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Kerkoidens were a rough-skinned alien species with clawed hands and elongated snouts, from the planet Kerkoidia in the Expansion Region.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

Dooku confers with General Loathsom

Descended from the quadruped predators of the savannas and jungles of Kerkoidia, Kerkoidens had long snouts, long claws, and jutting teeth. They were aggressive, but also very cunning beings. The species as a whole had fought its animal instinct to prove to the galaxy that they were civilized and sophisticated.[1]

Kerkoidens in the galaxy[edit | edit source]

Many Kerkoidens served as Separatist officers during the Clone Wars. One notable Kerkoiden was the Separatist General Whorm Loathsom, who led the Retail Clan's droid forces at the Battle of Christophsis in 22 BBY.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Kerkoiden were based on the initial designs for the Neimoidian species by concept artist Doug Chiang.[2]

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