13]

With the World Brain on their side, Hamner and the other Jedi boarded the Millennium Falcon and flew to the Citadel, which had been mostly secured by Galactic Alliance forces. Hamner and the others rushed through the building to Shimrra's throne room, where they found Shimrra and dozens of his Slayers dead, and Luke badly wounded. Hamner and the others were stunned by the sight, and he asked the others if they could manage without him, since someone needed to inform Admiral Kre'fey that Shimrra was dead, and Leia nodded her permission for him to go. Hamner returned to the Millennium Falcon and contacted Kre'fey, but the Admiral noted that the death of their Supreme Overlord did not appear to have affected the Yuuzhan Vong as much as the Jedi had predicted it would. Hamner returned to the Citadel and assisted Mara in carrying Luke outside, while Han, Leia, and Nom Anor looked for Jaina and Jacen higher up in the Citadal. They set Luke down to check on his status, as he had gone into a healing trance. Jagged Fel then arrived, and Hamner stopped him from entering the Citadel to find Jaina, and one of their captives, High Priest Jakan, told them they had brought down their civilization, but Mara replied they had tried to do the same to theirs. Hamner asked Harrar what would happen when Warmaster Nas Choka learned of Shimrra's death, and he told Hamner that the death of a Supreme Overlord with no available replacement was unprecedented. The ground began shaking soon after this, as the crown of Citadel separated and launched into the atmosphere. Mara sensed the others were in terrible danger, and told Hamner that they couldn't let the ship get away.[13]

The Conclave on Zonama Sekot, which Hamner attended

They flew after the escape vessel, which began to fall apart after Onimi, a Force-sensitive Shamed One who had controlled Shimrra, was killed by Jacen. Han, Leia, Jaina, and Jacen were able to escape in a Yorik-trema, with Nom Anor choosing to stay behind and die rather than live in whatever universe came after the war's end. The Falcon docked with the craft, and Hamner assisted the Solo's in crossing over to the ship, and sealed the hatch once they were all safe. They then gathered around Luke, who Jacen managed to heal by modifying Mara's tears into an anti-toxin. In addition, the vessel carrying Alpha Red to Zonama Sekot was stopped, and the Yuuzhan Vong forces broke off their attack after witnessing the destruction of their Supreme Overlord's vessel.[13]

In the weeks after the Galactic Alliance's victory, Hamner attended the ceremony at which Nas Choka surrendered for most of the remaining Yuuzhan Vong, and where it was announced that the Yuuzhan Vong would live on Zonama Sekot, which was the child of their original homeworld. Not long after this, Hamner and the rest of the Jedi Order gathered at a conclave on Zonama Sekot, where Luke spoke about the new direction of the order, and how each of them must find the best way to serve the force. Hamner remained on the Advisory Council with the others in order to help guide the Galactic Alliance through its rebuilding.[13]

Dark Nest Crisis[]

The emergence of the Colony[]

"Jedi are bound by a great many duties, often contradictory."
―Kenth Hamner[14]

After the war with the Yuuzhan Vong ended, Hamner was one of many Jedi who believed that the Order was answerable to the Galactic Alliance government, and should serve its interests before any others. Other Masters believed that the Jedi should answer only to the Force, even if that meant going against what was best for the Galactic Alliance, and a rift began to form in the Order. Six years after the war ended, a Jedi Academy had been established on Ossus, and Hamner was a part of the Master's Council that regularly met there.[14]

Raynar Thul, in his role as leader of the Killik Colony, UnuThul

After the survivors of the Jedi strike team to Myrkr interfered in a border dispute between the Killiks and the Chiss, Hamner was concerned about the mental status of the Jedi, and the fact that Raynar Thul, a member of the strike team that had gone missing, was now the head of the Killik nests. Four of the strike team members returned to Ossus for debriefing and examination, and Hamner joined the other Masters in viewing the tests Cilghal preformed on them. She found that three of the Jedi, Tesar Sebatyne, Tahiri Veila, and Tekli, were on their way to becoming Joiners to the Killik nest they had been spending time with, but was unable to get any readings on Jacen Solo. The three Jedi wanted to convince the council to intervene on the Killik's side in the conflict, and Hamner asked them if they would abide by their decision when they made one. They attempted to dodge the question, claiming the Chiss were committing genocide and needed to be stopped, and that the Jedi had a duty to do so. Hamner told them that the Jedi had many duties that often contradicted each other, and asked again if they would abide by the Masters decision. Tesar responded that it would depend on what it was, shocking Hamner and fellow Master Corran Horn. Cilghal then told them that the three Jedi's judgment was impaired by the Joining methods of the Killiks, and that they could not be trusted. This angered the three Jedi, but Hamner told them that between Cilghal's finding and the mysterious attacks that had occurred against Master Luke Skywalker and the team that had gone to retrieve the strike team members, they needed to be cautious. As the Masters began discussing what to do about the border situation, Hamner and Horn advocated doing what was best for the Galactic Alliance, despite the Chiss' genocidal tactics, while Masters Kyp Durron and Octa Ramis argued that the Jedi did have a duty to stop the Chiss. Luke stopped the argument as it got heated, and Hamner and the others were embarrassed by their behavior. Jacen then spoke up, telling the Masters that the Killiks were no one's enemy, but dangerous friends, and Hamner and the others began silently contemplating the situation.[14]

Later that week, Chief of State Cal Omas arrived on Ossus and demanded to know why Jacen Solo had persuaded Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo to send a battle group to support the Killiks. Hamner and the other Masters slowly arrived for a meeting in the Rhysode Room, and listened to Jacen explain that he had convinced Tenel Ka to send the fleet so that the Killiks would now have force to back up their position, and make the Chiss more willing to negotiate. Omas told them that this had caused the Chiss to threaten to withdraw their patrols along the border and that Tenel Ka would not even talk to him, and Master Durron said that maybe they shouldn't either, and that the Jedi did not answer to politicians. Horn asked who they did answer to, and Jacen claimed they could only answer to themselves, and follow their own consciences. Hamner told Jacen that that was very arrogant, and it concerned him that any Jedi would say that, but especially him. Jacen apologized if this offended anyone, and Horn said it offended him, and that the Jedi had a duty to the Galactic Alliance. Durron said their only duty was to the Force, and Hamner attempted to calm his fellow Masters by responding that he believed Horn meant that by serving the Alliance, they served the Force. Han and Mara sided with Durron and Jacen, causing Omas to threaten cutting funding for the Jedi if they could not support the government's interests, and Hamner and Horn blamed Durron and Mara for forcing them into this position. The argument only ended when Leia offered the location of a group of uninhabited planets in the Utegetu Nebula where the Killiks could be relocated to away from the Chiss border, and that the Jedi would destroy the Gorog, the Killik led by Dark Jedi Lomi Plo and Welk. Hamner and the other Masters agreed this was the best compromise, but Leia also demanded that Omas revoke RePlanetHab's claim to the world of Borao, which had been claim jumped from Han and Leia while they were searching for a new homeworld for the Ithorians. Omas was shocked that they believed he could do that, and looked to Hamner and Horn for support, but Hamner ignored him and Horn supported the Solo's, forcing Omas to promise the planet to the Ithorians.[14]

Killik aggression[]

After the Battle of Kr and the death of Welk, the Jedi managed to broker a treaty between the Killiks and Chiss, and convince UnuThul to relocate the Killiks to the Utegetu Nebula. However a year later, black membrosia, which could only be manufactured by the Dark Nest, began being smuggled into Galactic Alliance territory, and insectoid species affected by it began suffering accidents across the galaxy. After Admiral Sien Sovv and more than two hundred members of his staff were killed in a spaceship crash caused by a pilot drunk on the membrosia, Hamner attended Sovv's funeral alongside Master Durron. The eulogy was given by Chief of State Omas, who put the blame on the Killiks for the accident, and vowed to bring them to justice, much to the approval of the crowd and annoyance of the Jedi. Hamner and Durron spoke with Omas after the speech, and attempted to persuade him that he was not helping matters by implicating the Killiks. Omas was too angry to listen to them, saying he had been attending funerals all week for deceased military members and that the Jedi needed to do something. Hamner attempted to use the force to calm him down, but Omas warned him not to try that, and Hamner apologized, but told him that the Killik situation was complicated due to the presence of the Dark Nest. Omas was not interested, and mentioned that Master Horn believed that the spaceship crash was more than just an accident. Hamner pointed out that there was no evidence that the Killiks were behind it, but Omas claimed that it was obvious, and that the Jedi were too protective of the Killiks, and something needed to be done about them. Several nearby senators shouted their support of Omas, and he began walking away from Hamner and Durron, telling them to have Luke contact him as soon as possible.[15]

Upon returning to Ossus, Hamner discovered that Luke and Han Solo had been forced to stay behind on Woteba in an effort to reassure the Killiks they were not behind a corrosive element known as Fizz that was plaguing all fourteen planets the Jedi had given them. However, the Killiks also launched colonizing ships all along the Chiss border, breaking the truce. Through his liaison position, Hamner accidentally learned that the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet had been deployed to blockade the Utegetu Nebula, and was asked by Omas not to tell anyone else. Hamner, the rest of the Masters council, and several other Jedi then spoke with each other over the HoloNet to discuss the situation. Jedi Knights Jaina Solo and Zekk, both of whom had become Joiners during the last Killik crisis, argued that the Dark Nest was responsible for the unrest, not the colony. Hamner responded that the colony was clearly complicit this time around, and that their judgment was too affected by their time with the Killiks and that they should not be included in on the conversation. This angered several of the other Jedi, so Hamner switched his transmission over to private so he could tell Leia, Mara, and Master Saba Sebatyne about the fleet deployment, and how Omas was trying to keep it hidden from them. They agreed that no Jedi who had spent time with the Killiks could be told that, and that they needed to locate the Dark Nest before the fleet arrived and the nest attempted to kill Luke and Han. They brought the others back in to the conversation, and argued for quick action to locate and destroy the Dark Nest before the situation worsened. The others agreed, and everyone but Master Horn supported assassinating Rayner as well if he did not back down after the Dark Nest was destroyed.[15]

Leia, Mara, and Sebatyne left with a squadron of other Jedi to rescue Luke and Han, and Hamner and Masters Durron, Horn, Cilghal, Tresina Lobi, and Kyle Katarn were summoned to meet with Omas in the council room of the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and they resolved to meet him with a united front. However, Omas managed to sow discord among them by antagonizing Durron, but they continued to try to preserve their unity. Hamner told Omas they could not allow the Jedi to become the tools of the government, and that they had to be guardians and servants that both protected and watched the Galactic Alliance, and never allow the Chief of State full control over the order, which they suspected Omas was trying to establish. Omas countered that he did not wish to take over the order, and informed them that the Chiss had given the Jedi ten days to resolve the issue with the Killiks. Hamner remarked that that was not unreasonable considering the circumstances, but Omas then said that without Luke around to lead them, he was going to tell the Chiss that the Jedi could not resolve anything. This angered several of the Jedi, but Hamner recognized that Omas wanted them to negotiate with him. He asked the Chief of State what he wanted, and Omas asked them to simply select a new temporary leader to solve the crisis. He also revealed that Leia and Sebatyne had been captured in the Murgo Choke by Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, who was commanding the blockade of the Utegetu Nebula, and would be held until an agreement had been reached. Durron and Cilghal left in protest of this action, leaving Hamner and the others to select Horn as the temporary leader of the order, despite their frustration and anger with Omas.[15]

When Durron gathered a squadron of Jedi to rescue Leia and Sebatyne, Hamner joined Master Horn and his other supporters in going down to the hanger to confront them. Horn slashed through Durron's landing gear on his StealthX to prevent him from taking off. In response, Durron used the Force to fling Horn back into Hamner and his supporters, and Hamner retaliated by using the Force to pin Durron against the side of his fighter, and told him that Horn had been selected as the temporary leader of the order, not him, so he could not authorize any missions. As Jedi supporters of both fractions gathered, Hamner released Durron and began speaking calmly, and emitted soothing emotions into the Force. He told everyone that Omas had manipulated them into selecting Horn in order to throw the order into chaos, and Horn agreed that he was not the best one to lead the order. Durron remarked that that was obvious, and Hamner informed him that he was out of line. After a tense moment, Durron apologized, and the Jedi began calming down. Hamner and Horn argued that they needed to surprise Omas by remaining united and supporting the Galactic Alliance, so he would let them try to solve things their way. Durron and his people refused, since that put Luke and Han into danger while they waited, causing the situation to break down again, and Hamner and the others were drawn into an open argument.[15]

Hamner later led a Jedi squadron on the attack on the Gorog nest ship.

Second Galactic Civil War[]

Hamner at Mara Jade Skywalker's funeral

During the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, Hamner was one of the many Jedi present at Mara Jade's funeral on Coruscant and along with Corran Horn, believed that it was a necessary step in Skywalker's mending process. After Han and Leia Organa Solo had been forced to flee the Jedi Temple, Hamner and Horn approached fellow Master Saba Sebatyne to give the eulogy, since she had been Mara Skywalker's friend, and had known her better than the other masters. Hamner, along with fellow Master Kyle Katarn, expressed overt disapproval of Jacen Solo's presence at the funeral. After the eulogy, Hamner thanked everyone for helping the Jedi Order to celebrate Mara Skywalker's life, and asked them to keep her example in mind during the difficult days ahead. During the Battle of Kuat, Hamner commanded Dark Sword squadron until the Jedi Order left the battle to go to Kashyyyk. After the Attack on Ossus,[3] Hamner most likely traveled with all of the other Jedi to Endor, and later to Shedu Maad. After the Jedi opted to remove Darth Caedus from power, Hamner, along with the rest of the Council, agreed that Jaina Solo was best suited to take down her brother.[16]

Ascension to Grand Master[]

"Kenth Hamner? Was he chosen because he's the dullest Jedi ever? He says two sentences and it puts Kowakian monkey-lizards to sleep."
―Han Solo[17]

Following the death of Caedus and the rise of the new Chief of State Natasi Daala, relations between the Alliance and the Jedi Order reached a breaking point. Chief Daala began to doubt Master Skywalker's ability to lead the Jedi and resented their policy for self-policing; something she felt that Caedus' brief but destructive reign proved they were unable to do. As such, Daala had Skywalker arrested for dereliction of duty; in exchange for his freedom, Skywalker was forced into exile and forbidden to involve himself in Jedi affairs.[17]

With Skywalker exiled, a new head of the Order was required and Master Hamner was appointed to the position of acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order and leader of the Jedi High Council.[17] Hamner proved somewhat willing to appease Chief Daala and agreed to her demands that each active Jedi be assigned an observer, handpicked by the Chief of State's office, who would accompany them on operational duty. However, this law was stopped thanks to legal action taken by the New Jedi Order's lawyer, Nawara Ven.

While Hamner's politics were to appease Daala's government, he unofficially sanctioned Jaina Solo's creation of a covert organization to undermine Daala's attempts to take control of the Jedi Order. It was named Darkmeld. Solo and Hamner did not inform the other Masters of Darkmeld's existence however. When Seff Hellin was captured by the resisting Jedi, Daala sent Captain Oric Harfard of Galactic Alliance Security to arrest Hellin whom they believed was at the Jedi Temple. Hamner truthfully denied knowing where Hellin was as Solo hadn't kept him in the loop.

Acting Grand Master Kenth Hamner

After Jysella Horn came down with the same madness as her brother and Hellin, and Natua Wan's capture by Darkmeld, journalist Javis Tyrr found the location of Hellin and Wan's prison within the Jedi Temple. Daala and a group of GAS officers arrived at the Temple to confront Hamner. The Acting Grand Master confirmed that they were holding Hellin and Wan and that given the Jedi's policy of self-policing, they were in their rights. Daala agreed to leave the two mad Jedi in Hamner's jurisdiction, however, Hamner, Solo, Cilghal and Tekli (who were working for Darkmeld) were forced to publicly apologize for their actions and turn over all the Jedi working for Darkmeld.

Standing up to Daala[]

"That's wonderful, wonderful news, Cilghal. News we sorely needed. News...I sorely needed. Thank you."
―Kenth Hamner to Master Cilghal[18]

When Cilghal refused to turn over mad Jedi Bazel Warv and Yaqeel Saav'etu to GAS officers, despite their warrant, Hamner tried to convince her to honor the warrant. Cilghal refused and brought the affair before the Council. There, Jaina Solo informed them that the GA was using Mandalorians to try and rival the Jedi. Hamner, who learned that Jagged Fel, an ally of the Jedi, had withheld this information, barred him from coming into the Temple. The Council, with Hamner's reluctant approval, sanctioned a massive media coup against Daala and decided not to honor the warrant for the arrest of the mad Jedi.

Hamner assigned Han and Leia Solo to evacuating Hellin, Wan, Warv and Saav'etu to the Jedi Academy on Shedu Maad which was out of Daala's jurisdiction. After a short battle with Mandalorians, they succeeded. The media strike was totally successful and Daala was publicly humiliated. Many started to view the Jedi more sympathetically and a wave of public discontent followed.

Shortly thereafter, Hamner presided over a meeting of the Jedi that dealt with several galactic problems, such as slavery and a possible resurgence of Black Sun.

In retaliation for her humiliation, Daala sent Mandalorians to attack the Jedi Temple, and stopped the secret Jedi expedition that was to be investigating the events at the Maw Cluster. In the aftermath of the attack, several high-profile Jedi had warrants issued for their arrest, including Master Hamner.

When the Jedi refused to turn over the psychotic Knights Sothais Saar and Turi Altamik, Daala ordered a Mandalorian siege of the Temple. After debating with the rest of the Jedi Council on what to do, Hamner sent out his assistant and apprentice, Kani Asari, to negotiate. However, Mandalorian commander Belok Rhal simply noted that she was neither Saar nor Altamik and shot her from point-blank range, killing her.

Hamner was contacted by Galactic Alliance Supreme Commander Nek Bwua'tu, who maintained that he valued the Jedi and that he hoped the situation would end well. He also asked Hamner about a tip he had received saying that the Jedi were mobilizing a strike team of StealthXs. Hamner confirmed it and also informed Bwua'tu of the foe that the Skywalkers had discovered in their exile, revealing that the foe was a mutual one for both the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi. Convinced, Bwua'tu offered the full cooperation of the Galactic Alliance Navy with the Jedi under the condition that Hamner did not deploy the starfighters until Bwua'tu specifically asked him to do so.


"No! You will not lead the Jedi Order into treason! I forbid it!"
―Kenth Hamner to Masters Saba Sebatyne, Kyp Durron, Kyle Katarn, and Octa Ramis[2]

Jedi Master Kenth Hamner

After the Mandalorian siege was lifted, the Jedi Council put a great amount of pressure on Hamner to strike back against Daala. Kenth refused to act in the vain hope that Admiral Bwua'tu would awaken from his coma and thus alleviate the tension between both the Order and the Chief of State. He instead persuaded the council to go through the senate to find a way to deal with Daala. While the council agreed to this plan in secret Kenth was just delaying them to give Bwua'tu time to recover. The tension between Hamner and the rest of the Council, however, would soon reach its culmination: after hearing of a slave revolt on Blaudu Sextus, the Council sent two Jedi Knights to investigate whether Freedom Flight, a secret organization that sought to eradicate slavery completely, was behind it. While there, the Jedi were forced to attack a squad of Mandalorians to prevent them from slaughtering both the rebellious Octusi (on Daala's orders) and the reporters covering the story (who were sent there by Freedom Flight). When the media broadcast the story, the reporters mistakenly announced that the Jedi's actions meant the Order would support all slaves who rebelled against their oppressors. Hamner condemned the Knights' actions, fearing that this may fan the flames of revolt along the galactic rim. He also sent orders for Belok Rhal, the leader of the massacre and Kani's killer, to be turned over to the Blanduns for prosecution. This decision outraged both Han and Corran but Leia reasoned that the Blanduns would have to punish Rhal severely or else it will look like they approve of the slaughter. Though Hamner tried to close the issue, Saba declares that these recent events represent the will of the Force saying that they should support the slave revolts, and do the right thing, as opposed to the convenient thing. Many Councilors, including Barrakt'l, agreed with her. Hamner, on the other hand, feared that Daala may interpret supporting the slaves as a move to destabilize her government. As he turned to leave to try and convince Daala otherwise, brushing off the council, Han Solo forced Kenth to reveal the secret deal between him and Bwua'tu. That Bwua'tu would try to convince Daala to leave the Jedi alone if Hamner agreed to keep the Jedi's stealthX strike force grounded. The other Masters, furious that Hamner had kept such a huge issue from them, stalling and lying to them, and endangering the lives of the Skywalkers and the order, realized that he had cracked under the pressure of leadership, cast a vote of no confidence that informally removed Hamner from his position as Acting Grand Master and confined him to his quarters.[2]

When he discovered that the Jedi were preparing their StealthXs to aid Luke and Ben against the Sith, he believed the act to be high treason and rushed to stop this. In order to prevent the Skywalkers from receiving aid, he escaped from his quarters, incapacitating the two Jedi Knights standing guard there, and made his way to the Operations Hangar, where he was confronted by two more Jedi Knights, Yantahar Bwua'tu (a relative of the Admiral and the reason for his deal with Hamner) and Vaala Razelle. After failing to convince them to let him enter, he knocked them unconscious before electrocuting them and entered the hangar. Hiding in the shadows, he overheard the Council discussing their plans to free the Horn siblings, have Booster Terrik host a sabacc tournament holding various Coruscant elite to draw the attention of the Sixth Fleet away from the Temple and to aid the slave revolts. The growing desperation caused him to attempt to kill Saba Sebatyne from hiding, who had led the vote in no confidence against him, as well as the other Masters preparing for launch. Once discovered, the rouge Master attempted to reassert his authority as acting Grand Master but the Council retorted that he lost their confidence when he didn't take them into his, knowing that they would've disagreed with his deal with B'wuatu. Being unable to convince them to stop the launch, Hamner decided to try and prevent the launch by disabling the controls to the hangar doors, but Sebatyne confronted him and they dueled and while he attempted to slay his college several times, she was too skilled for him to defeat normally even as she fought without trying to kill him. Drawing on his rage for strength, Hamner pierced Sebatyne in the abdomen with his lightsaber, but the Barabel managed to shove Hamner off of the catwalk. She then caught Hamner with the Force as he floated in mid-air dozens of meters above the flight deck. Hamner still did not give up, and gathering his focus used the Force to hurl his lightsaber at the hangar door controls. As the Barabel Jedi Master fought Hamner for control of the lightsaber in the Force, she lost her grip on him, and he fell to the hangar floor, dying on impact. Sebatyne managed then to halt the lightsaber, and the StealthXs launched. Luke sensed Hamner's death in the force. The Jedi fighters arrived on Pydyr in time to help the Skywalkers escape the Sith. It was then that he and Ben were informed of Kenth's demise. While Ben was shocked Luke was not happy or surprised. Sebatyne was voted by the Council—against her own wishes—to take Hamner's place as acting Grand Master.[2]

The Jedi subsequently organized a funeral for Hamner, which was attended by members of the Jedi Order, the Galactic Alliance, the Imperial Remnant, and other groups. At the end of the ceremony, the Arcona Jedi Knight and Hamner's former apprentice Izal Waz lit Hamner's corpse as part of the ritual of cremation. Later, following the Jedi coup against Daala, Luke Skywalker returned to resume his role as Grand Master.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Hamner was introduced in James Luceno's second novel in The New Jedi Order series, The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse. He later played a minor role in subsequent novels until the Fate of the Jedi series, in which he became Grand Master and was killed in the sixth book, Fate of the Jedi: Vortex.



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