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Kentor Sarne was a Human Moff who held control over the Kathol Sector during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


During the height of the New Order, Sarne was a young Imperial Survey Corps captain. During a navigation error in the Kathol Sector his ship crashed near the DarkStryder's lair, killing the entire crew except Sarne. He soon found the DarkStryder and struck a deal with the construct: he would trade his hyperdrive technology for the DarkStryder's powerful biotechnology. Sarne was eventually rescued and returned to Imperial Center, where he was assigned to the Blockade Runner Renegade as part of the 15th Deep Core Reserve Fleet.

Sarne returned to the Kathol sector after the Empire's fragmentation, and plotted to take over the galaxy by using the launch gates of the long dead Kathol, the creators of the DarkStryder and the Lifewell. He started his power base on the planet Kal'Shebbol until the New Republic removed his grip on the world. Sarne evaded the Republic forces, escaping through a secret passage to the hangar in his Imperial government complex in the Carrack-class cruiser Ambition and took refuge in the DarkStryder's Fortress.

Sarne later contacted Lancer Brunou about researching the Aaris people's origins. His former ship, Renegade, was captured by the New Republic and renamed the FarStar, which ironically was tasked with hunting him down. Sarne set up a plethora of death traps and attacks on his former flagship. However his plans for galactic dominance were cut short when the crew of the FarStar defeated the DarkStryder and opened the Lifewell.

Sarne was killed in the explosion of his Imperial shuttle during the Battle of Kathol, shot down by Republic forces while he was trying to escape to the 'Bastion.

The Raptor, an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, served under him, as did a special contingent of stormtroopers.


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