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"...It's already cost us so much. The child we never knew -- who we've lost hope of seeing again..."
Mercia Holt lamenting her forcible separating from her younger sibling prior to her death.[src]

During the Republic Dark Age, the Human Jedi Knight Kerra Holt was known to have at least one younger sibling within her family. The child was the younger offspring of the skin diver Aron Holt and his wife Mercia, both of them University of Sanbra researchers who had been working on a project searching for the Helm of Ieldis, an ancient Sith artifact created by the Sith Lord Ieldis prior to the Great Hyperspace War. By 1032 BBY, Kerra was on a personal quest to find her parents and her younger sibling which led her into the Odionate, the domain of Sith Lord Odion. While she was successful in discovering the fate of her parents, she was unable to find this sibling since it had been presumably processed into Odion's system of cloisters, a network of planet-sized orphanages. Following the demise of Odion at the Battle of Vanahame, Kerra came to adopt the view that all the children within Odion's cloisters were her brothers and sisters.


"...Was there...Was there another child with them? My mother was expecting when... when we were separated."
"They came alone. They didn't mention another child... Are you, all right, little Holt?"
―Kerra and Aunt Zoojoo talking about Kerra's family[src]
Mercia Holt

Mercia Holt, pregnant with her second child.

Kerra Holt's mother Mercia was known to have been pregant with the child during the invasion of Aquilaris Minor in 1032 BBY. During the fighting, Mercia and her husband Aron were taken captive by the Sith Lord Odion, who had found out about their research into the Helm of Ieldis during a raid on Sanbra. Seeking to further his nihilistic ambitions of galactic domination, Odion started Project Pandemonium to capture the Helm for himself. At an unknown point prior to their second mission to Sarrassia in 1039 BBY, Mercia gave birth to this child and it was forcibly taken from her by Odion's minions. The child was raised at an Odionate cloister, a planet-size orphanage where children from throughout the Odionate were indoctrinated and conditioned through solitary confinement into workers and warriors for Odion's war effort.

Prior to their deaths on Skarpos in 1038 BBY, Mercia Holt lamented in a holorecording that this sibling was the child she and her husband would never know. She also expressed her hopes that Kerra had somehow survived the events on Aquilaris. In 1032 BBY, the child's older sibling Kerra Holt infiltrated the Odionate, disguised as a Novitiate and learnt about the existence of the cloisters. She speculated that the child was incarcerated there but realized the process of reuniting with that younger sibling would be complicated by an Odionate policy of not maintaining written records on the inmates.

After acquiring the Helm of Ieldis on Skarpos and successfully testing it on three entire armies with devastating consequences, Odion returned to the spaceport moon of Vanahame which hosted one cloister. There, Odion intended to harness the negative emotions of the thousands of child inmates there and convert into dark side energy. Odion planned to use this energy to drive all the inhabitants of the Grumani sector into a homicidal frenzy. However, his plans were thwarted by Kerra and his second-in-command General Beld Yulan who switched back on the lights in the cloister and then freed the children, creating a surge of positive emotions like joy and relief which caused the Helm to overload, burning Odion to death.

With his fiefdom already collapsing due to attacks by his Sith relatives, Odion attempted to parley with Kerra for his life, by offering to help her find her younger sibling if she saved him. However, Kerra by then had come around to the view that all the children in the cloisters throughout the Odionate were her brothers and sisters, regardless of their species and gender. She refused and left Odion to die. Due to the lack of documentation, Kerra realized it would be very hard to find lost family members who had been processed into the cloister system. The sibling would have grown up not knowing the identity of its parents and its relationship to Kerra.

Following the Battle of Vanahame, Kerra and Yulan evacuated the orphans at the Vanahame cloister into Republic Space. They managed to liberate a few other cloisters but the others had been captured by the other Sith Lords, particularly Odion's estranged younger brother Daiman who had taken up the largest chunk of the former Odionate. Kerra thus made it her mission to free the children and their parents from Sith domination.


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